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Man of Steel + Vampire: Harley Quinn by themasterofantics
Man of Steel + Vampire: Harley Quinn

A wallpaper of my Man of Steel + Vampire version of the cute, funny, insane, and heroic Sexy Red and Black Jester, Harley Quinn.

She and Duela Both Appear in The installment: Clown Princess of Justice + Vampire.

Described as having a Genius-Level Quinzel was a high school student of Gotham High, and she was great at Gymastics.  One day she lost her Ex-boyfriend, Guy Kopski after a he is killed by a drive-by shooting on his way to school. This lead Harleen to suffer a depression afterwards, And Harleen’s parents didn’t show much support; her Mother is a harsh and unforgiving lady while her father was a criminal con-man, known for swindling women out of their money with charm. The only thing that filled her empty life was her childhood friend, Duela Dent. They were close like Bisexual lovers. One night, Harley saw Duela being taken away by Carmine Falone’s men and decided to follow them to rescue her friend. When Harley found Duela at the ace chemical’s building wearing a strange red bowl and cloak, she reasoned with her that she knows what is like to lose someone that they like. After they both get startled by police sirens, they both fall into a skin. The Nuclear chemical plant's waste pound locks to, and is swept through a pipe leading to the outside. Once outside, Harley sees to her horror, that the chemicals have permanently bleached both her and Duelas’s skin chalk-white, her lips were stained black and her hair brunette hair was bleached blonde. It even dissolved their clothing forcing the two girls to roam the alleys of Gotham in the nude. Eventually the two girls found an abandoned carnival/circus which they decide to cal their new home. This new form, compounded with the girls’ misfortunes of that one day, drives her completely insane and takes it out on the scum of humanity. Dressing up as a seductive Harlequinn Jester, Harley Quinn Decides to help Duela with showing the Scum of humanity that Insanity can be used for a force for good, in the “funniest way possible.”

Like Duela, Harley is bubbly, cheerful and bisexual. She enjoys fondling other girls' breasts, something she can relate to with Duela. She also enjoy anything "ecchi" that happens around her. Harley also enjoys doing perverted stuff to other girls which suggest that she and Duela are a Bisexual duo that enjoys doing things together such as enjoying the female body together by groping other women's breasts. Also like Duela, Harley also has a deep adoration for Clark. Her dream is to have a threesome with Duela and her ‘Puddin.’ Harley suffers from borderline personality disorder (a.k.a. emotionally unstable personality disorder) with traits of dependent personality disorder, which causes her to seek approval and define herself by what Clark thinks of her. She is gullible at times and most think of her as a typical dumb blonde.

Like Duela, Harley has over Olympics-level athleticism, and peak human physiological conditioning. But she also has enhanced strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes, durability, and healing that is greater than a normal human man; thanks to the radioactive chemicals. Harley’s equipment possesses the same clown element like Duela except they are harlequin style. She uses many odd and unique weapons and gadgets, such as a massive and heavy red and black mallet with sharp spikes, which she can swing with ease; another weapon in her arsenal is an oversized Cal. 44/Glock that she calls the ‘Crime-Killer’, which shoots these cork sized capsules that usually contain ropes to tie people up or knockout gas.  The little balls at the end of her jester hat have microphones that she can use to communicate with.



Harley Quinn: Call me Harley, Everyone Does.


Harley Quinn: (Sitting on Clark’s Bed) C’mon, Puddin'! Don't you wanna rev up your "Harley"? Vroom vroom!


Duela Dent: (Fondling Kurumu’s Breasts) wow you got some pretty big breasts.

Harley Quinn: (Lifting Kurumu’s Skirt to see her panties) and a cute ass as well.


Moka Ahkashiya: My name is Moka, Moka Ahkashiya

Harley Quinn: Moka? Sounds like a name for coffee.


Harley Quinn: Did you see the way I handled that Croc creep? Pow! Bam! Batgirl, eat your heart out!”


Harley Quinn: (Singing) Take a break and play a while, doo da, doo da. Guaranteed I'll make you smile, oh the doo da day.


Harley Quinn: Guy Kopski? Never heard of him. Pudding is my only love.


Saizo Komiya: what the hell is your problem you Psycho bitch

Harley Quinn: Ooh, Saizo said a bad word. Mama spank.

Saizo Komiya: Aah! AAAAAH! Aaah!


Favorite and/or comment

I don’t own Harley Quinn or Rosario+Vampire.


Man of Steel + Vampire

Chapter 11: Battle of the Clubs and a Vampire

Summer is over and the Newspaper Club has returned to Yōkai Academy for the second term. Moka wonders if Clark wanted to visit his parents while they were in the human world, but he assures her that he is fine.


Clark is in Tokyo Looking down at his phone. He dials his mother’s number to check in on her even though he is unable to visit her. It must be boring for his mom to be all alone in Smallville while he was away. But it didn’t harm to call her. Clark found

a payphone and dialed his home phone number.

*phone ringing*

“Hello? Kent residence?”

“Hello mom.”

“Oh hi, Clark. How have you been? Have you been enjoying that school? you haven’t been causing any problems were I have to go pick you up from the principal’s office or from area 51?” Martha teased.

“uh, no mom, and you know me I wouldn’t do anything like that. As for the school it has been ok. After they installed that payphone, it spares me from writing letters. I have nothing against write letters I mean I can write faster than anyone else, but I would have to wait for you to receive them. and I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing fine.”

That’s good Clark. You’re on summer break now, right? So when will you be coming home?”
“Well that’s the reason I am calling. I’m still is sushi land and I won’t be able to come home this time.”

“Oh, I can I can forgive you as long as I know that you’re doing ok.”

“uh huh, don’t worry I’m doing fine.” . . .

End Flashback

Moka looks closer at Clark, asking what is he spacing out about, bbut he assures its nothing. Moka was still a little suspicious, he may have told him he was a “human”, but it felt like he was keeping something else from her that he didn’t want to tell. But Moka decides to let it slide. Clark is then embarrassed to hear Moka thinks he's manlier than when he started at Yōkai; although she was thinking that even he did tell her he was a ‘human’, the other Moka was still suspicious. Even if Clark and Moka get separated and go different ways in life.

The Newscllub has printed up their new addition, including their adventure at Witch Knoll.

“well these are our first issues of the second term and it is going quit well.” Clark said

“it sure is” yukari agreed
“Moka I think the best highlights are the fashion tips from the human world” Moka pointed out.

“uh-huh, of course they will because I wrote it.” Kurumu chimed in.

“Let me see.” Clark took the newspaper from the girls. He got a look at what Kurumu wrote. He was a little nervous. Clark finds the fashion tips Kurumu put in the paper to be a little less than interesting. The reason why is becauuse the style she listed went out of fashion yeears ago.

“uh, good job on the article Kurumu” Clark nervously lied, not wanting to hurt the succubus feelings.

“Yahoo-hoo!” Kurumu trusted her fist in the air as her breasts bounced.

Afterwards they got half of the newspapers printed out.

“Wow guys, I’m impressed with this latest issue.” Clark said.
Suddenly, Clark this soft voice in his ear, as a cold air went down his neck.”

“so am I, hey Clark”

Clark jumped and turned around to see that it was Mizore breathing down his neck.

“Uh, hi Mizore” Clark nervously said.

“Come on at this time we know each other pretty well enough Clark. So why don’t you just refer to me as, your little ‘snow bunny.’” Mizore blushed as she asked Clark. Clark on the other hand sweat dropped.

“Are you done frosty?! We’ve still got a lot of copies to print out! Now let’s get moving you guys!” Kurumu bbutted in again, seeming annoyed at the situation.

Mizore turned to the succubus. “Wow you sure seem worked up about this”

“Of course I am…” Kurumu grabs Clark and pulls him towards her. “It’s because I made these with Clark, Right stud muffin?” Kurumu rubs her cheek on Clark’s shoulder.

“Now that not quite true Kurumu. You know it was a group effort” Moka correected the succubus. Kurumu nervously chuckled. Then Clark spoke up

“we’ve got a little time before class starts, so why don’t we start handing out these papers.”

“Yeah!” the girls all agreed.

They go to hand out the neewspapers at the gate, but find three girls handing out newspapers of their own called the Yōkai Square. One girl had medium pinkish-red hair and had sapphire blue eyes, anotther girl had black hair which shined a bit in the sun, and pearly, amethyst eyes, and the third girll was nerdy looking girl, with a light brown 'do and dull, purple eyes. The papers they were handing out were almost like a copy of the Yokai Cassette, except they were in color and hand better fashion tips including swimsuit photos for all of the drooleers.

“Just what the heck are they all reading?” Kurumu seems pissed. Then she walks up to the three girls.

“Hey what’s the big idea?! Who the hell gave you guy permission to start handing out newspapers?!”

The three girls looked confused like they didn’t know what she was talking about. “What do you mean permission?” then Kurumu snatched the newspaper out of the bblack haired girl’s hand.

“… and this piece of crap, this Yokai Square, whatever it is, it isn’t even a legitimate paper, unlike the Yokai Gazette handed out by the newspaper club.” Kurumuu continued.

“yes it is” a voice spoke up. The gang all looked to were the voice was coming from and they saw a girl with long purple hair and intimmidating eyes emerge from the crowd folding her arms.

“who the heck are you?” Kurumu demanded

“me? I’m Keito the president of the ‘Super Newspaper Club’” Keito announced.

Clark seemed rather confused, Super Newspaper Club? Where did this clubb come from? And why didn’t we know about this earlier? “But there is already a newspaper club”

“We’ve gotten permission from the school and we are a recognized club. We thought that your newspaper was absolutely boring, so we decided to introduce their own brand of journalism, and create a newspaper that would make everyone forget about you.” Keito said

“Like hell it will, bitch!” Kurumu shouted out while Moka tried to calm her down.

If you don’t believe us, try competing against us” Keito llaughs and walks away from the group.

“That’s what we’ll do. Come on guys we can’t let them beat us.”

Then the gang triees handing out their paper, only to have it dismissed by the students reading it as it lacked color and swimsuit photos that the Super Newspaper Club's had. Clark was disappointed that the color and the swimsuit photos were all that the readers want (mostly the guys).

The News clubb goes to Ms. Nekonome for answers.

“Who the heck is this Super Newspaper Club?” Kurumu Demanded.

“Meow, I’m sorry I only just learned about those guys myself yesterday.” Ms Nekonome sadly said.

Clark was conceerned “how did they get approval? Can the school allow two different newspaper clubs to exist?”

“No Mr. Kent, they won’t. You see the plan is to keep the one that is most popular and scrap the one that’s not.” Ms. Nekonome answered

This madee Clark worried. If their club gets scrapped what would happen to him? Will he have no choice but to rejoin that swimming/bikini club and be smothered buy a bunch of bikini clad girls again? Clark didn’t even want to think about it.

“then fine, Bring it on. “ everyone turns to look at Kurumu.

it iis between us and the Newspaper Club and those skanks and the Super Newspaper Club. So let’s show those assholes who’s number one.” Kurumu was not going to allow anyone to squash her dreams.

“Wait Kurumu lets think about this before we jump to conclusions” Clark interrupted.
“Clark’s right. We need to speak to gin about this he is our club president after all” moka agreed.

“Who gives a crap of what that pig thinks! I bet you anything, he is out their peeping on girls again!” Kurumu exclaimed.
It turns out she's right.

Meannwhile Gin is peeping on girls with his camera and he was about to get a topless shot, only for it to be a fail, but then he becomes distracted by the Super Newspaper Club walking into the office of the Security Committee.

The next day, Kurumu forces Yukari to dress in a maid outfit along with her to drawn in guys to sale their paper;

“How are you today gentlemen? If you sign up for the Yōkai Gazzette, then you boys will be rewarded with…” Kurumu pulls a small bag out from behind her “… homemade cookies. Made from yours truly.”

Suddenly a femalee voice rings out to the boys.

“Come get your Yokai Square”

The guys all turn around to see the three girls of the Super Newspaper Club  have arrive clad in bikinis and offer free pictures of themselves in said bikinis to those who read the Yōkai Square.

“If you manage to sign up, you’ll get these free, oh so sexy snapshots of us. Just don’t do anything dirty with them.”

Suddenly the boys all start running towards the three girls, leaving Kurumu and yukari in the dust. Kurumu is shocked by this, wondering if they can even do that; Yukari points out it doesn't matter as they are dressed in revealing outfits. Yukari is then scared away by a strange pervert  that prefers her over those bikini cclad- girls and Kurumu knocks him out with a kick.

Meanwhile, Keito is listening in with a smirk “We’ve almost beaten them, just one more thing to do, something that will tear ttheir club house apart, from the inside.”

In the Newsclub room, Yukari is still crying from that creepy guy.

“that guy was so creepy” yukari sobbed

“It’s alright Yukari don’t cry. Now let’s get back to handing out papers.” Kurumu
comforted her flat-chested rival.

Wait you mean we’re still going to do it” yukari asked. Suddenly the tone of Kurumu’s voice changed.

Yeah of course we are going to. We can’t let those skanks beat us. We’ll be in skimpy bikinis to, except ours will be skimpier than theirs.
However, Clark and Moka arrive with Gin, who tells them not to mess with the Super Newspaper Club.

“are You Kidding, those twits, all they do is wear skimpy bikinis and flaunt themselves.” Kurumu Protests.

“but you were about to the same thing to, so isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?” Yukari points out. but Kurumu slaps her behind to shut her up, but causes the witch to jump and clutch her scorching rear.

Gin explains that this Super Newspaper Club may be under the control by the Security Committee. Gin explains its violent version of a discipline committee that became corrupted by being drunk on power (old adage: "Power corrupts and Absolute power corrupts absolutely"). Moka asks why the Security Committee is attacking them. Gin answers that the Yōkai Gazzette's popularity has become a thorn in their side, which is why they created a rival club.

“you know, now that you mention it Gin, I did have a little occurrence happen to me while I was looking for you…” Clark says that even he had some strange suspicion. He pulls out a paper that he ‘sneaked from the Super Newspaper Club along with the pictures of the three girls in bikinis. The girls are horrified to see that their boy toy actually ‘betrayed’ them. But Clark tries to explain…


A few minutes earlier, Clark and Moka split up to search for Gin, Moka checked the rooftops while Clark looked in the halls. Clark was alone in the hallways, looking for his president when he is confronted by the three bikini-Clad girls of the Super Newspaper Club.

“Hey, honey! Clark, is it?” the black haired girl clad in a blue bikini asked.

“Yeah, what do you girl want? Don’t you think we have enough trouble with you guys trying to plow us into the ground?” Clark asked. Suddenly the three half-naked girls surrounded him and each started hugging his arms, invading his personal space. Clark was think in hi mind; Oh no, not again.

“W-What are you doing?” Clark nervously asked as the girls continued to clutch him.

“My name is Tonko Oniyama…” the black haired girl said.

“And my name is Shijimi Chouno…” the pink-orange haired girl, clad in a green bikini said next.

“And my name is Sumae Mizono…” the girl with short brown hair and clad in a red bikini said.

“… and we like you to join our club.” The three girls all announced.
Clark was shocked at this. they want him to join their club? Why would they want him, a member of their rival club, to join their club?

“W-What? Why? I thought I was your enemy?”

“No silly, we are not YOUR enemy. The girls of the boring newspaper club are OUR enemies. We’ve been watching you for a while, Clark. and might I say, for a person who many people say is ‘weak as a human but 'hard' as steel,’ you seem like our type.  We’ve been trying to get to you but, we were unable to do so because those other girls kept being smothered by those girls and they have been keeping poor you tied down on a leash. Why don’t you ditch those ungrateful girls and join our club. Will make you feel right at home *wink.*. . .” Tonko said

Sumae put one of their newspapers and their sexy pictures in Clarks back pocket , while grabbing his ass cheek in the process. Then they begun to try and touch Clark in places that he didn’t want to be touched at.

“…we will satisfy you is ways those other girls cant.” Tonko finished as she leaned forward to try to kiss the boy. Suddenly with Super Hearing, Clark heard a small murmur coming from Tonko, saying “please, save us” and it sounded distressed. Clark backed away and gently pushed them away. the girls looked disappointed.

“look, you girls are pretty and seem to be friendly and all but I would be too sure that the girls would be to happy to know that some other girls are trying to compete for their friend’s heart as well, especially if they are trying to get him to join your club.” Clark explained.

Oh, poo. Well maybe this might change your mind.” Shijimi said as she and the other girls nodded to each other then they all reached behind them and tugged at the ties of their bikini tops. They let their tops fall to the cold ground as they stood there with their bare breasts exposed to the teenage boy. Clark’s shocked face went red as a tomato as he clutched his nose so now blood will escape. The three girls just stood there and giggled at Clark’s embarrassment. He wasn’t ready for this. how could they lets themselves do that in public? Then again, nobody was around to see. Clark has never seen a female’s bare breasts before, let alone three pairs of them.  After getting himself together Clark tried to come up with a good sentence to say.

“Th-that’s nice. But I have my friends to worry about. And I’m not like those other boys at this school.

“Ah ok, but if you ever want to change your mind. . .” Tonko took a few steps towards Clark as her nude breasts jiggled; Clark tried not to make eye contact with them. Then she reaches down to her bikini bottom an Clark just thought, oh god. Not the bikini bottom too. But instead of pulling them down, Tonko stuck her hand into the crotch part of her bikini bottom and begun to rustle it around, then she pulled out a rectangular card which then handed to Clark.

“…here’s out card” she winked at him as he took it. Clark was shocked as he looked at the SNPC’s card. Clark went wide eyed. She had this card resting on her crotch the whole time?! And why is the card wet?! Clark screamed in his mind as in fact the card was stained by some strange fluid that has a strange smell to it.
Then Clark nervously nodded at the still top-less girls and quickly begun to walk away as they watched him leave. And while he was walking away from the topless monokini girls, Clark once again heard this distressed murmur that sounded like Sumae saying “Please, help us.”

End Flashback

Clark finished his story.  The room was qquiet. Clark Looked at Gin, he could tell that gin was jealous of his attraction to the females but knew that this was not the right time to complain about that. Then Clark turned to the girls. All of their faces darkened as some aura of jealousy was being emitted from them. Suddenly, the most jealous out of all of them, Kurumu stood up and slammed her hands onto the table in anger.
What the hell do those sluts think they are doing?! Now they are trying to sexually seduuce my Clark with their bikinis and naked tits?! If they think this is over they’ve got another thing coming to them!” Kurumu Exclaimed.

The Super Newspaper Club is probably to easily beat them by not only stealing all of the readers; but also try to get a bunch of pretty girls seduce the one thing that keeps the Newsclub together, someone that most members of the Newsclub cherish – Clark. If they try ad seduce Clark, it would rip their club apart from the inside and they would successfully beat them. Then gin orders everyone else to burn the papers and leaves.
Everyone goes to burn the papeers outside. Moka and Yukari go back to the club room to get the rest of the papers while Clark and Kurumu stay behind. Clark tries consoling Kurumu about burning the papers, but she is adamant about passing them out instead because of all the hard work they put into them.

You don’t know how much these newspapers mean to me Clark, they were something that we made together. And having to destroy something that I worked so hard for, it would just be too much. I cant do it.” Kurumu started to tear up.
Suddenly the two hear some giggles from behind them, they turn around to see that The trio from the Super Newspaper Club (and to Clark’s relieve that they are fully clothed) arrive and say their Mistress will deliver divine punishment upon theem for not burning the papers. Just as they wonder who it could be, Clark and Kurumu are shocked to see Keito pull the papers away from them with some sort of sticky thread.

“These Papers are so lightweight I guess they are quite low on content.” Keito insults.
Then Keito uses her sticky thread to ease herself down to the soil.

“Thanks for keeping an eye on them girls” Keito thanked the trio.

“We wish to serve you mistress” the trio said.

"What the hell?! Why were making them watch us?!” Kurumu exclaimed

“yes and why are you trying to drive our club into the ground?” Clark added

“Apparently Ginei Morioka hasn’t told you, has he?” Keito questioned as the the two were confused at what she said. “but whatever  the  case is, it doesn’t matter. From this moment on you and your little club are done for”

“No its not you bitch, give us our papers back right now.” Kurumu Protested. Then Keito had a straight face at what Kurumu said

“What did you just say? Who do you think you are talking to? You undermined slut. Then Keito tosses their papers into the incinerator.

“NO! those are our papers…” Kurumu tries to rush over and save them but Keito’s trio keep her from doing so.

“Not anymore, they’re going to burn”

Clark tries to help her, but gets caught in Keito's silk and hung above them.
“And as for you, it’s a shame that you rejected my girls’ offer. You would have been feeling real good right about now. But after I’m done destroying your club, I’ll give you too my girls as a toy”

Keito discards her school uniform, revealing the one belonging to the Security Committee under it while revealing her true form, a jorogumo, A spider monnster that takes the form of a women. It has been known in Japan since ancient times. Her appearance is very beautiful, and she uses it to mystify men and eat them. She makes sticky threads within her body which she uses to strangle and take her prey. Kurumu recognizes the uniform and tells Keito she knows who she is. Keito compliments her on being a good reporter, but goes on to lie (and really, she is) about the Committee protecting the peace of the school. Kurumu is then trapped in Keito's web and held in place by the three minions, now revealed to be insect monsters; each one was from a club that resisted the Committee, but they were turned into minions by Keito's venom.  Tonko was a member of the literature club, Shijimi was a member of the Japanese tea ceremony club, as for Sumae she was a member of the Manga Club.

As Keito prepares to inject venom into Kurumu, she is stopped by Mizore, who distracts her with ice projectiles. Keito tries webbing her, but Mizore easily evades it before saying that she's not the one who's going to fight her.

Moka and Yukari arrive, then , who removes the Rosario. Inner Moka frees Clark and brings him down. Kurumu demands she free her, but Inner Moka tells her to free herself, much to Kurumu’s anger and frustration. Kurumu does so and Keito becomes annoyed that her prey was taken from her, wrapping silk around Moka's arm.

“You think your hot shit with all of that power, but compared to Kuyo, the leader of the security, your monster strength is just a joke.” Keto states and tries to prove how weak she is. However, she proves far weaker than Inner Moka in a tug-a-war and is drawn in for a kick. Kurumu gives her another kick that knocks her into her own web with her minions as they bounce off and crash, knocking Keito out.

Later at the club room Inner Moka seals herself, Clark decides that the Newsclub should expose the committee for the corrupt jerks they are; everyone agrees with him
Suddenly the club hears the door open and close. The gang turns to see that it is was keito’s trio of girls from before.  The Clark’s friends were not happy to see them.
“What the hell are you three doing here?” Kurumu spat while guarding clark. suddenly the trio bowed

“Were really sorry for what we did.” The trio all said. The gang looked surprised.

“We didn’t mean any harm, it was just that Keito woman was controlling us and we were helpless. She made us do those awful things to try and ruin you guys. Some of it made us feel embarrassed. “ Tonko said. Then the tree turned to Clark.

“And were also REALLY sorry for doing those lewd things to you Clark. when keito forced our bodies  to try and seduce you into joining the Super Newspaper Club, we tried reaching out to you. But we were powerless” Sumae explained
That is when Clark realized that the distressed murmurs he was hearing was the trio screaming for his help.

“We’re not asking you to forgive us, we just wasn’t you to understand.” Shijimi said.
The gang looked at them in, silence unsure of what to say. Then Clark spoke up.
So the whole thing with the bikini’s, being topless and the flirtatious seduction. it was nothing personal, it was just because your body was under the influence of Keito’s venom?” he asked.

The trio nodded and then Clark held out his hand for them to shake it and Tonko did. When Clark looked at Tonko’s face and she winked at him to give a hint of something. Could that mean that the trio didn’t really mind flirting with Clark? Then the trio turned to leave, but before they left, Shijimi said one last thing to Clark.

"If you are planning on taking down they security committee, you have our full support” then out of the blue, Shijimi lifts her shirt to reveal her lime green panties and winks at Clark, giving him another hint about something else and then leaves. Leaving the gang confused at what that girl was doing. . .

In the Committee's office, Kuyō, the leader of the Committee learns of Keito's defeat as he goes over the files on the members of the Newsclub; everyone's monster identity is listed except for Clark. To the Committee, Clark is the only student that they are unsure of what kind of monster he is, probably one on the most interesting students to look into. Kuyo then remarks that they will soon have something interesting happen for the first and longest time at Yōkai, burning the files with a sneer.
Man of Steel + Vampire (Phase 1): Chapter 11

The eleventh chapter of the First season of my fan made crossover series Man of Steel + Vampire.

in this Chapter: the gang battle against an opposing newspaper club with a leader attempting to get her trio of girls to trying to seduce Clark and ruin the club forever.


note: like chapter ten, there is a secret message hidden in this story. But this time there is three.;) (Wink) 

Favorite And/or Comment

Superman is owned by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, and DC Comics, and Warner Bros. the 2013 Man of Steel Movie is owned by Director Zack Snyder. Rosario+Vampire is owned by Akihisa Ikeda, Gonzo, and Funimation.

Next: Chapter 12

Chapter 10

Man of Steel + Vampire: Duela Dent by themasterofantics
Man of Steel + Vampire: Duela Dent

A wallpaper of my Man of Steel + Vampire version of the cute, funny, insane, and heroic Clown Princess of Justice, Duela Dent.

She and Harley Both Appear in The installment: Clown Princess of Justice + Vampire.

All her life, Duela Dent always wanted to be like her father – to be a funny comedian. But she never did so well. but she tried her hardest in order to save her Dying mother, Genie Dent, to no avail. After her mother died, Duela was forced  by Falcone’s men to be a distraction to the cops so they can get away. Eventually she runs into her childhood friend Harleen Quinzel who tries to comfort her. after they both get startled by police sirens, they both fall into a skin. The Nuclear chemical plant's waste pound lock to, and is swept through a pipe leading to the outside. Once outside, the Duela discovers, to her horror, that the chemicals have permanently bleached both her and Harleen’s skin chalk-white, stained her lips red and dyed her hair bright green. It even dissolved their clothing forcing the two girls to roam the allys of Gotham in the nude. Eventually the two girls found an abandoned carnival/circus which they decide to cal their new home. This new form, compounded with the girls’ misfortunes of that one day, drives her completely insane and takes it out on the scum of humanity. Dressing up as a seductive clown, Duela Dent Decides to show the Scum of humanity that Insanity can be used for a force for good, in the “funniest way possible.”

Duela is bubbly, Cheerful, mischievous, and happy and has a cute voice. But is quite indecent, as she always goes around groping other girls' breasts and suggesting how something would lead into an erotic situation. She is also enjoys teasing other people through about sexual things. She is quite nosy and likes to joke about other peoples' personal business like their love lives, like or giving her alien friends bad advice about her relationship with Clark. She and Harley tend to enjoy anything "ecchi" that happens around them, like Power Girl’s massive bust size. Duela is in fact so amazingly perverted that even Ruby is impressed, intimidated, and vexed by her technique when Duela gropes her. also Duela is bisexual, as evidenced by her admiration and magnetic attraction to the female body, It is known how Duela feels for Clark but it is clear that her feelings are totally Yandre (hence the term, insane). It is possible without Clark; Duela would totally be a lesbian. As for her insane level, Duela is what they call “lustfully and pervertedly Insane.” she is also described as capable of processing outside sensory information only by adapting to it. This enables her to create a new personality every day (depending on what would benefit him)(but still bubbly and cheerful). According to her, the roots of her insanity as "one bad day": losing her mother, putting her friend in danger and having their bodies changed. Duela is seductive toward Clark; it is certain that their relationship has erotic undertones. However she swore to herself that she would use her level of insanity for good and not evil, and that was “NOT a joke.”

Thanks to the radioactive chemicals, Duela has over Olympics-level athleticism, and peak human physiological conditioning. But she also has enhanced strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes, durability, and healing that is greater than a normal human man.  Along with her enhanced abilities, Duela’s arsenal is inspired by Batgirl’s weaponry. She has a variety of weaponized thematic props such as a deck of metal  razor-tipped playing cards (that act as throwing knives), exploding smoke marbles (that act like smoke pellets), The flower on her bow sprays water, acid, and nasty pepper spray. Her hand often holds a lethal joy buzzer conducting a million volts of electricity. She has a pop gun that shoots confetti binds that wrap around people like a bolas. The pop gun can even contain a grapple harpoon as well so Duela can grapple away. Her cane also acts as a sword which can be unsheathed. She has a special pair of ‘x-ray monocles’ that she keeps on her top-hat; when she puts them on she is able to see through walls along with this spiral effect to them. She even has these explosive walking teeth that can be activated and controlled by Duela with controls on her cane-sword. Her chemical genius provides her most-notable weapon: Joker venom (or Happy Gas), a liquid or gaseous toxin which sends its targets into fits of uncontrollable laughter; higher doses can lead to paralysis, coma or death, leaving its victim with a ghoulish, pained rictus grin. Only she knows the formula, and is shown to be gifted enough to manufacture the toxin from ordinary household chemicals. She can use it in many ways; either from her flower, ‘happy gas grenades’, or this special backpack that has a chimney that spews out this deadly toxin. She is immune to the toxin and most poisons. Duela is portrayed as skilled in melee combat, from his initial appearances when she defeats killer with her sword (nearly killing him) she is talented with firearms, although even sometimes her guns are theatrical; her long-barreled revolver often releases a flag reading "Bang", and a second trigger-pull launches the flag to skewer its target. Although formidable in combat, Duela’s chief asset is her mind.


    ·         I wanted My version of Duela to look kind of like the Ame Comi Version, except a little sexier.

    ·         Duela Is Bisexual.

    ·         She is basically this fan series’ female counterpart of the joker.

“You know Supes, I like you. (Hands Clark a joker card) If you want some ‘fun’ on your next birthday, just give me a call.*giggles* I’ll put a smile on your face that any man would want. I’ll even let you honk  ‘them’*wink*.”

“(Groping Batgirl’s breasts) Ufufu, bats you’ve got quite a pair. I’m guessing these are the Bat-Boobies *giggles*”

“(Gropes Power Girl’s Breasts) Holy Crap! These are probably the biggest and softest tits I’ve ever seen and felt. You Must Be Karen, Clark has told me a lot about you. I’ve always wondered why they call you ‘Power Girl,’ now I know *giggles*. Man, these suckers are enormous…”

“(straddling Clark) Ufufu Let’s put aside important things for right now, and have some fun, whadda ya say, Clarky-Poo? (Gives Clark puppy dog eyes) Pleeeeeeeeaaaase!?”

 “tsk, tsk, tsk. You boys have been very naughty. Trying to rape a poor innocent girl? Looks like me and Harley have to punish you. Now drop your knife, step away from the girl, and proceed to pull up your pants (changes to an intimidating tone) that’s not a joke”

“(to Clark) hey there sugar, why not give Duela a kiss”

“You know, I could get used to this whole heroic thing, it seems quite fun. Making the world a much ‘happier’ place.”

    -          Duela Dent

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I don’t own Duela Dent.

I Have Finally Made a massive UPDATE to Duela Dent and Harley Quinn's Installment. sorry it took so long.
For all those who were waiting, it is out now. check it out:
Clown Princess of Justice + Vampire [REVISION] by themasterofantics
Man of Steel + Vampire - Action Comics #1 by themasterofantics
Man of Steel + Vampire - Action Comics #1

This is another fan ‘advertisement’ poster for my fan made crossover series Man of steel + Vampire (for those of you who don’t know, it is a crossover between the 2013 man of steel movie and the anime Rosario+Vampire). ;) (Wink) 

For this poster, I tried to recreate the cover of Action Comics #1, but featuring characters from Rosario+Vampire. So do not bash.  Yukari is running away, Mizore is watching Superman in disbelief (but with a poker face), and Moka is like that guy on the front cover.


    ·         Did any of you notice Yukari’s little shield and ‘s’ on her panties or the little Kou bat lying on the ground.

I was planning on this one for a while, but I held off on posting it.

if you want to see a cute chibi poster that is this fan series, go here Link

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I don’t own Superman or Rosario+Vampire.

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I have a few thing to say

First off: I would like to tell you that I have the new supergirl poster finished. but I am waiting to post it after I give the other poster an update. but the update is taking longer than I expected, but I'll get it finished if its the last thing I do. so don't think I've gotten lazy.

second: I am planning on taking down the original MOS+V posters but not the revisions, because I don't want anyone to be confused between the two.

third: another chapter of Man of Steel +Vampire (phase 1) is on the way so stay tuned.

and that is all I have to say.


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