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Man of Steel + Vampire

Chapter 10: Sunflowers and a Vampire.

Ruby awakens iin the Newspaper Club's tennt, dazed. She wonders what happened, but remembers the girls attacked her affter she attackeed Clark. She tries to attaack them, but is stopped when Clark holds out a can of tea for herr to drink. Ruby tells them that they can't buy her offf with a can of tea. Clark explains that they only want to hear her story and they learn the past of Witch Knoll. Then ruby explains about how badly witches have been treated and how developers by the name of Lexcorp are planning to destroy the suunfllower fields where she and her master live. Ruby andd Her Ladyship haave only been attacking humans to protect their home; the plant monsters ate the humans. Mizore then points out that it doesn't matter if yyou're a monster of a human, a liife is a life. Moka thenn suggests that if all Ruby needs is a home, she should come to Yōkai Academy as it has a lot to offer herr, even suggesting she joining the Newspaper Club aas well. Kurumu complains about there beingg two witches now, somethiing Yukari can't resist rubbing inn. Mizore offers to "cool their heads", but is turned down because she'd end up freezingg them all.

Ruby is touched by their kinndness, and watches them have a good tiime. This makes her beggin questioning what she thhought the world was like. When everyone else has fallen asleep, Ruby sneaks outt with the unopened can of tea she was given. She thinks about the Newws Club and what they've taught her, briinging Ruby to ttears; she feels thhat it's too late to change who sshe is now. Ruby calls a crow to bring her wand (which was lost during tthe explosion) to herr and flies back to her home oon Witch Hill. There, she tries to talk to Her Ladyship about what she has just experienced, but is caught in vines, conntrolled by Her Ladyship. Ruby tells Her Ladyship that she will never betray her as the can is broken while she screams..

In the meantime, the Newspaper Club has woken up and noticed Ruby has ggone missing. Knowing whhere their new frieend could haave gone, they rrace back to Witch Hill, hoping to find Ruby. However, rightt as the reach the ssunfflowers, the girls get caught in vines controlled by Ruby. Walking towards the Newspaper Club, Ruby, back to being a viciouus homicidal maniac, tellls them to lleave Witch Hill as she calls oout the monster plants that reside beneath the suunflower field. Ruby explains that Herr Ladyship grew thesse monsters to help with wiping oout humans. Clark tries reasoning with her, but Ruby has tuurned a deaf ear to his please as she orders the pllants to devour the Newsspaper Club.

Kurumu frees herself usiing her claws, and Yukari througgh the use of her tarot cards. Both beginn fiighting the monsters as some head for Clark. The screen goes black alongg with the drop of his flashhlight. WWhen the light comes back, it's shhown Mizore broke freee as well annd saaved Clark by freezing the monster pllants solid. Alll three of the girlss tell Clark that theey will proteect him. Clark then realizes that Moka has been unable to free herself fromm the vines and runss after her. Unfortunatelly, Ruby buries him and Moka in a sea of plant monssters. Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore are horrified and ttry fiightinng their way over to help him.

Being consthantly battered and moved around in the ocean of monster plants, Clark wonders whhat he can do to help Moka and reealizes he can release the Rosario seal, pulling it off from Moka. The energy from Moka's transformation from her Outer to Inner self releases enough powwer to make mulch out of the sea of plaant monsters. Ruby only looks on in shock, rrealizing that Moka is a poowerfful S-class Vampire.

Inner Moka thanks Clark for saving her and begins fighting Ruby, knocking her into a pille of dead monster plants ("I'll take blood over peace"). However, Ruby iis not done yet, as she bringgs the monster plants back to life and merges thhem into new ones ttwice as big as before. She also traps Moka and Clark in vines and begins sllashing away at them with her razoor-sharp wings. Ruby gooes on about how she is carrying out the wish of Her Ladyship. Clark then realizes that Her Ladyship must be in the house on the other side of the hill just as he gets a cut on his face. Moka sees this and frees herself easily, kkicking Clark free of tthe vines and knocking him oover to Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore.

Clark begins running ttowards the house, buts gets blocked by thhe monster plants. Kurumu and Yukari team up, cleearing the path for him. They both get into an argument as ussual, but Kurumu is envious of Yukari nott having to lug around 4 extra pounds in front like she does during aa fight. Yukari tells herr that they have to finissh the conversation after the fight. Almost at the house, Clark is blocked again, but the plant monster is killed by Mizore's icicles.

Arriving, Clark ffinds roots coming oout of the house, which he deduces is what is contrrolling the plant monsters. He tracks thhe roots to the rooom of Her Ladyshipp and asks her to let Ruby make her own deecisions. He then notices something isn't right and smashes the wall in front of Her Ladyship breaking down the wall.
Outside, Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari are exhausted from having to repeatedly kill the plant monsters, only to have them come back to life and doubble in size. They then notice Ruby has captured Moka and will not listen to reason, even from Yukari. The girls are then wrapped uup in a ball of vines as Ruby laughs maniacally.
Clark arrrives and tells Ruby that there is nno one left who caress about the plan; Her Ladyship is not there. Ruby denies this by explaining that Her Ladyship is IN the house. But Clark yells that she's bbeen dead a long time. This shocks Ruby, making herr remember Her Ladyship passing riight after deciding not to go througgh with her plans. Ruby was unable to accept the deathh of Her Ladyship and a false image of her has been haunting Ruby this entire ttime.

Completely snapping, Ruby cries in defiance of this, using a forbidden spell that merges her with the plant monsters, which results in a giant multi-mouthed plant monster with Ruby in the middle one. Yukari realizes that Ruby has gone off the deep end and the only thing they can do to save her is to beat her, asking Clark to toss her magic wand to her. Removing the shoe from Kurumu's free foot, Yukari is freed from the vines by Kurumu's foot claws as she frees herself, Mizore and Moka.

However, Moka becomes trapped in vines, which proceed to burrow into her body and merge with her. Ruby explains that in her new body can fuse with an infinite amount of other monsters to control them and absorb their powers. Moka struggles to get away but the vines fuse with her and Ruby, who uses Moka's vampiric power to attack the others.
Yukari tells Mizore and Kurumu that they have to destroy Ruby's wand to defeat her and free Moka. Yukari manages to temporarily negate Ruby's power by blinding her with magic tarot cards, allowing Moka to regain control of her body. As Moka breaks free, Yukari tells her to destroy Ruby's wand, which will render her helpless and unable to cast magic spells. Yukari pleads with Moka to stop Ruby even though she probably can't revert, tearfully saying that Ruby needs help. Moka agrees to do what she can but says Ruby's better off dead. After stating once again that she'll "take Blood over Peace", she dive-kicks Ruby's wand, shattering it. This causes an explosion; which consumes Ruby, who screams in pain. During the explosion, Ruby has a happy childhood memory of Her Ladyship asking what "her favorite thing is" the memory erases the hatred from Ruby's face before a second, more powerful explosion occurs.

The next day, the News Club feels terrible for not being able to save Ruby. At least they will never have to face any plant monsters again . . . at least they “Hope” so. Ms Nekonome arrives just as the bus does. Gin departs from the bus and everyone stares in shock; Ruby is sleeping, cradled in his arms. Gin said he found her floating in the ocean, like something was protecting her from harm. Ruby's sleeping expression is calm and serene.
Man of Steel + Vampire (Phase 1): Chapter 10
The tenth chapter of the First season of my fan made crossover series Man of Steel + Vampire.

in this Chapter: then Gang try to reason with Ruby, the witch living on Witches know, who plans to wipe out the humans for defying her home.


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note: I didn't make any typos in this ;)

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Superman is owned by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, and DC Comics, and Warner Bros. the 2013 Man of Steel Movie is owned by Director Zack Snyder. Rosario+Vampire is owned by Akihisa Ikeda, Gonzo, and Funimation.

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Man of Steel + Vampire

Chapter 9: Summer Vacation and a Vampire

Clark Kent is waiting at the Bus Stop, when Moka arrives as well. He finds it almost impossible to look at Moka because of cute she looks in her street clothes. Moka asks him if anything's wrong, wondering if it's because of the trip.
Clark has a flashback, remembering that Ms. Nekonome explained that the Newspaper Club will be going to the Human World for the club trip. However, Clark pokes a hole in her logic, saying they aren't allowed to go there. Ms. Nekoname explains that it's okay if a teacher authorizes it - "I think..."

Clark and Moka are sitting on one of the tree branches. Moka reminds Clark that she used to live in the Human World until Yokai Academy. Clark then wonders if Moka will be alright going back, prompting her to respond that she's more excited than scared. However, she then leans onto Clark, saying he'll protect her. Unfortunately, the sound Kurumu complaining about someone being slow causes Clark and Moka to return to reality. Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore arrive, seeing both got there ahead of them.

Ms, Nekonome arrives with the bus and Bus Driver, greeting them. Clark wonders where's Gin is, prompting Yukati to explain he failed too many subjects (no doubt because he spends the time he should be in class taking photos.)
Meanwhile Gin is then shown completing his make up exams under Ms. Ririko's watchful eye while being constantly whipped.

Kurumu laughs at Gin's plight until Yukari points out she's in the same boat; Kurumu failed her math final. However, Kurumu rushes Yukari into the bus, saying that she finished her make up exam. Mizore then bets Kurumu "managed to SKIP OUT on them".
The bus arrives in the human world without a hitch. Clark sees the surroundings in Japan, promptly shouting that he's back in the human world. Moka reacts in shock to his outburst because this could make the rest of their friends realize that he isn't a monster. Kurumu asks Clark why he's acting so happy; it's like he's a human. Mizore and Yukari agree with Kurumu. Moka quickly lies, saying that Clark used to live in the Human World before going to Yōkai Academy. Clark agrees with Moka, saying that he feels attached to the Human World. Kurumu agrees; "I guess that can happen". However, though Mizore gives a smile of agreement, Yukari seems rather suspicious, still.

At the beach, everyone plays with a ball and everyone’s is in their swimsuits. Moka was in a white onepeice; Kurumu was in a black bikini with Hibiscus on them; Yukari is in a orange one-piece with a cute frilly skirt; and Mizore has a white and purple striped bikini. It’s the first time being at the beach and there are already girls in bikinis. Clark says that since he was raised in America’s heartland, no swimming pool and no beaches so he could never swim, surf, or see girls in Bikini. This catches Kurumu’s attention which makes her worry, if he lives in a place where there are no beaches, and then she won’t be able to show off her bikini to him. Then a smile spreads across her face, getting the idea that maybenext time when she goes to the human world in Kansas, she should just wear a bikini for him the whole time, even in public places like a store (since she has no problem with it), just for him. Trying to change the subject, Yukari passes the ball to Clark, asking him if he's really not afraid of the Human World. Obviously not, he was raised by humans; Clark tells Yukari that he's not afraid; he finds Yōkai Academy a freak show. Hearing this, Yukari calls him brave; a rather unnecessary flattering compliment. Moka dives after a shot, ended up lightly scratching herself. Clark wonders if she's okay. Moka's fine, but got "a pile of sand" in her swimsuit. Clark is suddenly hit by a shot from Mizore; she promptly apologizes (probably did that on purpose to get his attention). Kurumu is relieved to hear that Clark is just "comfortable" in the Human World as she was beginning to suspect Clark was human. Clark and Moka fear she's onto him for a moment. Moka quickly decides to change the subject as Kurumu and Yukari get in fight over her stealing her shots with the ball. Clark has to jump in the fray to prevent her from using magic as there are other humans on the beach. Yukari apologizes for her behavior.

Meanwhile Ms. Nekonome is in a criss-cross bikini at a fish stand on the beach, hungrily eyes the raw fish.

A short time later, Clark is sitting on the beach with Moka, admiring the ocean's beauty. Kurumu calls out Clark Moka seems noticeably annoyed. Kurumu invites Clark to join her, Yukari and Mizore in the water. Clark tries to get Moka to come along, but remembers vampires can't go in water, deciding to stay on the beach with her. Moka is shocked Clark is saying he can't have fun without her and once more leans in to kiss him. However, Kurumu thinks she was trying to suck his blood and yells for her to stop. Moka says she can't help herself because Clark smells delicious; he now thinks she was after his blood. Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore get in an argument over who would care for Clark if he collapses from blood loss. Moka offers to help, unifying the other three in yelling "No! You'd be the cause of it you big dummy!"

Clark notices a field of sunflowers on the cliff above them, and everyone decides to go investigate. They wonder why a sunflower field is on a hill near the beach, admiring it's beauty. Unbeknownst to them, an unknown figure is watching them. Near-by a couple has arrived on the same hill, but the girl tells her boyfriend that they had better leave as people have gone missing there; a witch is supposedly behind the abductions due to feeling angry over a development plan that would destroy the hill and sunflowers.

Yukari notices the couple talking as they leave, wondering if there is truly another witch in the area. Having also overheard the couple, Kurumu tells Yukari that it's mean of her "relatives" to abduct people. Yukari calls her an idiot that believes everything she hears. Kurumu, in return, tells Yukari that witches get on her nerves. Yukari then yells that she dislikes succubi whose only redeeming feature is being a sexpot. Kurumu is embarrassed by what Yukari said, but wonders what she actually knows. In anger, Yukari drops a tub on the bikini-clad succubus, surprising the figure hidden in the sunflowers. Kurumu demands to know why Yukari did that, but Yukari just drops another washtub on Kurumu.

The rest of the club fined Kurumu and Yukari mid-arguement. Kurumu complains to Clark about Yuakri's behavior, but is told to calm down. The group heads back to the beach, thinking that Ms. Nekoname might start getting worried about them if they stay any longer. After everyone leaves, the unknown figure comes out of the flowers, revealing herself to be a girl around the same age as the rest of the Newspaper Club members. She says another witch's presence must be reported to "Her Ladyship".

It's evening and Ms. Nekonome goes out to procure fish for them to eat despite the protests of the club as they already have a cooler full of food. Ms, Nekoname says since they're staying by the ocean, they should have fish, claiming Human World fish is the best. Moka then wonders if that's the reason she had this trip planned, Embarassed, Ms Nekoname races off, but not before being reminded to hide her tail. Yukari offers to help Clark move the cooler, but is turned down as he is concerned she might get hurt lifting it; Kurumu helps Clark despite his protests. She then tries asking Moka if she needs help cutting vegetables, but is turned away out of concern Yukari may cut herself. She next tries asking Mizore if she needs help setting up the tent, but is turned away before being able to ask.

Hurt, Yukari sits on a rock near-by, feeling sad that her friends won't let her help them. She then notices a presence back on the hill and goes to investigate; she wonders if there really is another witch there. The moon comes out and illuminates the hill enough for Yukari to see someone in the shadow of a tree. Yukari demands to know who it is, and the witch who had been spying on them earlier, Ruby, presents herself. After introductions, Ruby asks Yukari if they can be friends. Yukari accepts the proposal of friendship and is hugged quickly by her new friend.

Back on the beach, Ms. Nekonome opens the cooler and examines the fish she got, but becomes shocked when Moka tells her that her tail appeared again. Worried, Ms. Nekoname starts coming up with an excuse, saying that she was just counting the fish. While everyone laughs, Clark notices that Yukari has disappeared.

Back on the hill, Ruby tells Yukari about how witches have lived on the hill for generations and that Her Ladyship will soon enact her plan to wipe out humans to protect it; Yukari is shocked. Clark then arrives, asking Yukari who her new friend is. Yukari tries to conduct introductions, but Ruby assumes Clark is there to defile Witch Knoll and summons monster plants to kill him. However, Yukari slays them, telling Ruby that she won't let her kill one of her friends. Seeing that bonds between witches should be stronger than anything else, Ruby snaps, tying up Yukari and having more plant monsters try eating Clark. Spurred on by Kurumu's insults, Yukari summons more powerful tarot cards and makes a salad out of the plants.

Everyone else then arrives, having become concerned about Clark and Yukari, to find the aftermath of the battle. Yukari apologizes to Ruby, saying they can't be friends and leaves with Kurumu and Mizore. Kurumu tells Yukari to quit being so proud and let her carry her down the hill; Yukari is adamant, claiming witches heal fast. Moka then realizes she and Clark are alone for the first since Summer Break started and tries to kiss him. However, Clark is attacked by Ruby, who plans on taking Yukari with her as Her Ladyship commanded it. Distraught, Moka screams and the seal gets disrupted, allowing Inner Moka to come out. Yukari is horrified asking Ruby what she's done. She turns to find Mizore freezing everything around her as Kurumu transforms and flies at Ruby.

An explosion erupts from Witch Knoll.
Man of Steel + Vampire (Phase 1): Chapter 9
The nineth chapter of the First season of my fan made crossover series Man of Steel + Vampire.

in this Chapter: it's Summer vacation for Clark and the gang and that means, Sunshine, beach, and Bikinis. then they find a hill surrounded by sunflowers, and even someone waiting. . .


Favorite And/or Comment

Superman is owned by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, and DC Comics, and Warner Bros. the 2013 Man of Steel Movie is owned by Director Zack Snyder. Rosario+Vampire is owned by Akihisa Ikeda, Gonzo, and Funimation.

Next: Chapter 10

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I made a small update to both the installment of Starfire and her other poster.

its nothing big. all I did was change the color of her skin to a yellowish-orange because I've realized that her skin is actually a yellowish-orange color. that's why I wanted to do this real quick because I missed it.

check them out :)

Tamaran Princess + Vampire [REVISION] by themasterofantics
Man of Steel + Vampire: Starfire by themasterofantics
Man of Steel + Vampire

Chapter 8: Slutty Math Teacher and a Vampire

Its morning at Yōkai Academy and the male students are noticing the math teacher, Ms. Ririko Kagome, who they find extremely hot. A wind blows, causing her skirt to temporarily lift up, much to joy of the male students. Once the wind stops, Ms. Ririko notices that the boys are out-cold and laughs shyly.

In math class, Clark is called on to solve a math problem, which was able to figure out. Afterward, Ms. Ririko says that she is going to make everyone do a pop quiz so everyone can get an understanding on what they should expect on the final exams. After she hands out the papers, Ms. Ririko is dumbfounded that Clark has actually finished a second after he got the paper. She believes that it was impossible since no one has ever finished a quiz or tests that fast in her class before. So she decides to get to the bottom of it. Ms. Ririko checks his paper to see that all of the questions were right. Then she asks Clark to show her his bag for cheat sheets but found nothing. Then she asked him to show her his arms to make sure he wasn’t cheating by writing the answers on his arms, but she saw nothing. Then she asked him to take of his jacket and shirt to make sure there isn’t any cheat sheets o writing on his body as well. Moka and Clark were shocked to hear this, but Kurumu and Mizore were both beaming. But Clark reluctantly decided to take of his jacket and shirt so that his classmates saw his upper body. Clark felt embarrassed about this, especially when Ms. Ririko rubbed her breasts against him while she checked for writing on his body. While she checked she sniffed him and complemented how lovely Clark’s scent is. After she was done searching, Ms. Ririko found nothing and was completely dumbfounded at this. Maybe Mikogami was writing about Clark Being important. And she should get to the bottom line why he is so important.

After the bell rings for break and everyone leaves, Ms. Ririko asks Clark if he could stay behind so she can talk to him. After everyone leaves and the two of them are alone, Ms. Ririko locks the door and walks back to Clark. Clark was sitting in a chair next to his math teachers desk, which she told him to sit in. then Clark looked up only to see a pair of large orbs that were Ms Ririko's breasts in his face. Clark struggled not to have a nose bleed as he suddenly realized that due to her closeness to him he could see down her shirt and was getting a good view of her generous cleavage. A single hand touched him gently on his chin slowly lifting his face upwards only for Clark to see a pair of dark kind eyes behind a pair of glasses which now greeted his blue eyes. Clark swallowed as he looked upwards into his math teacher’s face. Suddenly without warning, Ms Ririko began to straddle poor Clark on his lap as he was still sitting in the chair. Clark then freaked out – “Holy Crap!” If his mother found out that he had a slutty math teacher who was trying to make a move on her adopted son, there will be blood. Ms. Ririko cooed softly using her thumb to stroke Clark's cheek and her pointer finger to softly tickle the underside of his chin playfully. Clark swallowed nervously as he felt sweat forming on his face and his member slowly rising, due to the arousal of his sexy math teachers touches. Not to mention from the view he was getting of her cleavage, which lead down to the sexy black bra which did nothing to conceal her breasts from his view. Ms. Ririko seems to be intrigued to have a new favorite student. She then asked that since finals exams are coming up she wondered if he would like to have a study session with her to show her what he can do. After still feeling nervous that his slutty math teacher was still straddling him, Clark finally agreed. Ms. Ririko Smiled and got off of him and bent down to stick the corrected pop quiz in his backpack. All the while giving Clark a view of her well rounded bottom as her lacy black underwear with thong peaked its way out from behind the confines of her extremely short skirt that she wore. Clark quickly averted his eyes as the view Ms Ririko had just given him vanished as she rose upwards to meet his gaze. After she excused him and watched him go, Ms Ririko Purred. This was an opportunity to figure out more about this student that the director believes to be too important.
Later, on the roof, Moka asks Clark what did Ms. Ririko wanted to talk to him about. Clark didn’t dare talk about that Sexual moment between him and his teacher, but he does say that Ms. Ririko asked if he could do a study session with her. But he still feels nervous about it after witnessing that event in the classroom.

Clark asks Moka if they can do a little tutoring. Moka asks Clark to come to her dorm room that night to study and help him with any other subjects he is having trouble with. Kurumu barges through the door, saying that she can help Clark study. Yukari lands on her via flying on a broom and says (which makes perfect sense) that Clark will study better with her as she's genius. Mizore appears from behind the door, shutting it, and says that she needs help studying too as she missed a lot of school. Clark tries to say Moka and himself are studying together, but Moka tells them it's an excellent idea to have all of them study together.

At the Newspaper Club room, Yukari gives a lecture on the subject, which Moka and Clark seem to grasp, but Kurumu doesn't; Mizore is simply writing Clark's name over and over in her notebook. Moka offers to copy her notes down for Clark, but he recommends making a photocopy of them instead of writing; then he realizes the school probably doesn't have anything like that. Moka tells him she doesn't mind and they gaze at each other. Kurumu interrupts them, asking Clark to be her tutor. Mizore asks how integrals and derivatives are any different than addition and subtraction, which shocks Yukari speechless.
At 10 minutes to the school building closing, Clark and Moka are getting their shoes changed. Ms. Ririko arrives, asking if Clark had club activities, but learns that they were having a study session. She finds this to be bad news as students mostly goof off instead of focusing on studying. Moka tells her that they truthfully were studying and getting the hang of it. However, Ms. Ririko begs to differ, saying that only teachers are capable of teaching a subject, not students. Then Ms. Ririko grabs clark’s head and slams it into her breasts before reminding him about that session that they talked about that is going to be held the next day.

The following day, Clark has told the rest of his friends about what happened. Kurumu explains that Ms Ririko is overly passionate about math and majorly tends to go overboard; she's jealous that her breasts are smaller than her's. Hearing Kurumu's remark, Moka gazes at her breasts, and then Mizore glances at her own breasts, blushing as she sees her build. Yukari points out how childish it is for Kurumu to be jealous of such a thing and ends up in another arguement. Listening to the two of them arguing, Clark is reminded that there is a summer break after finals, fantasizing about the girls in swimsuits at the beach. Much to Moka's shock, Clark tells her that he will work hard and pass math so they can do something fun for the summer. However, each of the girls interjects with one of their own ideas.

Later, Clark goes to the tutoring room, Clark let out a sigh as he struggled not to sweat as he reached out and knocked on the oak door that lead to Ms Kagome Ririko's private chambers. Clark shivered just in time to see the familiar face of Ms Ririko glasses and all, peak her head out from behind the door. A warm and inviting smile upon her face then she subtlety ran her pink tongue across her lips. Clark involuntarily shuddered as he felt Ms Ririko's hand brush up against the small of his back. Clark felt several sweat drops run down his face signifying his nervousness as he felt a hint of warmth against his cheek. It was only then did he realize that Ms Ririko was speaking to him. Then Ms. Ririko asks Clark if he could grab a chair while she gets some paper for studying. Clark swallowed as he watched Ms Ririko walk away her soft lacy black thong ride up the base of her skirt, unbeknownst to her. But Ms. Ririko changed her mind about the table and asks Clark to follow her. Eventually her followed her to a room where there were candles everywhere and a bed in the center. Clark was a little concerned. But suddenly, Ms. Ririko started to strip. Clark was shocked to find Ms. Ririko in a S&M outfit; wearing a black corset, no skirt, and a pair of black thong panties. She explains that she is wearing it to give Clark motivation to study harder. However, Clark tells her that it's weird as he's a student and she's his teacher. Ms Ririko concurs with him, saying that she is a teacher and that she notices he has a luscious human like scent. Clark tries to get off the subject and Ms. Ririko tells him her private sessions are intense before licking her lips. Then she pushes him on the bed.

Elsewhere, Moka decides to continue compiling notes for Clark as it is the only thing she sees she can do to help.

The next day, gym class is over and Moka is asking the other students if they're ready for finals; most aren't. Kurumu tells Yukari that she needs to be tutored in math, but Yukari refuses, prompting Kurumu to tie her up and drag her along. They bump into Clark, who only mumbles math formulas, which they haven't gotten in class yet. Kurumu is overjoyed Clark is learning and asks him to tutor her, but falls on her face when he moves away.

Moka next meets Clark in the hall, telling him that she has finished her math notes for him. However, she notices something is wrong with him as well, but before she can try talking to him, Ms. Ririko arrives and examines the notebook. She is annoyed Moka is trying to undermine her and comes to the conclusion that Moka must be the reason Clark is having trouble focusing in class. She takes Clark away to continue tutoring him.
Moka wonders if she truly is what's causing Clark to fail, but decides to continue writing notes for Clark to study for his other finals.

Later, Clark is being tutored by Ms. Ririko and he utters "Where's Moka?", prompting her to knock him down. She tells him that he is studying well and he should try harder; his human scent gets her worked up to teach. Ms. Ririko Starts humping him, deciding that Clark needs to have more learning "pumped" into him, the sound of her changing is heard outside the tutoring room.

Meanwhile Moka has made it to the tutoring room to se what’s wrong with Clark.
Back in the tutoring room, it is revealed Ms Ririko is a Lamia, who is using the flower-like appendage at the end of her tail to implant knowledge into Clark while shocking him into solely focusing on his studies. Moka opens the door to see what is happening. Ms. Ririko calls Moka a pest and knocks her outside, telling Clark they best return to his studying. Mizore pops in from the ceiling, shocking Ms. Ririko. Disgusted with Ms. Ririko for her methods, Mizore decides to cool her down by releasing a blast of cold air. However, Ms. Ririko knocks candles over at Mizore, blocking her from helping.

Moka hits Ms. Ririko with a candle, causing Ms Ririko to pin her to a wall in anger while Moka's notes fall all over the room. Clark notices Moka's notes and snaps out of his trance, he keeps Ms. Ririko from affecting Moka, thanking her for the notebook which he plans to use in gratitude for her hard work. He ignores Ms. Ririko's angry ranting as he does this. Before Ms. Ririko could use her powers on both of them, Clark pulls off Moka's Rosario, releasing Inner Moka. Ms. Ririko tells Moka that she's a bad student, but Inner Moka tells her that she's doing the teaching by teaching Ms Ririko her place. Dazed, Ms. Ririko thanks Inner Moka for her guidance right before Mizore freezes her solid.

On the day of the final, Clark had scored 100% in math (and it had nothing to do with Ririko). As for Mizore, she got 56% (marginally passing), Yukari got 100% (flawless scoring) and Kurumu got 46%, meaning she has to go to summer school for makeup classes.
Man of Steel + Vampire (phase 1): chapter 8
The eight chapter of the First season of my fan made crossover series Man of Steel + Vampire.

in this Chapter: Clark gets Into a situation involving a slutty math teacher. win, win.


Favorite And/or Comment

Superman is owned by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, and DC Comics, and Warner Bros. the 2013 Man of Steel Movie is owned by Director Zack Snyder. Rosario+Vampire is owned by Akihisa Ikeda, Gonzo, and Funimation.

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Man of Steel + Vampire: Green Lantern by themasterofantics
Man of Steel + Vampire: Green Lantern

A wallpaper of my Man of Steel + Vampire version of the emerald protector of sector 2814 who wields the emerald energy of willpower - Jade Yifei also known as the Green Lantern.

She appears in this installment: Emerald Gaurdian + Vampire

Billions of years ago, a race of immortals harnessed the most powerful force in existence: the emerald energy of willpower. These immortals, the Guardians of the Universe, built a world from where they could watch over all of existence: the planet Oa. They divided the universe into 3600 sectors, a ring powered by the energy of will was sent to every sector of the universe to select a recruit. In order to be chosen by the ring, it is said that one must be without fear. Together, these 3600 recruits formed the intergalactic peacekeepers known as the Green Lantern Corps. The Gravest threat the Corps ever faced was Parallax, an entity that fed on the yellow power of fear. After the defeat of the Corps' finest warrior, the search for his successor began and for the first time the ring chose a human – Jade Yifei. As a young Japanese-American child, jade idolized her American father, a test pilot who worked for Ferris Aircraft. At a very young age, she had to face her greatest fears when her father died in a plane crash. Despite her family's wishes, she followed in her father's footsteps and eventually joined the Japanese Air Force as soon as she was eligible. Many years later, a dying alien named Abin Sur who had been a member of the Green Lantern Corps crash-landed his ship in the Tokyo Bay. Selecting a replacement officer for his position as a Green Lantern, the Green Lantern Power Ring chose Jade Yifei for her ability to overcome great fear. The ring and its abilities were explained to her, and she inherited the mantle of Green Lantern. Acting as a galactic police officer, it was her job to serve and protect all life in Sector 2814. She would soon learn that there were another 3600 Green Lanterns across the universe, all monitored and empowered by mystical creatures called the Guardians. Jade received training from some of the best the Corps had to offer, including drill sergeant Kilowog, and his mentor Sinestro. Eventually she would become the brightest lantern of all.

Jade is rather cocky and moody.  She Alternates between Mother Hen and Horny Sex Kitten when dealing with Clark. She has a method of getting what she wants (*giggles* “Hi, Super-kun, can you do me a favor? <3") Implies spoiled brat. But she always tells herself to overcome her fears because her father told her not to ever give in to fear.

As a normal human being, Jade does not possess any permanent superpowers. However, when she wields her Green Lantern Power Ring, Jade is able to fly, shoot laser beams and create constructs from the Green Light of Willpower. Jade’s will has been described as the greatest in the universe. Her power is only limited by her own imagination, making her one of the most powerful superheroes in the universe. Jade can shoot green laser beams from her power ring. She can also form constructs, by using her thoughts and the power ring to create an object that she can use to fight his enemies. She once created a construct of a jet. While using constructs created by the ring Jade is effectively able to lift/move tremendous weights far heavier than 100 tons with little effort. Without the ring Jade possesses the strength of a girl her age, height and builds who engages in regular exercise making her capable of press lifting at least her own weight. The power ring runs out of power after a time, and can only be recharged by a Green Lantern Battery. The power ring also supplies information when asked a question.

    ·         My version of jade is more of a female counterpart of Hal Jordan unlike her comic counterpart.

    ·         My Jade looks similar to the Ame Comi version except the outfit is skimpier.

    ·         Instead using of a fragment of the star heart, she uses a green lantern ring.

    ·         I gave a fan-explanation in my story why her skin was green was because her ring contains the entity of willpower – Ion.


“In brightest Day, In Blackest Night, no evil shall escape my sight, let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power, Green Lantern’s Light.”

“My face is up here, Man of Steel Heart ”

“With the rings power I can create anything I can see in my mind; jewelry, knives, swords, weapons, vibrating sex toys. ;) (Wink) ”

“Do I smell fear from you Clark? Are you saying? Is it because of my breasts and hot green body, isn’t it? I’m a green lantern, so I’m not afraid to tease (Licks lips hungrily)Heart ”

“Is your “ring” out of juice Clark? Maybe you should place it in my “power battery” and I can charge it for you. ;) (Wink) Heart ”

    -          Jade Yifei (Green Lantern 2814)


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I don’t own Green Lantern, Superman, Or Rosario+Vampire.

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I have a few thing to say

First off: I would like to tell you that I have the new supergirl poster finished. but I am waiting to post it after I give the other poster an update. but the update is taking longer than I expected, but I'll get it finished if its the last thing I do. so don't think I've gotten lazy.

second: I am planning on taking down the original MOS+V posters but not the revisions, because I don't want anyone to be confused between the two.

third: another chapter of Man of Steel +Vampire (phase 1) is on the way so stay tuned.

and that is all I have to say.


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