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I have something to tell you guys,

I am leaving everyone this message to let them know that I am going on a trip to Hawaii for a week without talking with you guys.

I will not be taking my laptop because I don’t want to risk it getting stolen and I don’t want it to take up my time at Hawaii. So the moment after I posted this journal entry, you will probably not hear from me until probably next Friday.

Though, my father is taking his laptop so you might hear from me. Though, I am not saying that it is a possibility.

So if anyone has something they like to say to me, it will have to wait until I get back from the trip.

That is all I have to say.

Violet Queen + Vampire by themasterofantics
Violet Queen + Vampire

A totally revamped version of an installment in my fan made series Man of Steel + Vampire; Which involves everyone’s favorite hysterical succubus – Kurumu Kurono who Finally gets her own episode; being Introduced as the Violet Queen – protector of the hearts of the universe – Wielding the Amethyst “Violet” Aura of Love – the Star Sapphire

You see I took my time with this one since you haven’t heard from me for several months but since then, I learned a whole lot. So I completely revamped it the best I could to make it awesome because I wanted this one to be awesome, since this is one of the main characters of the Crossover story. I might go back and do the same to the others as well later.

I thought that since Kurumu is hysterical and a very innocent character and genuinely yearns for the main male protagonist's love, and the fact that she is a Succubus – a love monster that isn't truly able to feel hatred – this would make Kurumu the PERFECT Character to portray the Star Sapphire. Think about it; a succubus possessing the Violet energy of love – one of the emotional Spectrum’s extremes. Not to mention, there aren’t really isn’t any superheroines that happen to be a Succubus.

I hope Ikeda appreciates this idea, since he said that Kurumu was his favorite Character.

Links to Story: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Profile Poster: Coming Soon

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Superman is owned by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, and DC Comics, and Warner Bros. the 2013 Man of Steel Movie is owned by Director Zack Snyder. Rosario+Vampire is owned by Akihisa Ikeda, Gonzo, and Funimation. Star Sapphire and Green Lantern are owned by Robert Kanigher, Lee Elias, John Broome, Gil Kane, Bill Finger, and Martin Nodell.


Ice: coming soon


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Man of Steel + Vampire: Phase 3 – Beautiful Heroes.

Chapter 14: Violet Queen + Vampire Part 6: Epilogue










The Guardians were back in the Chamber of the book of Oa as they surrounded the Massive
Right now, they were having a vote on making a new law for the Corps to follow. However, the rest of them were just waiting on two remaining guardians and their remaining decisions. Thought these two guardians in particular had other thoughts, they had no other option without risking the wrorst.



“Then we are all in agreement. So it is with the Utmost Confidence that we now exact The Eleventh Law.”  Appa announced before all of the guardians all focus their energy on the pages of the massive book as writing begins to form. “From this moment on, Physical Relationships and Love between Green Lanterns is forbidden within the Corps.”


A day later, Jade was back at Yōkai Academy explaining to the girls what had happened; How Kurumu was possessed by a paracitic gem that actually happened to be another Emotional entity;  how Kurumu temporarily died but was revived; how they journired to the violet planet Zamaron; and how Kurumu became the ultimate warrior of Love.

“…And so Kurumu now possesses the title as the Star Sapphire – Queen and Embodiment of all concepts of the Violet energy of Love.” Jade finished as she ate some ramen with some green energy constructed chopsticks.

“Oh that is most wonderful, Friend Jade Yifei” Kory clapped her hands together with joy. “I am most overjoyed that our dearest friend is alright.”

Moka had a can of tomato juice in hand and was felt relieved that everything has gone back to ‘normal’ “So would that mean Kurumu is now another Superhero?”

“I guess so” Zatanna Shrugged.

However everyone’s thoughts were interrupted as a certain Amazon made a notice “So where are thou Clark and Kurumu now?

“They are still in America”

"Why?" Moka sounded surprised. Mizore popped her head out of the supply closet. "and why aren’t you there watching them?"

“There is no need for me to.” Jade said “I think they deserve some time for themselves”
Moka looked about with a frown. "You don't suppose…"

"That big breasted pervert has probably kidnapped Clark! And is now raping him!" Yukari pumped an angry fist into the air.

Moka sighed. "I guess we'll just have to go to America ourselves and make sure they're all right."

"And where do you think you're going?" Gin asked pointedly. "This week's edition is already running behind."


"No buts," Gin said sternly. "Clark's a big boy, I'm sure he's fine. Now let's get to
work. I mean what sort of trouble could he possibly get in if he's with Kurumu?"


In the human world, Nevada, Las Vegas,

Clark and Kurumu found a Hotel room on short notice. Apparently the Hotel that Ageha was staying in was a Love hotel. The last love hotel they were in, they crashed through it.

They were at the Mandalay Bay Beach – a 11-acre freshwater pool complex surrounded by sandy "beach." and it even has a wave machine that sends a big swell the length of the swimming area in regular intervals. Surprisingly it seemed like they were the only two there. Almost like something was planned…

XXX Flashback – the other day XXX

It was a few moments after they returned from Zamaron, they were dropped off back into Ageha’s hotel room just to drop them off. But before they could teleport back to the school, Ageha had other ideas.

"Here Kurumu take this." Ageha slipped her daughter one of her platinum credit cards. "Since you two are in Las Vegas why not take advantage of the opportunity and have a date?"

"Mother I'm sure he doesn't…"

"Actually that sounds like fun, I never been to Vegas before.”

"Re… really? We can have a date?"

“Yeah Kurumu, its way past time we had one. And I have an idea for our date,” Clark interjected.  “I thought you might like to spend the day at the beach in the human world.  I’ve already checked the weather this weekend; it’s supposed to be perfect.”

“the Beach?”

“Remember?  You sang all about it when we were temporarily in the Swimming Club, how the beach would be a romantic getaway for you.”

Kurumu giggled.  “Yahoo!  I didn’t think you paid attention to that.”

Clark flushed. “Well, after that incident we had a week ago, I felt that we only had little time on the beach.”

“But there aren’t any beaches in Nevada.” Kurumu pointed out before Clark just stood at her blankly for her ignorance before saying “Mandalay Bay”

“…the resort?”


Kurumu thought about this before she turned to the Green Lantern, “what about you, Jade?”

“Well I’m heading back to the academy. If you guys are staying her, somebody has to keep the others from going out and searching for you” Jade assured.

Clark Smiled and turned to the succubus “What do you say Kurumu-?"

"Yahoo-hoo! Let's go! I’m going to wear my favorite bikini just for you.  Don’t worry.” she assured him when his face reddened in anticipation, “it’s “modest”, but still sexy.”

XXX End Flashback XXX

Clark shook his head to clear the fantasy he’d conjured to see Kurumu approaching. She was sporting her mustard colored swimsuit. It covered more than he might’ve expected while still displaying Kurumu’s curves; the top in particular seemed to strain under the new weight it supported, clinging as if for dear life.  The young Kryptonian’s face flushed and warmed as he fought to rein in his imagination.

Kurumu looked up at him with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.  “You’re sure you didn’t plan this, you naughty boy?” she teased, leaning in and lowering her eyelids seductively.

“No!  It’s not like that!” he replied, deflecting mostly out of habit and because she’d hit closer to home than he would’ve liked.  It’s a little like that, he admitted to himself, feeling like the lowest of the low.

Both teens’ eyes met.  Both teens realized they’d been staring.  Both teens reddened with embarrassment.

“Kurumu, you, um, probably don’t need me to tell you this,” Clark stumbled, “but you’re… really beautiful.”

The succubus giggled shyly.  “Why thank you, Clark,” she replied.  “You’re wrong, though – I do need you to tell me, as often as you can.”  She winked, and he chuckled.

Shaking her head to clear it of such thoughts, Kurumu asked her date, “What should we do first, Space boy?  We could go swimming, though you’d have to teach me how,” she suggested.  “I also brought a volleyball and Frisbee.  I’m so excited for a chance to play with you one-on-one.”  Frustrated, she berated herself: I just can’t help myself, can I?

She then went over and fished the lined neon-yellow sphere from her bag – during which time Clark couldn’t help but notice how her rear appeared nearly as pillowy as her bosom – and took about twenty paces from their blanket. He could hardly imagine what it would be like if she was clad in her Star Sapphire outfit.

"Hey Kurumu…?”


“Don’t say anything to Moka or the others, But you and Karen’s breasts are both my favorite. I kind of like it when you and Karen shove my face into your breasts. It's one of the highlights of my day." looked back and noticed this as a smirk appeared on her face. for some reason she knew that Clark had to have a boob fetish.

“You know, I think I have a better idea for a game” She slowly turned around before rushing forward and giving Clark an eye full of her breasts as he fell onto the sand. The succubus purred as she laid down on top of his chest. Kurumu slid downwards her massive chest touched every part of Clark’s front. The teens leaned closer to one another.  Their breath tickled each other’s lips as they neared contact.
But before their lips could meet, though, Kurumu’s Violet ring began to flicker, informing her of an immediate threat. “Warning: Threat detected nearby” the ring said in a female voice. “Where?” Kurumu asked the ring

“0.5 miles (0.8 kilometers)” it answered.

The two turned to face to see smoke rising. Then they both looked at each other and smirked as Kurumu held up her violet ring hand which began to glow.



"We are coming to you live from KSNV 3 News to of Paradise, Las Vegas, Where it is complete chaos. A woman dressed in some highly advanced armor is wreaking havoc outside of the Excalibur Hotel on Route 593. We go live to Traffic 7 where the chase has taken to at the. Jack, can you hear us? Can you tell us what's happening down the interstate?"

"Yes Janice, what we see right here is what appears to be a woman wrecking havoc on the town of Las Vegas. The car the police are chasing at is an armored truck that's filled with billions of dollars. From what we could understand from eyewitnesses, she is clad in was seems to be a profound military outfit but is armed with some sort of advanced melee and energy based weapons and is extremely dangerous. You could say she is Victoria’s Secret Weapon. Police officers have been authorized to use excessive force on the rampaging woman. However thus, has managed to easily outgun and outmatch any officer in her way. We'll keep on watching this in case something comes up. Reporting on Route 70 and Northsburg this is Jack Norton from Traffic 593."

Meanwhile on the street the mysterious warrior woman continued her warpath on the streets of Vegas. The woman seemed to have brown skin, the only thing that didn’t seem human were her long pointed ears like Spock. She was also clad into armored green space Battle Leotard that was armed to the teeth with various advanced weapons. In her hand, she was carrying some sort of alien partisan staff with a mace-like butt that includes some sort of energy based blaster which she was using to eradicate anyone or anything that was in her way.

She looked upon the horrified crowd before lifting her staff in the air and shouting a battle cry “I am here to for my prize! And once he shows up, it will be all- !”
The woman stopped in mid sentence when she heard the sound of the channel 3 copter hovering right behind her, who was still recording everything.

Feeling irritated, she reaches and pulls out this metal disc.  Then with a push of a button, several blades popped out of the disk, revealing it to be some kind of shuriken. She then winds up before hurdling the shuriken at the Chopper.

But in mere moments, someone, or something, past the helicopter in blinding speed, catching the shruiken before it explode, throwing up a cloud of smoke.
As the smoke dissipated, people began could make out a silhouette of a figure and a red cape fluttering. As soon as, it completely cleared, the figure was revealed to everybody, who stood there in disbelief.

The reporter looked in disbelief and said, "Ladies and gentleman, I… I don't know what to say. But my copter has just been saved – from being shot down – by the Extraterrestrial of the Metropolis incident that they call Superman. Possibly the woman’s rampage must have attracted the extraterrestrial here. I am unsure what he is here for, but let us hope that he is her to stop her.

The woman just looked up at the Kryptonian who was still hovering there. He instantly came down causing the earth to shake and crack beneath him as he looked over at the hostile woman who just glared him down.“I see that the people settled for you as a savior however, that must end today.”.

“First off, who are you, and why are you going on this rampage.” Superman demanded the woman however, just scoffed at his remark “The only thing you need to call me is Fatality. The rest is simple. I am here to kill you Kryptonian”


“Because, I cannot allow you to become a tool for all those that I’ve sworn to kill.”

“Is that so?” Clark questioned “well if you were not aware, you just interrupted my date with your rampage”


Back up in the air, the Channel 3 Chopper hovered near the scene and showed the whole thing with the camera. The reporter was at the scene looking at the mess and couldn't believe it, “I don’t know what to say folks but I think Superman is going to fight the woman. Stay tune for more as it-" Before he could finish, the pilot was then blinded by this bright violet colored beacon that appeared up in the horizon and said to the reporter, "what the hell is that?! Something “The reporter squinted up at the distance and saw the beacon heading down towards them and was getting brighter and brighter. So he tapped on the camera guy and told him, "Get a shot of that! Now!" The cameraman nodded and turned his camera at the object heading to them. The reporter then went on saying, "This just in! There appears to be some kind of extremely bright pinkish-purple light heading towards us at blinding speed. Don't know what it is but it's moving pretty fast that…"

The bright light got closer as Fatality shielded her eyes from the beams as the illuminated silhouette began to descend next to Superman.

“Heartbreaker located” a feminine voice from the light informed.

Before the light dispersed and there stood a feminine figure. To everyone’s surprise, the figure appeared to be a teen Japanese girl who was surprisingly beautiful. She had Electric blue hair, which is tied back with a purple maid headband that has one star on the side. She was wearing a pinkish-violet glowing outfit that was even more profound than Fatality’s; the lower part of her outfit looks like a cross between a thong and a string bikini that goes over her Stomach, Her H-cup boobs were each covered only by duel eight-sided star pasties with glowing white centers, she had matching high boots, and long gloves that seem to end at her shoulders and thighs; around her neck, she had this strange glowing violet V collar. On her face, she had a matching tiara/mask with glowing lavender 8 -sided star shaped crystal on the front out of her back, she had these bat-like wings and tail that were glowing a pink color.

The chopper crew watched on shocked and couldn't believe any of it. The reporter watched the whole thing and said, "Ladies and gentleman, I… I don't know what to say. But suddenly there is a girl who just appeared in a pink and more provocative outfit than the rampaging woman. But who is this girl? And where did she come from?"

The massive screens that were scattered all over Las Vegas began to switch to the live news broadcast, revealing this mysterious pink girl the entire public. They were unsure of what to make of this newcomer and her appearance. They began to talk amongst themselves while some (mostly the men) brought out their cameras and started taking pictures of the girl.

“Who is that girl with Superman?”

“Who cares, that girl is hot!”

“She has nice boobs!”

Kurumu felt the eyes of other male humans on her body – as a Succubus; her senses were particularly attuned to the feeling of being ogled.  


Meanwhile, Ageha was spending her time in the in a casino when all of a sudden she notices her daughter being presented –on a live news broadcast – on the TV screen.
“I am so proud of you my daughter” Ageha says as she continues to observe the broadcast.


Back with Kurumu, the new succubus superhero held up her hands “Humans, do not be afraid! For I am Star Sapphire – Queen and protector of Love and Justice! For A day of death, a day of life, you humans and your love have called me here today! Nobody should ever let anything stands in the way of this powerful affection and devotion that you all have for one another!” The violet lantern Announced.

She then looks over at Superman and gives him a peck on the cheek while whispering “let me handle this, stud muffin” before turning back to face Fatality. “In the name of love,  I demand you stop all of the carnage before you make more people suffer!”

Fatality just scoffed in disgust at her demand “I cannot take that risk for he could become a tool against me.”

“Well you are not killing my love.”

“And you expect me to just walk away? I was trained by the Warlords of Okaara. I can fight and indefinitely. You can’t.” Fatality countered.
Star Sapphire however just shook her head in pity “Love isn’t a warzone, but if I needs to fight to preserve it, and then I’ll gladly fight for love.”
Fatality just smirked “Then allow me to finish it quicker” before she began to charge at the violet succubus. Star Sapphire sees this as the opportunity “I will not let you win,” and zoom’s forward towards Fatality on a head on collision

“… For love conquers all!”

The End… or is it…?

On Oa, Arisia, Soranik and Laira were having a conversation of the report concerning the Jade and Superman defeating the Star Sapphire.

“Jade said that the Kryptonian and Succubus’s Dying love transformed the Star Sapphire into a third emotional entity” Soranik Explained.

“It makes me wonder, how many emotional colors are there?” Laira said as she folded her arms and began to think to herself.

“I’m just glad that everything is fine now” Arisia smiled as she looked up at the stars only to her surprise to see a pair of green lantern rings flying by close together.
They thing they know, to their shock, they see hundreds of pairs of rings floating close to one another heading towards the ring cell.

“What is going on…?”

The End…?
Violet Queen + Vampire Story: Part 6

The sixth and final Part of the Story for the installment Violet Queen + Vampire.

First part: Link

Second Part: Link

Third Part: Link

Fourth Part: Link

Fifth part: Link

You can see the poster here: wait a few minutes before I get all the chapters posted

In this part: Clark and Kurumu have some “one on one playtime” in Las Vegas.

Favorite And/or Comment

Superman is owned by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, and DC Comics, and Warner Bros. the 2013 Man of Steel Movie is owned by Director Zack Snyder. Rosario+Vampire is owned by Akihisa Ikeda, Gonzo, and Funimation. Star Sapphire and Green Lantern are owned by
Robert Kanigher, Lee Elias, John Broome, Gil Kane, Bill Finger, and Martin Nodell.


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Man of Steel + Vampire: Phase 3 – Beautiful Heroes.

Chapter 14: Violet Queen + Vampire Part 5: Love Conquers All.

“ – With Violet Light!"

An hour has gone by since the chase throughout the city, the crashing into the love hotel, the removing of the Star Sapphire, the arrival and ascending of the Zamarons, and the death of a friend, everything … it was miserably painful for the three.
Clark still had a hard time grasping it, as if it was all a dream, like none of this was real and it she was asleep in his bed. Her dead body was not real, her remains that stared at him in his mind like some slap to the face was nothing more than a halucination and that it'll all go away and his friends would be waiting for him. He rethought back to their first meeting, it seemed so innocent back then. Thought back to when they first met as friends, and all the adventures they'd had, all the times Kurumu, the succubus,the one girl that loved him and needed him most, would always throw herself at him whenever she had the chance.  

XXX Flashback XXX

- "I can’t guarantee that. So just to be safe I’m taking them off – your wings and your tail, that is." Inner Moka said.

- “n-no please don’t do that, I’m begging you.”
Suddenly, Clark appeared in front of her. He extended an arm as if blocking Moka.

-“what do you think you’re doing? Step aside" Inner Moka said confused not that she showed it on the outside, "not only did this succubus bewitch you, but she tried to kill you as well."

- "I think she’s had enough. And besides, you heard her, she didn’t do what she did to be mean."

-“and what makes you so sure?” Inner Moka Questioned

- “well Kurumu seems like a very nice person. Let’s be friends with her, you know, like how you and I have become friends.” Clark added still smiling.
Kurumu started crying and took in all of Clark's words. Moka suddenly snatched the Rosario out of his hand.

-"Friends? You and I? listen Clark, I only rescued you because I didn’t want your blood takes from me. that is all. I’m not like the other Moka you know.

XXX End Flashback XXX

Soon, it hit Clark harder than any punch he could muster "Oh god," he at last murmured, his voice coming out in barely a whisper, "what have I done?"
Suddenly, Superman was brought out of his thoughts when the three noticed another blinding violet light illuminated as another vortex opened up.
As Clark looked on, he saw to the silhouette of a figure emerging from the vortex. as the portal disappeared, there stood a blue skinned looking alien – another Zamaron – however, this one seemed to look like his age. She had long black hair and like the other Zamarons, she was wearing provocative battle armor that was made of this violet crystal. However this time this Zamaron was alone.

The Zamaron girl noticed them who smiled and walked up to the group. “Greetings, Kal-El” The Zamaron Politely bowed. “My name is Ghia’ta – Niece of Queen Aga’po. It is truly an honor to meet you.” Clark and Jade dropped into a battle stance. What do  you want?” The Zamaron Girl stopped and held up hands in a gesture of surrender. "Peace please, I am not here to do battle. The reason for I am here is for your help of the highest urgency.” Ghia’ta explained as Clark raised an eyebrow “as our Zamaron sisters managed to bring my aunt and the Star Sapphire back, she has managed to break free. Most of our warriors have been incapacitated and is now creating chaos on Zamaron. I managed to escape in search for you.”

Jade perked up as she recognized this Zamaron as the girl that accompanied Aga’po when she was on that Mission on Zamaron. Clark just glared at her with a cold expression “why should we help you? One of my friends is dead because of your creation.” he demanded. “
“And I am truly sorry for your lost.” Ghia’ta sincerely apologized “I am also truly sorry for all of everything that my people have put you through. For I am also her to inform you of an offering.”

“Offering” Clark raised an eyebrow at the Zamaron.
“Indeed. When she was inducted into the Star Sapphire, I started conducting research on her species.  Her race is something that we Zamarons have searched millenniums for. These “creatures of love” are more embraced to love than we are – they must thrive on it, keep gaining their power and life from their loved ones as a needed source of life for them. Otherwise, they will succumb and die.”

“what are you trying to say?” Clark asked.

“What sense I am making is that the Violet energy may be the answer to revive her.” Ghia’ta theorized as Clark and Ageha perk up when she made this theory. “For I believe that the Gem is the only chance for your friend’s survival.”

And that is when the older succubus jumped up and grabbed the Zamaron by the shoulders “so there is a chance of Saving my baby?” the succubus demanded with a glimmer of hope in her eyes of the idea of getting her daughter back.  Ghia’ta just smiles “I believe the true power of lover is to revive your daughter. So there is a chance.” Ghia’ta replied before Ageha happily jumped into the air with joy as her breasts jigged.

Jade however seemed Skeptical “now just hold on. it was you guy’s who were that cause of this whole mess.  How do we know this is not just a trick or something…you could just be lying. Since you are responsible for such crazed acts."

“What acts of Craze do you mean?” Ghia’ta questioned “We Zamarons reignited the love and passion in your friends heart. My people’s intensions for the gem’s Violet Light to reinvigorate the love of   every cell on the planet, thus granting them love. for only love can save the universe.”

“Is that what you Zamarons think love is, encasing life in crystal? Putting it in suspended animation? Brainwashing them?” Clark said skeptically as the young Zamaron. “Love isn’t about control – you can’t just change somebody’s heart, someone’s nature – forcefully changing a person's personality, no matter what the reason, is unambiguously bad.”

“Yes you can.” Ghia’ta insisted “All you have to do is listenin”

Clark and Jade however just frowned at the Zamaron “That sounds ridiculously naïve” Jade countered “You should never trifle with a girl’s emotions, especially if she’s a succubus.  have you ever heard of the Japanese term: Yadere?” Jade gave Ghia’ta the time to respond only to receive a “no” from her before continueing, “It’s a term that blossomed in Moe fandom; it refers to a girl who is crazy about someone else...often literally, aggressively, and violently.” Jade explains “The character almost always appears perfectly cute and harmless on the surface... but underneath they may be obsessive, controlling, and sometimes just plain insane. And that is exactly what the Star Sapphire has become, turning its host into a Clingy, jealous, sexually depraved, and violently protective cutie. And since me and the other girls are constantly in her way, the Gem will believe this as a problem, and will attempt to correct it by eliminating the competition.”  Jade finished as Ghia’ta fidgeted very nervously on the spot.

“But it worked on the succubus” Giha’ta insisted, trying desperately to placate the two who looked as if they wanted to kill her “And she was happier after the conversion!"
"She looked happier."Clark corrected her sternly. “The love that she needed was already gone from her, and that rock of yours was probably acting as an artificial heart to keep her alive because of its need for her. But the moment I removed the gem, and undid what the Zamarons had done to her, she didn’t have the love to keep herself alive. not to mention, This is just a guess based on what I know, but this violet energy is supposed to be created by any kind of Love, not just whatever you Zamarons define as love. you used my friend as leverage for your selfish intensions. you put that gem on her and made her into a nymphomaniac who attempted to rape and kill me, and enchase Earth in Crystal because you believe it is necessary to “preserving love” After what you did to Kurumu, along with so many others, whatever is going on right now on your planet, it seems you kind of deserve.

Pausing to give the three a nervous look, Ghia’ta finally spoke “I see,” Ghia’ta Sighed ruefully. “Both of your words are quite convincing. For what you have said of what my sisters have done is something tolerable. We Zamarons have much to learn.” Ghia’ta hung her head low as she was feeling grief and guilt. “The Star Sapphire’s was supposed to be our grace to show the universe what love truly is but My people have been obsessed with the study of this one emotion for so long that we have corrupted it and abandoned what love truly is All it we did was make your friend and many like her vulnerable to violent retribution on every occasion. we didn't even see the most recent time coming. Love is a great and powerful emotion, but left uncontrolled by a strong heart, it can and likely will drive the owner to some rather... unsavory and logically twisted displays of affection.” She paused again to glance uncomfortably at Jade and Superman “you both shame me, Kal-El of Krypton and Jade Yifei of Earth. I did not truly understand what love truly was.”

“Neither did Kurumu” Ageha chimed in.

“I guess I now know why the gem chose her.”

“What do you mean?” Jade asked

“Now is not the time for explanations, Zamaron is in true jeordy. For we must stop the Star Sapphire at all costs.”

“But how are we going to get there in time?” Jade chimed in “Zamaron is probably millions of light years away.”

“I can transport us there” Ghia’ta answers “but we do not have a moment to spare. As we talk, the Star Sapphire continues its rampage.”

“Well what are we all waiting for, judgment day?” Ageha says as she goes over and picked up the body of her daughter. “Let’s get moving so we can save Kurumu.”

“Very well” the Zamaron then lifts her hands into the air as the five were surrounded by a violet sphere of energy and off they went.


On Zamaron, As the hazy mist of lavender dissipated, Clark Kent, and Ageha Kurono were most fascinated at the unbelievable sight as an enormous palace towered before them; it was surrounded by an abundance of smaller buildings. There were these massive violet Crystals that were obviously conjured from the violet energy, were scattered throughout the crystallized land. They were in the middle of a garden that was a luxurious sanctuary. Many bizarre clusters of alien flowers beautified the entire perimeter. From roses of Earth to the strangest plants she had never seen before. The aroma was magnificent.

“We must hurry to the chamber of love within the palace.” Ghia’ta informed


“The secrets of our race and violet energy are stored there.” The Zamaron Answered“if the Star Sapphire gains what lies in that chamber, she will have enough power to encase the entire universe in violet.”

“Well we are going to have to stop her. Ghia’ta, lead the way.”
Ghia’ta nodded and the four of the mflew off the place that the young Zamaron spoke of. Scattered throughout the halls of the headquarters were Zamaron Guards who have been enchased in Violet Crystals. And that is when Clark decided to ask.

“So this Star sapphire, where did it come from? And why did you Zamarons branch off from the guardians?”

“Well billions of years ago, after witnessing the origin of the universe, the guardians of the universe. Decided to form a legion to police it. However, the guardians refused to have emotion influence their judgment.  We thought of this as blasphemy and foolishness.”

“That’s them alright,” Jade made the remark as Ghia’ta continued on “We Zamarons left Oa to gather what the Guardians feared, beginning with love. Eventually on this planet, in this sector – 1416 – we came into contact with something, Growing across the skeletons of a couple that died long ago. Their dying love gave birth to the violet light. Therefore, the Star Sapphire was born and our search had finally ended. However when one of our sisters attempted to claim the crystal, it forcibly latched itself onto her and It took days to free her. Not long after, we started doing experiments in attempt to harness the Star Sapphire’s power.”

“But you got a parasite instead?” Clark made the assumption as the Zamaron just sighed.

“I am afraid so,” Ghia’ta said sadly,

“So do you really think that this parasitic gem is the only way we can revive Kurumu?” Clark said skeptacly, still not to fond of the idea being the the same thing that possessed and killed Kurumu is the same thing that can revive her.“Love’s power is unfathomable; it occurs between two lovers. The Star Sapphire was created from the love of two beings so it is possible that we can restart her heart by connecting the two of you and using the Jewel as a channel between you. Through this, the love felt between the two of you could restore her heart to a state of normalcy. It is a possibility it can even bringing her back from the brink of death.” Ghia’ta Explained

“But what happens if something goes wrong?”

What is it that you mean?”

“Well if two dead lovers were able to tap into this violet power and create the Star Sapphire, and if we need to bring our love together to revive Kurumu, what would happen if we end up taping into the violet power again? Would be end up or bringing something from the spectrum or creating something worse?” Clark wondered as Ghia’ta shrugged. “… I am unsure, however this is the only possibility we have to in order to revive your friend.”

As they continued to make their way through the massive violet hall until they entered this massive chamber. Within the chamber, there were these Four massive pillars within the center that all led up to the ceiling where there was another chamber above this one; with these large Violet crystals that all pointed massive sphere-shaped violet construct within the center. To Jade, the construct looked a lot like the Central power battery back on Oa. However, its center was completely empty and no light was being generated from it. What on earth were these Zamarons up to?

On the other side of the bottom chamber, underneath an arch stood this massive stone statue that had a female like appearance – almost like Queen Aga’po.
In the middle of the chamber they saw the Queen, still under the possession of the Star Sapphire. She was hovering about ten feet into the air and was busy looking up at the Statue.

“Queen Aga’po!” Clark shouted out to the Zamaronian Queen which got her attention as she spun around with a smile on her face. “Welcome, my love. ♥” Star Sapphire welcomed the Kryptonian and his friends.  “Behold the Zamaron defender. She who founded this world will now will bring glory of love to the universe. ♥”

“Snap out of it Aga’po, the crystal is influencing you! Don’t let it control you!” Jade exclaimed to the corrupted Queen.

“You speak of lies, Green Lantern.  For I am Star Sapphire – Queen of the Universe! Long Ago we the Zamarons Stood beside the Guardians as equals. But now we are their masters. Soon, Love shall rule the Universe. And you Kal-El, shall be mine. ♥”
Suddenly, a violet aura appeared around the massive stone structure and a violet beam shot out of its chest which hit Star Sapphire in the process. However, instead of feeling pain, Star Sapphire felt nothing but deep pleasure from the blast as the tractor beam pulled here towards the massive female structure. “ohhh, yes,” Star Sapphire moaned “Join with me… take me. ♥” the beam took Star Sapphire to the Statue’s breast jewel and was crystallized within. Then the statue’s fingers began to twitch as the sounds of cracking stone can be heard.

As Superman, Jade and Ageha all took a stance against the female stone titan as it stomped its way over and towered before the group.
“Come closer, my love, and bow before your Queen♥” Star Sapphire ordered. However Superman wasn’t going to buy any of that garbage. “Thanks, but no thanks.” Superman declined as he looked up.

“Do not deny what you truly feel inside, Let me teach you how to love, Kryptonian. ♥” Star Sapphire insisted as the golem reached down to try to grab the man of Steel but he and the others evaded the attack and they all scattered.  As they scattered Superman handed Kurumu’s body to the young Zamaron “Ghia’ta get Kurumu to safety” Superman ordered as Ghia’ta nodded and went off to hide the Succubus in a safe place.
But before she could get her to safety, the Crystals – which preserved Ghia’ta’s Zamaron sisters – exploded, throwing up this purple dust that was disorienting for the young Zamaron. As the dust settled, Ghiata looked in horror to see her Sisters standing their but something different about them. Their bodies had violet crystals covering their bodies from head to toe as they were releasing violet energy.

Ghia’ta new that the Crystals that Star Sapphire creates have blinded her sisters of their will, as they looked at her as if she was not one them but as prey.
“Zamarons, to arms!” one of the Zamarons roared as they began to surround the Helpless Ghia’ta as she was still holding Kurumu’s Body in her arms.

But before the Possessed Zamarons could attack her, a dome of green energy appears around Ghia’ta as it releases a shockwave, knocking the Zamarons back. Ghia’ta turns to see Jade Hovering above her and smiles. “Now is your chance!” Jade exclaims before turning back to evade another one of the stone giant’s attempts to knock the Green Lantern out of the air as the Zamaron girl nodded and continues onward.

Ageha tried to slash at the Golem’s stone body with her claws, but it seemed ineffective probably because of the highly Durable rock material. “So, you are protected from my claws, are you?” Ageha smirks before she reaches down to the top of her red dress. “How about you try this out, BREAST MISSLES of RAGE!” the succubus pulls her top down as these two beams emerge for her breasts at the Defender which caught its attention before attempting to block it with her hand.

“You think these minor beams can stop Love.” Star Sapphire demanded. But the Succubus woman just laughed at her question. “First off, there is a difference between Love and lust, and I should know. Second, it was just supposed to be a distraction, you love psycho.”

“What?” the Gem just questioned before being hit square in the face by Superman.

“Star Sapphire, if you really do love me then heed my words and Let Queen Aga’po out.” Superman exclaimed as he threw several punches at the golem.

“But you chose this woman as your mate, did you not?” Star Sapphire questioned in confusion as she tried to grab him “For I was made to be the perfect mate for you Kal. You were the mate that I chose.  You were the mate that she chose.  You were so nice to everyone. You were unable to bear hatred or hold a grudge against anyone. You have even forgiven those who have previously tried to do you harm. And I want you to be nice to me. I want you to Love Me. When reasoning means acting out of love, rather than intellect or some other emotion. There doesn’t seem to be much room for compromise. For that was always Kurumu’s Problem. Before, she couldn’t feel anything. She was a carefree succubus who attacks people at night after night and bewitched men to her whim just so she can find her ‘destined one’ that she has so longed for to save her race. It may not be as bad as it sounds, but she was incomplete. However she didn’t care, as she thought as it was normal for her. That was until she met you. For the first time she felt something; a strong desire, a longing, a yearning, a craving.  For the Zamarons –whom embrace love – they should be protecting that. For I am going to help her attain that love, I have the power to make you Love me.”

“I understand that you have affections for me, Star Sapphire, but you have yet to understand; you can’t make me Love you. And you can’t make you make you love me either.”However, Star Sapphire wasn’t going to give in that easily. “I do Love you” She insisted as she stopped trying to grab the Kryptonian and just looked down at him

“There is a difference between Love and Infatuation, Star Sapphire” Clark pointed out, “Infatuation is Love’s Shady cousin who’s always borrowing money and can’t hold down a job. It makes you completely carried away by unreasoning passion love. infatuation is when you find somebody who is ‘perfect’. It is like a drug that makes you the best high ever, but gives you the worst headache after. Love is when you find somebody who isn’t perfect but it doesn’t matter.” Clark explained.

“But I want to Love you, I want to know what is like to be loved.”

“I Know, We all do. But the only thing you can do is being someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them to realize your worth. I’ve realized in the past that no matter how much I care, some people just don’t care back. But it is never the end of the world. Love that we cannot have is the one that lasts the longest, hurts the deepest, and feels the strongest. If you Don’t know the difference between love and infatuation, you’ll end up destroying others lives and your own. I think you missed that.”

“…I see” Star Sapphire took a step back as began to realize and reconfigure herself “you must not force yourself onto somebody unless you know if they feel the same”

“Exactly Clark added in, “however I am willing to give my love to someone t who needs it most. And right now, there is someone who need both of our love most.”
“Indeed… but do you love her because you need her, or do you need her because you love her?”

“… I”Clark just stood there dumbstruck  before Jade and Ageha watched in amazement as the golem began to stomp its way back to where it once stood.

“Follow your heart Kal, like you have always had, for only then you will find your answer.” Without saying another word, the Defender powered down an then the body of queen Aga’po was spat out of the heart stone. As the Queen was released, the gem then parted from the Aga’po’s head and flew over to the center of the floor and just hovered there.
Meanwhile, Superman swooped down to catch the falling Queen. When he did, he was unfortunate to have here large breasts land in his face, causing him to lose sight of where he was going, and was about to hit the ground. But before her could he made a quick maneuver to his back.

As he hit the ground, Jade and Ageha Immediately rushed over at the sight to see if Clark was ok but to Jade’s shock, she sees Man of steel was holding Queen Aga’po in his lap and had her large breasts mashed up against his face. Clark just shifted his eyes towards the green lantern in embarrassment as he took a muffled breath. “s-soft airbag,” he mumbled “Soft, Blue airbag”

As Queen Aga’po’s silver eyes fluttered open, she looked down in surprise at her savior who was still stuck between her large blue tits. Aga’po however, didn’t show any sign of anger and embarrassment and no desire to attack the Kryptonian for the shameless act, but instead she seemed more surprised at this. For billions of years, she despised everything about Men, and she supposedly brought herself to accept that. That was until she heard of the Last Male Kryptonian. Back when she looked into Kurumu’s mind she believed the Kryptonian Character to be a nuisance who takes advantages of women’s hearts. However, she has been wrong this whole time.

“y-you… you saved me Kryptonian. You saved me from the gem’s influence,”


Clark looked at the beautiful humanoid as he tried to think of something “T-To embrace love, you must also love your enemies. When you love someone, you love all of gotta love everything about them, not just the good things but the bad things too. The things that you find lovable and the things you don't.

“Bad things?” Queen Aga’po asked quizzically before putting a hand on his cheek, making the Kryptonian heat up “I have doubts. For I see no bad things about you.for I was wrong about you. What they say about great love is that shall be met with great rewards. For all of Zamaron, Queen Aga’po thanks you.”She says before she wrapped her arms around and pulled her towards him, stealing his lips in a sensual and loving kiss, squising her Buxom against his chest.  Clark had blood starting to rush to his own face. 'Why does this happen to me?' he asked in his mind 'She's just some alien - some alien that is tall, blue, and happens to be strangely beautiful, and doesn’t have a nose.' Then the Kryptonian was brought out of his thoughts when he felt the Zamaron’s tongue dive into his unprepared mouth and began to explore. Clark was not too happy about the situation. Though, his penis said otherwise.

Jade meanwhile, just watched as a vein of anger and jealousy popped out of her head as she was forced to watch the the disgusting sight before.

Suddenly, the Kiss ended as the Queen parted from him, leaving a trail of saliva behind smiling and licked her lips “If have not been immortal or for the fact of your friends, you and I would make the greatest love.” Clark just sat their dumbstruck at what she just did. he was in complete shock and realization that now the Zamaron queen was coming onto him.

“Uh…C-can you please get up, Queen Aga’po?” Clark as politely as she simply smirked and got off of the Man of Steel’s lap so he could stand up, he still in complete shock at what just happened.

Meanwhile a group of Zamaron Soldiers came in to the chamber and went o ver to their queen in worry “Milady, are you alright?”
Jade came up to Clark “Just a little affection, huh?” she smirked. But he just raised his hand up trying not to gag “please don’t ask…” then he tried to change the subject “were did the gem go”

“It’s over their” Jade pointed over to the center of the room where the Gem was. It continued to hover ten feet from the ground. Clark just smiled and watched as glimmering gem descended into his hand.  The idea that this gem could bring a succubus from the dead still made Clark think that he was actually holding onto Kurumu’s heart and soul.
“Ok,” Clark Sighed in relieve “now where did Ghia’ta take Kurumu?”

“Kal-El,” Clark turned to see Ghia’ta has returned who just smiled at him “I see that you have retrieved the gem, let me show you to your friend.” Ghia’ta then escorted the Kryptonian and the Green Lantern  to where she hid Kurumu. It was another part of the chamber that looked like some sort of alter contained this sided star shaped object engraved on the floor and was surrounded by violet crystals. Within then the center of the star, there stood a floating pedestal where Kurumu’s body laid.

Do you really think that this is going to work?” Clark asked the Zamaron curiously. But the Zamaron Shrugged

“You cannot just think it,” Ghia’ta interjected.  “You must believe it in your heart. Show her how much you truly care for her.”
Clark nodded resolutely.  “How do I do that?”
Ghia’ta just simply smiled “follow your heart”.

Clark took this in and he nodded resolutely.  “I’ll do it, for Kurumu,” he vowed. Then he went over to  where his succubus friend laid. She looked like as if she was sleeping beauty who fell into some sort of slumber by a curse. After all the things that have happened, all the adventures, all of the new friends, it would seem that would seem that the Succubus looked as if under allot of stress. Every time another girl latched herself onto him Kurumu would seem to fly into a rage. However, it seems that she never truly feels rage for some reason. If he could have understood love, none of this would have probably happened. They would still be at the academy with all of their friends. Still that was the last thing on his mind now.

Clark placed the Star Sapphire on her ample chest as he looked at her face. “Kurumu, I am sorry.” he said to the lifeless girl “Denying you was foolish, and hard for me...I Do like you...the two of us went far not because of immorality but something deep and truthful. Though everyone did view your way of expressing love as perverted and all your acts as debaucheries but...It was just because of your strong affect for me. Though if it were debauchery, then you would have cared about nothing and wanted to prevail above the others. However I see the deep truth now; you have great love in your heart and have the ability to instill great Love. You are love.”

Unable to resist his emotions any longer...He kissed her. At the moment his lips touched hers, the gem in-between their chests illuminated a violet light as her hearts were linked to one another. Within seconds, the Kryptonian could actually hear her heart beating again and shed a tear of joy.

Suddenly the moment of joy was interrupted by a sudden shock that erupted from the gem which hurled superman across the chamber. He looks back to see the Star Sapphire just floating above the unconscious succubus before he watches as it jets away out through the chamber entrance.

However, he didn’t care at the moment as he hears Kurumu moaning as He turns back and rushed to Kurumu’s side and took her hand in his. He watches as her eyes flutter open to look into his blue ones.

“Clark?” Kurumu faintly whispered “you came back for me.” his smile still in place but tinged with concern.  “I’m right here,” he reassured her.
But her eyes searched Clark’s.  “I had a bad dream… one that you hated me… or worse… saw me only as a friend.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore, Kurumu. I am here” Clark assured “what matters is that you are here and alive.” Kurumu just teared up when he said that

“Somehow, I knew that you would return for me.  It means the world to me to know you really care about me,” she explained.
“Of course I do,” he answered, feeling himself drawn towards her.  “Never doubt that, okay?”  They looked into each other’s eyes for a long moment.  “Kurumu,” he whispered.

“The realization made her heart leap for joy in her chest.  Her lips parted as she leaned closer to him. however she pushed him away. “Clark" Kurumu said in a tiny voice.  "I'm sorry for putting you through all that has happened today. I promise to never do that again."

"It's okay Kurumu."

"No it's not," she answered still looking at him. "It was my love for you that put you in harm’s way. I know all I ever do is bother you Clark. I know you don't return any of my feelings, but I still had no right to do all of that stuff to you and I'm truly sorry. I just… felt like such a useless person,” she admitted.  “I’m always playing second or third fiddle fiddle to Moka ,Karen, Diana or one of the others, and when I finally get this opportunity to stand out, to do something with you that the others haven’t or can’t, I… I failed.”


“Maybe I can’t be the kind of girl I wanted to be for you, one you could swim with, or enjoy hot springs with, or anything like that.”  She looked up at him, pitiable in her bedraggled state.  “Maybe the others were right – my only real skills are those of a housewife, or… or a maid.”  Her eyes lit with a wild desperation Clark hadn’t seen before as she pleaded, “after this is over, I'll leave you alone from now on. I won't try to smother you every time I see you and I won't force myself on you anymore. I'll just keep my distance from now on since I'm sure that's what you prefer."

"Kurumu…"  The young Kryptonian, with no idea how to respond to this sudden and out-of-left-field request, frowned and found himself a little angry – he hated hearing one of his friends thinking so badly of herself.

“Hey Clark!” the Two heard the sound of a Familiar Green Lantern as Jade ran in to see the two, breaking the moment. The two looked back at her as she bowed and then turned to Kurumu “First off, I would like to say, welcome back Kurumu.” She says to the succubus as Kurumu nods. Then Jade turns over to Clark “second, I think you should come see this Clark.”

“What’s happening?” he asked.

“It’s the Star Sapphire, It’s doing something funny” Jade replied as the Kryptonian and Succubus just looked at each other in disbelief before the three of them flew off to where ever the Gem was.

All the while, Clark was carrying Kurumu; giving her a piggyback ride. She was still only wearing the green towel that Jade had constructed for her and Clark could feel her vagina digging into his back. She did once almost slip off before Clark caught her. Unfortunately, when he quickly caught her he felt two mounds that felt surprisingly soft – her butt cheeks.

Kurumu just let out a yelp and moaned out as the feeling of her destined one clutched onto her, sending waves of pleasure up Kurumu’s spine. ‘He…he is toughing my butt…’ she thought.
Clark’s faced just flushed as his hands continued to grasp onto the succubus’s behind. However he did not have to time to adjust as he was in a hurry so he had to just deal with it.

While trying to hold back moans, Kurumu was trying to explain something to him“Clark, there is something you need to know”

“What is it” He replied.

“I might have not have been in control when I was Star Sapphire. But I remember every move she made Clark. And I remember her memories. And let me tell you, I believe the gem didn’t do those things for bad intensions.”
Clark looked u at her confused, “what do you mean?”

“…It will be clear when we get there.”


Back in the chamber of Love, the tri have arrived as the Zamarons all gathered around to see the Star Sapphire just hovering above the ground.
Suddenly, a massive energy erupted from the Jewel which made everyone shield their eyes. It crackled with Violet energy, as a swirling vibrant circles and waves beneath it, followed by sparks that touched the ground. Then a large band of crystals made of pure violet energy began to form within the swirling energy force. They continued to grow bigger and bigger until they began to encase the Star Sapphire in a massive cocoon of violet crystal. The energy aura died down and looked to be absorbed back into the structure.

The group looked on in awe at the structure before, as it glimmered with beauty.
Suddenly the gang’s attention were brought to the surface on the Star Sapphire’s prison as the structure began to crack releasing rays of violet colored light from them.
“What is happening?” Jade asked before the prison exploded with a violet flare and a disorienting dust of crystal shards. As the dust settled the gang looked to see a silhouette of a massive reptilian figure that stood were the crystal dome and star sapphire once was.

The creature emerged from the settling dust as the group looked shocked at the creature’s appearance; It’ looks like some kind of alien creature with a transparent violet glowing body.  It was about 80 feet tall and had a reptilian, skeletal, biomechanical appearance. Its reptilian alien head had an extended mouth full of sharp teeth. The creatures possessed no visible eyes. It was bipedal in form, as it had two pairs of long thin arms and was standing only on two Feet. It had a tail that ended with a blade with flat ridge of spines at the base of the blade. Its torso looks like it is a bunch to veins or a ribcage all connecting to the diamond shape one its chest.
The creature was confused about it’s surroundings as it glanced around, until the being's gaze immediately focused on Clark. Then the beast charged at the Kryptonian as Superman got into a stance.

“Stop!” Kurumu Jumped in front of the Man of Steel as he looked on In disbelief as the entity stopped to an immediate halt right in front of them and looked down upon them.
Then Kurumu turns to everyone who had dumbstruck looks on their faces. She then begins to explain “everyone, let me introduce you to the ultimate embodiment of Love - One of the nine embodiments of the emotional spectrum and one of the greatest forces in the universe. “Kurumu announced as everyone was awestruck “As Clark’s heart and my heart merged, our combined love tapped into the Violet light, causing the Violet light merged with the gem, reconfiguring the Gem’s matrix, to give birth to something new.”
“You mean…you recreated the gem into another emotional entity? Like Ion and Parallax?” Clark questioned as Jade just blinks.

“Entity, of love? That thing looks like some kind of alien Predator” Jade stated, looking at the monstrous entity. “So this entity was the one who was trying to to get you to attack Clark like how Parallax tried to destroy earth.”
Kurumu however had to protest to this.

“What about Ion? This entity wasn’t doing anything wrong, as it was the other way around.” Clark was confused at this “what do you mean?” before Kurumu could answer, the massive group of Zamaron Guards surrounded the Group and the love entity.

“Guards, what is the meaning of this?” Ghia’ta demanded

“The time has come to light the battery” one of the Zamaron Guards explained. That last statement made Jade perk up, realizing that the thing that towered in the center of the chamber was a central power battery after all.

“There is a Prophecy that the Guardians have deciphered. One that is already being fulfilled. The forbidden scriptures the end of the universe. And all life shall be swallowed in darkness. We have created a central power battery in order to harness love’s true power. But it needed a core of undying love to make it sustainable.” However, Love is unstable and cannot be relied upon; it cannot provide the never ending ember that we require. It requires an unlimited power source to stabilize. It requires the entity of love.” Then another guard spoke up “Therefore, we have come to an agreement; we will imprison the Love entity within the battery and therefore create a sustainable source of power. It will provide a foundation that will be everlasting”
As the Zamarons gathered to restrain the entity, Kurumu suddenly got in their way “No”

“What are you doing, Succubus?” the Zamaron guards demanded.

“I will not let you imprison the love entity. The Lantern Technology the Guardians Pioneered all functions the same. It doesn’t need anything more than belief.  You don’t need anything beyond the battery itself to collected and concentrated love Generated throughout the Universe.” Kurumu then petted the love entities head “And it would be wrong to imprison Love itself.”
The guards just scoffed at her remark “Do not be foolish, back away from the creature before we force you too.”

However Kurumu refused to give up. “Listen to me. The Star Sapphire has actually been seeking a host who doesn’t understand the concept of love and who needs love most. All this time, it has been the host that has been corrupting it and abusing it, not the other way around. And you’re idea  of willing to forcibly imprison both the universe and the love entity would lead to corruption of true love, which would make you no different from the guardians.” Kurumu warned them.

That is when Clark decided to intervene “Kurumu, you don’t know –“
“I now know, Clark.” Kurumu interrupted him “The gem’s true intensions were to bring two lovers together. It took control and went after NOT whoever you were intimate with, but the person who didn’t understand love, was in need of love most and was capable of instilling and protecting great love –me. I know this whole incident seems like that it was some sick mistake, but trust me – us. The rock never meant to force you to love me; it was trying to bring us closer together. And being together, here and now, is something amazing, orchestrated and set out by Love itself. " Kurumu said slowly and softly.
“However, since love is farther from the center, it has more influence over the wielder. Therefore, it was my infatuation and obsession for you that corrupted the gem’s true intensions, and overrode my free will and forced me to attack – or you could say rape – you.” Kurumu explained as Clark blushed at that last statement.

“I was infatuated with you, Clark. However, I now know that Infatuation is Love’s dark side.  Infatuation is not love. It’s selfishness. For love is very different from what I once believed Real love is sacrifice. Putting another’s needs before your own. Doing what’s best for the person you love. it is patient, kind, it doesn't envy, it's not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. It cannot be controlled; you can’t make someone love you, and you can’t make you love someone either. You don’t need charms, don’t need large boobs, don’t need money, and don’t need force, don’t take fame, don’t need a credit card, and don’t need ‘love’ slaves. but now I understand, I now know more than anyone how cruel, painful, and unstable Love can be, how lost and hopeless it can make you feel when it’s not returned how you want it to be, but it CAN save your life. It’s so easy for the Zamarons to think about love, to talk about love and to wish for love but it's not always easy to recognize love even when they literally hold it, in their hands. For Love is the crooked thing, there is nobody wise enough –not Even Aga’po – to find out all that is in it, for they will be thinking about love til the stars run away and the shadows eaten the moon...Though I know Love might be complicated… but I refuse to believe that true love is ever a bad thing.”

"H-how do you know this?" He asked her.

“We succubi are creatures of that love, above anything else. Sure, we're known for our promiscuity, but it's only because we consider sex the purest form of love there is. I didn’t care if you were an alien, I didn’t care if you were different, you were everything I wanted, to know what it was like to be loved just like everyone else. When we met, I knew there was an unimaginable, unbreakable connection between us, and… This is me, expressing that love I feel for you… The love…”  Kurumu began, drawing her lips closer to his, before saying one last thing. "…That I hope you feel for me…"


Before their lips could be met, they were interrupted by shouting of the guards, “Restrain them!”

“Zamarons, Stop!” A voiced guards stopped and turns back to face Queen Aga’po. “Kurumu Kurono may be correct; she has spoken words of wisdom; The Power Battery does not need totems. It needs our absolute faith in the power we wield. For I have seen the truth within the Star Sapphire. We have misinterpreted what the true purpose of the Star Sapphire, we have done what the guardians have done; we have corrupted loves true purpose. Love cannot be controlled, that’s what makes it one of the most extremes of the emotional spectrum. It has a Dangerous Component to it. That is why service to the star sapphire must be Voluntary.” Queen Aga’po reveals, before pointing at the Kryptonian and the Succubus. “These two souls however, they are both capable of great love.  They are both most kind for being friends, for they are definitely patient. They did not even keep the wrongs we or any other beings did against them. They are both love. For their love has delved into the Violet Aura of Love and brung forth the birth and creation of the ultimate embodiment of love, the Predator.”

“Indeed, the intensity and purity of their hearts are most astounding,” Everyone turned back  to see the monstrous entity of love as it spoke to them in a surprisingly seductive yet dangerous feminine voice. Clark and Jade were just dumbstruck by this. It is a female? “I see what lies in the core of your heart, Kurumu Kurono; you are willing to sacrifice everything for true love, even your own life. Being a creature of love, the growing void in your heart is like a powerful beacon that must never be extinguished.  This universe needs it’s solider of love to combat the darkness. A Violet Lantern. You shall ignite the Central Power Battery. You Shall be that soldier.

“Me, but why?!” Kurumu exclaimed worryingly.

“you must listen to your heart. What does it tell you?"

"I..." Falling silent for moment, Kurumu concentrated on her feelings. She wasn't sure what she felt. "I don’t know." She said in embarrassment. “I… I don’t know if I…” Kurumu doubted before the entity cut her off.

“Your hesitation is quite understandable. You have battled with that same, self-doubt your whole life. But I have seen the reaches of your soul, and you have great potential. A true being of love never ignores what rests in her heart. Therefore, a choice presents itself: Turn away and let all you love fall into Shadow, or embrace the light and allow the violet light to fill the hole your hearts so that love can battle hate and fear across the universe.”

While Kurumu gazed intently at the entity and then at Queen Aga’po, and then Clark, Clark and Jade starred at her.

“Kurumu,” Clark said as the succubus turned to him “do what you feel is right”
Kurumu took this in before she turned back to the entity and then took a step forward. “I…I accept”

Seconds later, the star shaped crystal of the love entity’s chest began to glow as an orb of light emerged from the emblem and floated towards Kurumu and into her hands. As it faded away, A ring and an alien lantern appeared in her hands. The ring and Lantern both looked like Jade’s except they were both violet and the emblem on the ring was shaped like a eight-sided star with a glowing jewel in the center of it, while metal band had these symbols engraved in it.

Then she turned back to the Zamaron “What should I do now?”
“Do what you’ve always done in life, follow your heart…” the entity assured before it raised its head to look up at the Violet Central Power Battery, giving her the hint.
Realizing what it was talking about, Kurumu just nodded before she brought out her wings and tail and just took off towards the central power battery.

As got up close and personal to it she began to look into more of its detail. It was
But a question went through her mind, how exactly was she suppose to light the battery? However her question was answered as she attempted to rest her hand onto the surface of the Battery, only to have it suddenly began to phase through the surface, which made her recoil her hand in surprise.

She looked back at the battery nervously, however Clark’s voice telling her to do what she thinks is right echoed through her mind. Curse Clark for his voice of reason, she mentally Berated herself. That is something that she loved about him.
Kurumu gulped as she cautiously reached her hand back at the place from before. Slowly, her hand began to phase through the battery again. After a few second of realizing that it was safe, Kurumu then phased her entire body through the structure, allowing her access inside.

Inside the lifeless central power battery, the first thing that Kurumu noticed was two crystallized skeletons who were embracing each other in the center of the battery.  Those were probably the two lovers who gave birth to the Star Sapphire. When Kurumu said that she was remembered all of the Gem’s memories, it wasn’t an Exaggeration. She knew everything; from the Zamarons leavening Oa, to the Birth of the Star Sapphire, to all of the previous host’s memories.

She walked up to the two corpses with the ring and lantern in hand. She sets the lantern down and then slips the ring onto her ring finger, where a wedding ring would regularly be if she and Clark got married – or the violet ring could be the wedding ring. She then let the green construct towel fall to the ground, revealing her naked body before she placed the ring between the two crystallized corpses. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Instantly she felt like she was being controlled as she chanted the Oath, which she hadn't known only a few seconds ago.

"For Hearts Long Lost and Full of Fright,

For Those Alone In Blackest Night,

Accept Our Ring and Join Our Fight,

Love Conquers All - With Violet Light!"

A bright flash of violet colored light filled the chamber almost like a beacon.  A powerful surge of violet energy intense pleasure shot through Kurumu’s body as Violet crystal shards began to envelope her. It kept growing until she was completely engulfed in the Violet crystal from head to toe.

Meanwhile, the bright light unleashed a powerful but harmless shockwave.


Outside, Clark, Jade, Ageha and the Amazons shielded their selves as the shockwave passes them and exits the planet and spreads across the vastness of space.
Back at Yōkai, the girls were wall sitting around with worried looks of their faces.

“I hope he’s alright” Moka said worryingly. It has been a couple hours since Clark left to find Kurumu, and she hoped that nothing bad happened to him.. She really worried about him these days. Ever since the other super girls showed up, she has been feeling this distance between them. But now it is starting to affect her previous friends.

Suddenly, this Blast of energy past through the room and the group were all left confused at the sudden wave.

“What on earth was that?” Atlee asked in shock and confusion.


As the Shockwave continued to expand throughout the universe, all of the love in the universe that the shockwave enveloped was then harnessed and directed back to Zamaron in the form of beams of violet light.


Back in the Hall of love, everybody watched as six beams of violet light entered the chamber in different directions and each through an entrance to the battery. As the six beams collided into each other, a massive sphere of energy began to form in its core until the light was blinding that everybody had to shield their eyes.
The Power battery has been ignited.


As the glow around the Crystallized Kurumu slowly dispersed, the violet crystal shell began to crack.


Kurumu’s Prison construct then tore itself apart, sending shards everywhere “YES!” she yelled as she emerged from her hard cocoon. She found herself harboring newly found strength and sporting the peculiarly provocative and kinky Star Sapphire uniform that she wore before. She brought her hands up to her face and examined her ring closely as it sparkled a little.


Clark and the others all looked up at the amazing sight before them. The Newly lit Star Sapphire power battery was pulsating with raw power.
Just then, Clark noticed a silhouette emerging from the power battery and slowly began to descend, indicating that it was Kurumu. As she descended to the ground Clark noticed that Kurumu was in the Kinky energy outfit that she was wearing before. He rubbed the back of his head and looked at her with a bit of embarrassment. "Kurumu," he said.

"Hi Clark” she said in a tiny voice as she turned her head as her violet eyes into his blue ones “We should get back to the school now. Lord knows Moka and the others are probably already worried and looking for us. I'm sure you want to get back to them and away from me as soon as possible."

She turned away from him only to feel him grab her by the wrist and twirl her about. She let out a surprised gasp as he put his arms around her and pulled her into a tight embrace. He was holding her tightly within his strong arms, holding her close against his warm body.

He never did this! She was always the one forced to chase after him. She was always the one hugging him. He never initiated things. Doing so now of all places startled her.
It also made her feel amazingly happy.

"I love you," he said simply.

"Wha… what?" She looked up into his face.

“I’ve felt that way about you for a long time. I'm sorry I haven't said it before. I'm sorry I've been taking you for granted. You're a beautiful wonderful girl and you've always been there for me whenever I've needed you. I love you."
He placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Let me die right now, she thought. There's no way I could ever be happier than I am at this moment. Her heart was racing and she thought she was going to melt.
She was trembling against him and rested her head on his shoulder when the kiss ended.
"What about Moka and Karen?" She asked.

"I love Karen and Moka too," Clark said simply. "Just as I love Diana, Jade, Mizore, Yukari , Ruby and the others too. After going so far with my cousin, though, I didn’t want to feel like I left anyone out or like I was playing favorites. What I did with her made me realize I… I like all of you. I guess it’s true that I accepted her offer in mating when we were.  Her ideal still wasn’t planned, but it wasn’t unplanned either.” He dared to look at Kurumu at this point, contrition written on his face. “And I don’t want you to be my maid,” he answered evenly.  “I want you to be my friend.”  At her hurt look, he amended: He bowed low in contrition before her brought the young succubus into a tight embrace. “And I do not think you are useless either, Kurumu,” he insisted.  “You’re very important to me.  If anyone’s useless, it’s me.  Have been there for me the whole time. Even when you realized that am actually an alien, you still never left me. Sometimes I wonder why any of you stick around me, what you see in me that have you so smitten.”

Kurumu embraced her alien friend, her heart breaking at hearing him say such things.  “It’s because you’re so kind,” she answered, “so gentle and sincere.  Though you are an alien from another planet, you seem to be the most moral out of all of us. You are the person both monsters and humans aspire to be. You’d have every reason, every right, to hate girls like us – myself more than the rest, given what I did to you and Moka, and what I was going to do.”  Not for the first time today, she shuddered at the memory.  “You forgave us instead; you forgave me.”

On impulse, to the young Kryptonian’s surprise, she gave him a peck on the cheek.  “That’s why I love you, Clark Kent.  That’s why I feel that you’re my Destined One,” she whispered into his ear.
Kurumu’s heart raced.  Yahoo-hoo! she cheered internally.  It’s happening again – and this time, that witch isn’t here to spoil the moment.  Aloud, she murmured his name back as she gazed longingly into his blue eyes, so full of tenderness and a touch of his own longing.

“I’m sorry you’ll end up last,” the young man apologized.  “It wasn’t by design, but it can’t really be helped now.”

But then, something began to from within the Succubus’s mind – as the Violet Lantern then Clark pushed him away, just enough to look into each other’s eyes.  Such a lovely shade of purple, illuminated from the violet glow he marveled.  Her lips look really soft too.  Aloud, he murmured her name. She walked over to the Violet love entity as it looked down upon her. “Take me creature. Let me be your host” Kurumu begged “only our Love – yours, mine and Clark’s – can bring the good in people. Let me use your power to burn the darkness away.”

“It is alright Clark, considering that she belongs to us” To reinforce the point, she leaned up to kiss Clark’s cheek.  “Though we didn’t have any sex – It was our love that gave birth to our greatest creation ever – I consider the entity to be the closest thing to being our child – It is something that we made together. Everything we make together means the world to me.”  This make Clark recall something she said last year when the Security Committee tried to shut them down.


“You indeed fit the requirements, so be It. I shall accept your offer and provide you with the ultimate power that you require to fight back the shadows as the Torchbearer” and with that, the violet beast pokes at the Succubus’s chest as the entity began to dissolve and be absorbed into the blue-haired succubus. The power of love began to once again fill every cell in Kurumu’s body. Kurumu gets an extreme stimulation as information began to fill her brain. Finally, as the process stopped as quick as it begun, Kurumu just stood there calmly with her eyes closed for the longest time.

“Kurumu?” Clark asked  as he went over to her in caution. Just then, Kurumu turned to face him as he knew something was different from looking at her.

And her pupils were now shaped like violet hearts as the color of the Sclera of her eyes has been changed from white to complete black while her violet colored Iris has been illuminated. Her wings and tail have been illuminated with this violet glow as the flaps of skin membrane of her wings revealed this field of stars– as if there is a universe existing within her wings. If Clark had a nickname for Kurumu it would be either the Cosmic Succubus or the Space Courtesan. However there was one name and one name only for her.

She continued to gaze at him with a loving grin before she licked her lips seductively, As Clark mentally braced himself for the impact, and he wasn't disappointed as she practically leapt on top of him, flinging herself at him like a hungry octopus engulfing a lobster.

“Oh Clark, I Love you! I Love you! I Love you! I Love you! I Love you! I Love you! ♥” Kurumu said between each of several kisses, as she left a bunch of glowing violet lipstick markings –made of pure violet energy – all over Clark’s face
“Welcome back Kurumu” Clark said as carefully tried to disentangle himself from her grasp. Several times his fingers grazed her scrumptious breasts and he wasn't sure if it was accidental or Kurumu was twisting on purpose. all the while, Kurumu began to tear up when Queen Aga’po, Ageha and Jade walked up to the two.

“Looks like you truly found your destined one sweetie” Ageha said.

“Indeed Ageha Kurono, your daughter’s heart no longer has a void in it.” Queen Aga’po smiled as she walked up and wiped the succubus’s tears away, “it is full of the love you have and the love you will make. Now that you have toughed the pure heart and managed to tame the entity of love, you are the true keeper of love itself. Charged not just to spread love, but to protect Love. This ring will always tell you where you are needed. And in each corner of the universe, from the brightest spot to the darkest, love waits to be ignited, Kurumu Kurono. Only love can burn the hate away.”

Just them, the Zamarons all began to kneel before the Succubus who was still clung to the Kryptonian  “ALL HAIL KURUMU KURONO, QUEEN OF THE STAR SAPPHIRE!!!” they all proudly shouted.

“You and you’re friends and family’s Pilgrimage and studies on Zamaron are over.” Aga’po informed.

“Thank you queen Aga’po” Kurumu said to the Queen “Wherever I go, wherever true love is attacked, I will be there, Queen Aga’po. I will burn back the darkness and forever change the course of the universe.”

Just then, a familiar lavender light began to immerse Superman, Kurumu, Jade and Ageha as they vanished in a flash, back to their home planet.
Ghia’ta come up right next to her aunt with a smile on it’s face “Looks like love has made it’s stay into the universe” Aga’ta says to her aunt.

“Indeed my dear. Kurumu Kurono is now our most, greatest triumph.” Aga’po agreed
That’s when the young Zamaron looked at her aunt with silver eyes“… Aunt?” Ghia’ta asked

“Yes my dear.” Aga’po replied

“Do you consider, the Kryptonian as an enemy of love. it would be a shame to hate someone who seems most cute.”

“Oh, come now” Queen Aga’po laughed. “he is a big part of love as much as Ms. Kurono is. Why is it that you ask, do you love him too?”

Ghia’ta just fidgeted as her aunt just giggled “there is no shame at all, my neice. Kal-El has a heart in him that would any woman would die for. It is most normal if you are in love.” Gha’ta just looks at her aunt as she says this before smiling and holds her aunts hand. Maybe some time she could go to earth and confront the Kryptonian herself.

However, Ghia’ta was brought out of her fantasies when Queen Aga’po pointed something out “not to mention, that Kryptonian seems to be a good kisser”. This made the young princess look at her aunt with disbelief…

To be concluded
Violet Queen + Vampire Story: Part 5

The Fifth Part of the Story for the installment Violet Queen + Vampire.

First part: Link

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Fourth Part: Link

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You can see the poster here: wait a few minutes before I get all the chapters posted

In this part: after the Tragic Death of their friend, Superman, Jade and Ageha are suddenly Visited by a younger Zamaron named Ghia’ta who begs for them to help save their world and in return they would help revive Kurumu. Clark Reluctantly takes the offer and the four of them beam to the planet Zamaron to Confront Star Sapphire and save Kurumu. Will they succed?

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Man of Steel + Vampire: Phase 3 – Beautiful Heroes.

Chapter 14: Violet Queen + Vampire Part 4: Succubus power

“Love Conquers All –”

Clark was sitting on a couch in the living room besides a concerned looking Ageha explaining to what is going on and why he is here.

“So my daughter now possesses some sort of energy that feeds on love – turning her into a sexually depraved whore –  and tried to attack you and your friends” Ageha asked not really needing to hear the answer.

“Yes” Clark said, “It seems that her love has gotten the best of her. That’s why I came for your help. Since you are her mother I was hoping if you could try and reason with her? I just want the old Kurumu back."

Ageha nodded and stood up. "Of course Clark, why would I not help a person who is to be my son-in-law one day?" She tossed the Kryptonian an amused grin. Clark noticed this and raised an eyebrow. “What’s that about?”

“Oh, nothing.” Ageha stated, well what are you waiting for? Let’s go find my daughter…”


On Oa, the Guardians have returned from their trip from Zamaron. They are now in the Hall of Great Services - a library archive containing the stories, records and deeds of the finest Green Lanterns of all time, the mementos of their victories and their defeats.
The guardians were all surrounding this massive alien tome that was the size of a building – the book of Oa – a book that contains the history of the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps. Along with the history, the book also contains the lanterns’ ten principles that a lantern must follow upon recruitment.
Right now they were all having this discussion based on the information that they have received from their Trip to Zamaron.

“There is much to discuss after our visit to Zamaron.” Female Guardian Sayd said.

“Agreed. But this current action report by Lantern Jade is still disturbing.”Appa stated as he felt uneasy of the situation.

“The Situation with her friend continues to worsen on Earth because of her exposure to the violet power of love. And here were have married lanterns –mothers and fathers – possible victims to the Star Sapphire’s power.” Sayd theorized. “Since the Gem Feeds of love has made the Succubus adopted an obsessive love. It attempts to feed on love while creating its own form of love. Therefore, the Sapphire will keep continuing to become more powerful. We must do something to combat this fact.”

“Yes. I am loath to admit it, the Gem has seem to become so powerful that we seem to feel threatened. We should entertain and possibly apply at this juncture due to its far reaching implications.” Appa The male Guardian admitted.

“It would necessitate an addition to the book of Oa, I Assume?” Scar theorized.

“Yes, most defiantly” The male Guardian Agreed.

“Then if we all agree, I believe we need to vote on a new law that states: Physical relationships and love between Green Lanterns is to be forbidden within the corps.” Scar Announced to her fellow guardians.

However, two Guardians in particular – Ganthet and Sayd had different ideas; as they had thoughts of empathy of what would become of their greatest lanterns as they both glared at their fellow guardians of shame on their faces.


Meanwhile, Jade has just returned to her home planet, via wormhole. She was in quite a rush to get back to Clark and the others so they can deal with the Star Sapphire Before it is too late.

Jade however, had to throw her fears aside and use all the willpower she can manage in order to save her home planet and friends.

But then he appeared in mind. Every time she is reminded of him, a blush creeps up on her green face. What Aga’po said about Jade feeling love has really got to her. she was indeed in love with the Kryptonian.

Just then, Jade was brought out of her thoughts when her ring started talking. “Violet energy surge detected. Location: planet, Earth; continent, North America; state, Delaware; city Wilminton.”


Back with Superman, the man of steel is now traveling with Ageha Kurono in search of his runaway succubus. Their destination was good old America.
Once he arrived in Delaware, they immediately stopped in place at the sound of a familiar voice

“Clark!” a voice called out to him that did not sound like Kurumu. Superman and Ageha turnOriginally – or so we thought – the Sapphire would have originally bonded with the female Kryptonian, the Amazon, the vampire or anyone else that you were intimate with. ed around and looked up to see that it was Jade who came descending down towards him. “Jade! You made it back. What are you doing here?” Clark asked as the green lantern’s feet touched the ground.

“I came looking for you silly.” Jade answered before noticing the older succubus. she was a beautiful woman in her early/mid-thirties. She has the same appearance as Kurumu; with light blue hair, purple eyes and large H cup breasts. she was wearing a red mini dress barely covering her cleavage and a brown fur coat. “Who is she?”

“This is Ageha Kurono, Kurumu’s Mother.” Superman introduced “After you left, I went looking for the only person who could probably try to reason with Kurumu.”

“Yes,” Ageha agreed and smiled “and since I am going to be his mothering law, it is my duty that there shouldn’t be any problems between the two.”

But that is when Jade shook her head “Kurumu isn’t the Problem anymore”

“What do you mean?”

“Like I said before, Kurumu isn’t the biggest threat, but the power she wields. And I was right; it hasn’t been Kurumu talking. That jewel she wears on her head is called the Star Sapphire. It possesses the energy emotion of the emotional Spectrum – The Amethyst Aura of love. It’s the source of her power. This crystal was created by an alien female race called the Zamarons who focused of the Violet energy. however, the Star Sapphire is also parasitic and overrides a host's will and compelled her to ‘attack’ the objects of her affection.

“So that explains the reason for Kurumu’s actions.” Superman Realized.
“Precisely” Jade agreed. “ so we have to find some way to remove the gem from Kurumu without hurting her.”

“I understand that, but why would these Zamarons give Kurumu something so dangerous?”
“They didn’t give it to her Clark, they forced it onto her.” Jade explained before the Man of steel raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“You see Kurumu was crowned as Queen of the Star Sapphires. This was all to carry out the Zamarons’ plans of Spreading Love throughout the universe. They believe the only way of preserving love and preventing future wars is to encase entire planets in crystal.”

“You’re kidding” Clark said in shock as the green Lantern just shook her head. “it seems so, Sadly.”The idea of crystallizing an entire planet, just to preserver a planet just made the Kryptonian sick to his stomach. There is absolutely no way that the Earth would agree with this. Then again, it is similar to how Mizore and her race Freeze their mates as a form of love. He then shook the thought from his head; he had faith that Mizore was better than that.

“Well we better hurry,  before she let’s get moving” Clark says as the three of them made their way o where Clark Believes Kurumu might be – the temple of love, of Nemours Mansion.


As they arrived, they hovered over the mansions courtyard. Superman was not too worried at all if they were intruding, what mattered to him was getting his friend back. Then they heard this noise that Sounded like sucking as it was coming from the temple.

Once they made it to the temple. This classically styled temple with 8 pillars. In the center of the temple, there was Star Sapphire, sitting on the statue of Diana the Huntress. Clark was completely shocked at the sight before him.

Star Sapphire was sucking on this crystal construct almost like she was sucking on a man’s ‘friend’. Inch after blissful inch of the crystal construct slid past her soft glowing purple lips. She made audible sucking noises to titillate.

Clark just watched with wide eyes as she spun her tongue and sucked, it was more than enough to finally send him over the edge. The tentative suction combined with the swirling tongue nearly becoming too much for him.

Once she finally noticed Clark, the Crystal construct disappeared from her mouth and a radiant smile of joy spread across her face as she immediately jumped of the statue and rushed over to give the Kryptonian some loving.

“Oh Clark, I knew you couldn’t resist me I am so happy. ♥” Star Sapphire joyfully said before Clark stopped her by putting a hand on her head, stopping her dead in her tracks as she tried to lustfully reach for him.

“Kurumu, you need to stop all of this. Before you get somebody hurt Clark tried explaining as he let her go.”

Star Sapphire was confused, “But I am doing this for the two of us. ♥”  Then Star Sapphire went over and hugged her mother. “I am so happy that you are here mom. You will be proud to be the mother of a Queen. ♥”

“Kurumu, you’re going to be an enemy of the planet if you keep this up. I mean I don’t like you having a reputation as a villain. So why don’t you just take that gem off and let’s talk this over.” Clark insisted. Even though no one was going to get hurt in the process, he was still wasn’t too fond of this plan.

“Don’t say that, Clark♥” Star Sapphire protested as she leaned forward while making a sexy Low squatting stance. “Besides, you need love more than anyone in this universe and only your buxom buddy can give it to you. I can save you, I can purify you, I can fill the hole in both of our hearts. There shouldn’t be a need for you to stop me Clark. ♥”
Clark on the other hand was too distracted by the succubus’s lewd pose. “Uh Kurumu, what are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing. but if all the females of the universe – of all species – were like beings of love, and then there would no longer be a need for more endless war. I intend on turning this universe into one of love and pleasure so that no one shall have any desire whatsoever to kill or rebel.  By spawning violet crystals on each planet, encasing the females of this planet in violet Crystals–channeling the Kurumu’s seductive traits into all the females on the planet – Combining the traditional females of the planet with the sultry, seductive, and sexy nature of the Succubi- turning them into the sexy, pro-active creatures of love. All of the females will have ample tits and a literally irresistible sexuality that will overflow the universe with immortal love.Now stop playing games with me, and let’s get this love wedding started. But first, You. Me. Fucky-time. Now ♥” Star Sapphire says every syllable as she leans closer to try and lip lock Clark. However Clark grabs her shoulders and gently pushes her back.

“But Kurumu-”

Before Clark could question her terms even further; he felt a sudden chill go down his spine. Then he felt himself being embraced in a breast filled hug.
Kurumu's mother had appeared behind him and buried him in her breasts. “Okay, Kurumu, now’s your chance! Go for it!” She said happily. Jade saw the older succubus’s actions and exclaimed at her, “Hey!! What do you think you are doing?!”

“Well after discovering what this power was and realizing that I would become the mother of a queen, I’ve decided to help my daughter out - give her the opportunity to use her body to teach him the ways of love between and man and a woman.”

“Oh thank you mother! ♥” Star Sapphire cheerfully cooed to her mother. However Clark knew that is was the gem trying to imitate Kurumu.

“You are no help at all.” Superman barked to the older succubus. “Oh, don’t worry Clark. Once you and Kurumu are married, and when my daughter makes you her favorite love toy, none of that will matter. You will no longer have needed to save the earth and you can use all of that stamina to satisfy my daughter’s love from now on.”

“Well I object!”  Superman countered as he broke free from Ageha’s grasp with ease and blasting a hole in the ceiling, taking off into the sky

“Sugar, come back♥” Star Sapphire playfully giggled as she took off after him. “Don’t worry sweetie, he won’t get away from us.” Ageha stated as she followed after her daughter.

“Hey, wait up!” Jade exclaimed as she took off after the three, for they began to give chase.


Back with Superman, the Kryptonian was desperate to get away from love crazed violet energy succubus as the two continued to fly over the crystal encased city. But this girl had some serious dexterity; no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t shake her.
Clark looked back at the persistent Star Sapphire as she blew a kiss at him. Superman seemed to be annoyed at this, being chased by a love obsessed girl; it reminded him of that weird girl that he met back on that trip to the beach who was constantly chasing that squid-like person.


Star Sapphire on the other hand didn’t find anything bad about it. She actually found a huge joy in it; chasing the one she loved, it just drove her hormones crazy. The more she chased him, the hornier she felt. The idea of Clark flying away from her has made her feel so convinced that he is actually enjoying the situation. It was like romantically playing tag with him on the beach, accept they were in the air and instead of a bikini she was wearing a scantly outfit made of energy.

“Wait up, Clark! ♥” Star Sapphire playfully called out to her man. “Once I catch you, I’m going to make you play a new game with me, a game I like to call: Sex♥”

The chase continued into town, and Star Sapphire’s urges were just getting worse and worse. Eventually, the succubus has finally caught up to the Kryptonian and couldn’t seem to take it anymore.

“Gotcha! ♥” Star Sapphire playfully wrapped her arms around superman’s body as he struggled to gently push her off, “Miss me? I hope you did because your virginity is as good as mine. Now stop teasing me and let us find somewhere to fuck. ♥” Star Sapphire giggled as she then pushed the Kryptonian off his course. At this point, he has had enough. But he was too distracted to realize that he was about to make impact with a love hotel.


Inside the hotel, a young couple had just made it to their room when suddenly…

The ceiling came collapsing down as the Kryptonian and Succubus landed onto the massive bed.

Clark groaned as he leaned himself up. Realizing what he landed on, he seemed relieved that the bed was soft enough to break his fall, otherwise he would have caused more damage to the building

Clark pondered to himself, failing to realize what was coming to him. Suddenly, before he could even react, Clark fell back to see Star Sapphire, drop herself on his lap as she pinned him to the bed. She giggled as she placed her arms on his shoulders “Good choice, stud muffin. ♥” Star Sapphire giggled, “This love hotel will do perfect. Tell me Clark, what is it that you love? ♥” she playfully proposed, “Do you love earth? Do you love Moka? Do you Love Karen? Do you love me? ♥”

“Please stop this Kurumu” the Kryptonian pleaded as the succubus looked down at her prize lovingly and seductively. “Oh, sugar,” Star Sapphire purred “there is no need for you to lie. Your mouth says no, but your body, heart and soul are screaming yes. ♥”
Just then, Ageha flew in and saw the action going on. “That’s it kiddo, show him all the ropes” Ageha cheered her daughter on.

“Do not worry mother, I will♥” Star Sapphire insured her mother as she continued to look down at the Kryptonian, “there is nothing to be scared of Clark. ♥” Star Sapphire purred “if it makes you feel better, I’m going to make you experience everything just so you don’t miss anything on your first time♥”. Then Star Sapphire rested her hands on the Kryptonian’s chest. “Now, just lay back, relax and enjoy. ♥”

Suddenly, just before any love could be made, Star sapphire was knocked off of Clark by a green colored blast. Clark looked back to see that Jade arrived in the nick of time. She then looked back at Star Sapphire with a cold expression.

“Don’t write checks your ass can’t cash, honey.” Jade stated to the possessed succubus

“I kept you alive in case I had use for you, Jade.” Star Sapphire angrily got up “But now I shall burn your green flesh.” she announced as Ageha went to her daughters side.
Just then, before the two succubi could attack jade, superman took the massive bed and slammed it on both of the succubi, pinning them to the ground”

“Sorry about this Kurumu” Clark sadly said as he kept the bed on top of them as they struggled.

“Clark… Clark what’s going on? Why are you doing this?” Star Sapphire asked in confusion

“To save you. But I can’t if ‘this’ is controlling you” Superman reached and yanked the gem off of the succubus’s tiara a held it in his hand. He then threw the bed aside and watched as the violet material on Kurumu began to dissolve, leaving her completely naked. But Jade constructed a green towel to cover her body.

As the two succubi were out for the moment, Clark and Jade took a breather, relived that it was now over.

“Is she going to be ok?” jade asked.

“I don’t know.” Clark replied as he looked down at the Star Sapphire gem. Who would have known that an alien crystal like this would cause them so much trouble?
Suddenly, before Clark could crush the gem, Jade’s ring began to flick and speak “Warning. High energy signature detected.”
The two looked concerned at this “energy signature?”

“What now?” asked Clark


A blinding violet light illuminated the entire room as the Kryptonian and Green Lantern were both knocked back by the vortex. As Clark was knocked back he accidentally Dropped the Star Sapphire gem.
The vortex then vanished revealing four female blue-skinned humanoids. As they got back up, jade was rather shocked that one of them seemed familiar.“Queen Aga’po of the Zamarons?” Jade said

Superman looked shocked at this. “Wait, those are the Zamarons?” Clark asked dumfounded. They all looked like these blue-skinned female humanoids with a warrior motive. And just like their queen they were all wearing these violet colored outfits that – just like their queen - seemed to be profound and revealing. Clark was strangely curious about why all of the alien woman and heroines that he has met all wear such revealing outfits.  Maybe it’s because they don’t care so much for modesty.

“We meet again, Jade Yifei” Aga’po said as she then turned to face the Kryptonian “and it seems that we finally meet in person, Kryptonian.”

“You know me?” Clark asked dumfounded as he tried his hardest not to stare at the Zamarons provocative yet curvy appearance. “Of course I know of you, Kal-El – the Polygamist who is ignorant of Love. if it were not for you, the Succubus would not even be in this position in the first place.” Clark Just frowns at this as there was venom laced within her words.“ however,The succubus has a higher purpose than any of your whores, Kryptonian. She will be our angel. If she accepts the Star Sapphire into her life, she will never grow old. She will be immortal, as we are. As well the universe she shall watch over.”  

“If your idea of her watching over worlds is to encase them in crystal, then it is not me who is ignorant.” Superman points out “haven’t you heard of that phrase “if you truly love something, set it free”?

“Silence!” Aga’po shouted “Men spread war! The Star Sapphire will bring the gift of love. The universe will know peace only when all men have been gentled by love’s violet light.”
“Your idea of love is just B.S. I’ve seen love come and go and sorry but your plan aint so – ahhh..”

Superman turned Back to see was going on as Jade was stopped dead in her tracks by this barrier of energy created from the Star Sapphire and has now  encased Kurumu in violet crystal as well and lifted the two captured girls down into the air.

“Jade!” Clark tried to help his friend but the Queen Aga’po uses the butt of her sword to knock the Kryptonian to the ground.suprisinlgy, her kind possessed incredible strength. as he tries to get back up, Queen Agapo walks up to the fallen hero and just plants herself onto his back as she folds her legs looking down at him with amusement. “If you do not allow the Star Sapphire to Love you, we shall make you accept that love however we must.” Queen Aga’po warned him.

Suddenly, the gem itself began to speak “Choose your mate, Kal-El.  I will make you’re fantasies come true. Kurumu Kuruno, the succubus who chose you as her Mate of fate; Jade Yifei the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 who two have feelings for you. Choose, Kal El.

“Choose someone?” Superman Pondered to himself and began to think. If this gem is going to start latching itself from girl to girl to try and make the perfect mate for me, I have to something. But I don’t want to lose any of the girls. Then Superman’s eyes turn to face queen Aga’po as an idea formed in his head.

Suddenly, Superman immediately got back onto his feet while knocking Aga’po off of him. But for she fell, Superman grabs Queen Aga’po by the waist and pulls her towards him, locking lips with her. The Queen was rather surprised at this. Her mind raced as she felt this tingly emotion, at first when she saw this she was wondering why is he doing this, trying to make sense of what was happening but a voice in her head disagreed with her denial.

“Clark…” Jade was in complete shock at her friend has just done.  Kurumu on the other hand looked like she was unconscious, but if she was awake and she saw this, she would probably flip out.”

After a minute, Clark pulled away from the Zamaron and wiped his face. What are you doing Kryptonian?” Queen Aga’po asked confused at his random action.
“Saving my friends”

Meanwhile, the gem was watching this has come to the conclusion. “He has chosen neither of you.” the gem said, before it let go of Jade and Kurumu and Zoomed towards the Zamaron Queen. “He has chosen you my queen, Someone of Great power, power to add to mine.”
Queen Aga’po saw the gem coming straight towards her as she had a panic expression. “Honor guards, stop it!” she ordered. However it was too late as the gem made contact with her helmet and a surge of violet energery coursed through the Queen’s body.

“It has been so long since I had such power. Such love.” The star sapphire admitted as it continued to overwhelm the Zamaron Queen.

Meanwhile the Zamaron Guards were in complete shock of their own creation controlling their own queen. “No! Get off of her!” one of the guards ordered as she tried to get close to her queen however the jewel sent a blast that knocked the Zamaron away. “You stand in my way Zamarons.” The star sapphire possessed Aga’po said, “As your Queen, Love will conquer all.”

However one of the Zameron guards managed to get behind her queen and grab restrained her. “Let go!” Star Sapphire roared “I need to get to my love!” the possessed Zamaron Queen continued to struggle in attempt to escape and get close to Superman.“The Star Sapphire is growing as powerful as our Queen. It is attaching itself to her life web.” One of the Guards said. “we need to remove it, but we do not have the capability to do that safely here.”

“Then we take our queen home” another Zamaron Guard then pointed at the Kryptonian “you do not understand the scales you are tipping out of balance, Kryptonian. The next rebirth is upon us all and thanks to you, earth is now unprotected against it. You don’t understand what love truly is.”With that said, the Zamarons opened up another portal and took their possessed queen back to their homeworld of Zamaron.

Once the Zamarons left through the portal, and the portal disappearing, Clark took a sigh of relief that it was now over. He turned to see that two girls were still lying on the ground. Jade just looked at him as she too sighed in relief. Then Clark went over to see if she was ok.

“You alright?” asked Clark

“Yeah, so you threw a little affection at something else to trick the rock?”

“Yeah, jealous?” Clark said as both of them chuckled.

“Kurumu, how about you?” Clark asked the succubus. However there wasn’t a response. Clark looked over at her to see she was lying on the ground looking unconscious. “Kurumu…?” Clark went over to her body and gently turned her over. “Hey, wake up sleepy head” again no response. Clark was confused at this. He lightly slapped her cheeks to try to get her to wake up, but there was still no response.

“Kurumu…?” Clark said a little louder, but it didn’t do anything. “Kurumu quit messing around.”Clark warned her as he was starting to get a little worried. He noticed that she wasn’t even breathing. He rested his ear on her chest but he couldn’t hear her heart beating.

“Oh, my god” Clark realized in shock. Then he began to try and to CPR on her.

“Kurumu!” Clark exclaimed as he continued to push on her chest “Come on!”  eventually Clark realized what had happened.

"A Succubus is a creature that lives on love. Love I would Gladly die for love. Kurumu’s heart was near death and The Star Sapphire was fueling her heart with love to keep her alive. Without the gem, her heart couldn’t muster the power to continue beating and it…” by this time there were small bits of liquid forming between Clark’ eyes.
Ageha meanwhile who regained consciousness, and has been watching the scene unfold, had collapsed onto her knees, and crawled towards the body of her immobile daughter with tears streaming down her cheeks, and sobs of anguish filled the air.

Kurumu was Dead…

To be Continued…
Violet Queen + Vampire Story: Part 4

The fourth Part of the Story for the installment Violet Queen + Vampire.

First part: Link

Second Part: Link

Third Part: Link

Fourth Part: Link

Fifth part: Link

Sixth Part: Link

You can see the poster here: wait a few minutes before I get all the chapters posted

in this part: Superman and Ageha reunite with Jade who explains what the Star Sapphire is and what is the plan, and all three of them go on a journey to America in search for Star Sapphire (Kurumu). When they find her, the horny Star Sapphire (Kurumu) begins to chase Superman in order to have sex with him, while Jade tries to battle

the controlled Kurumu. Superman and Jade managed to defeat her only to be interrupted by Queen Aga’po and the Zamarons. Jade managed to force the Star Sapphire away from the girls by kissing Aga’po leading to the crystal believing that he had feelings for the alien Queen and it latched onto her thus allowing Superman to escape. However Superman realizes that the Star Sapphire was also keeping Kurumu alive. And without the gem, Kurumu dies.

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Superman is owned by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, and DC Comics, and Warner Bros. the 2013 Man of Steel Movie is owned by Director Zack Snyder. Rosario+Vampire is owned by Akihisa Ikeda, Gonzo, and Funimation. Star Sapphire and Green Lantern are owned by
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