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Man of Steel + Vampire: Aqua Girl by themasterofantics
Man of Steel + Vampire: Aqua Girl

A wallpaper of my Man of Steel + Vampire version of the cute buy timid and shy, bikini-clad Queen of Atlantis –Ayumi Tokita also known as Aquagirl.

She appears in the Installment: Queen of the Sea + Vampire.

Ayumi Tokita was the daughter of a beachhouse owner, who saved and fell in love with a mysterious woman who had washed ashore in a storm.Keeping her past a mystery; the woman’s secrets began to unravel soon after she gave birth to Ayumi. When the baby was only ten months old, she fell off the side of a boat and miraculously began to swim. At the age of two, she accidentally struck his head while in the water and was thought to have drowned. Her father searched the water tirelessly, only to discover the submerged girl happily playing with a sting ray. This uncanny ability was just the beginning, and Ayumi soon began interacting with other sea creatures. The long-sought truth was finally revealed when Ayumis mother lay on her deathbed. There she told her husband and daughter that she had come from the lost city of Atlantis, having been exiled when attempting visit the outside world. Following her “death”, Ayumi discovered that he had the power to control sea creatures, and sought to fulfill her destiny as the ruler of the oceans with the help superman and his friends, Within, Arthur uncovered the power of telepathy, using it to soon guide sea life to safety and emerge as their leader. When Ayumi ventured down to the Atlantic Ocean, Ayumi had not only have found the lost city, but become imprisoned there. there, she likewise met a professor named Vulko, who taught her the Atlantean language and explained how Atlantis had become a totalitarian civilization.  Eventually, Ayumi learned all that he wanted to know of Atlantis, and escaped, and returned the legendary Trident of Neptune to the Temple of Atlantis. There she gained her true power, to Maniplate all forms of water and liquids. Since then, Ayumi was in turn made a citizen of Atlantis, and learned that she was destined to inherit the throne. Ayumi decided upon herself to give herself the nickname, “Aquagirl.” following this, she took on the responsibilities of Queen, before eventually returning to the surface to fight evildoers and join Clark and his friends.
Ayumi is a beautiful teenage girl. Ayumi is very timid, and is shy around men especially. She has She is afraid to interact with humans.  Although, she interacts fine with Clark, Karen, Moka, Diana and the other girls, and all of whom she considered as non-human. The reason whys because of her Inferiority Complex; she feels embarrassed that she feels inferior to other people that is why she chooses not to mind the superiority of other species. She may not have wanted to be non human but she has no other choice but to learn to realize that she is something greater than what she originally though she was and do the right thing.

 Aquagirl has a number of superhuman powers, most of which was inherited from his Atlantean origins and ability to live in the depths of the ocean floor. Aquagirl has her telepathic ability to communicate with marine life is known most widely. Aquagirl's said to be the fastest being underwater and capable of swimming at a constant speed of 175 mph for several hours. She’s able to swim at very high speeds, having the ability to reaching speeds of 10,000 feet per second (20,000 under stress) and is known to swim through Niagara Falls upstream.  Aquagirl also possesses great superhuman strength sufficient to toss a tank or punch a hole in a submerged submarine. It is generally accepted that Ayumi can lift well over 100 tons. Her enhanced physiology enables her to withstand heavy impacts that would kill any normal human and gives her the ability to function normally on the ocean floor. She possesses superhuman durability high enough to be unaffected by the immense pressure and the cold temperature of the ocean depths (to a greater degree than any other Atlantean). She’s also capable of jumping vast distances on land and from out of the water reaching heights up to 4 stories tall. Aquagirl's magical Trident (crafted by the first king of Atlantis) can allow her to Channel water through it. It can manipulate and conjure water, as well as disperse energy in the form of bolts and forcefields. When she gained the power of the Trident of Neptune, She now possesses super hydrokinesis, the ability to control all water in all of its various shapes and forms. She can create, shape and manipulate water, inorganic compound with liquid, gas (steam, water vapour), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to other.She control larger amounts of water, capable of creating and controlling water bodies of far greater size and scale, including causing massive tsunamis, whirlpools, floods, tidal waves, rainstorms, and other phenomena related to water at will (basically Super-Water Bending). She can shape water into a super-sharp edge or point for a split-second, enabling her to cut through metal, wood and stone. She can mould water into a variety of shapes and can be used to deflect an attack, trap opponents in a viscous body of water, turning water into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. Users who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation.she can trap her foes in a bubble of water and enhance the water pressure to crush her foes. She is also capable of creating a bubble of water around herself or others, gifting her ability of flight. She can also easily manipulate clouds, because of the water they contain; with this she can create, Heavy rain storms. She can also manipulate steam and all the water in the air, and can also be used to manipulate fog. Ayumi caneven heal herself or others by using water by absorbing water molecules and transfer medicament into the body at a molecular level, or having water molecules to repair and regenerate damaged cells and molecules. She can also manipulate steam, water vapor, blood, and other types of liquids based things.


Ayumi Tokita/Aqua Girl: Thank you my friends, as of now I am no longer the helpless girl you thought I was; I swore an oath to uphold everything Atlantis stands for! I owe it to the people to vanquish the usurpers and restore my rule. I am Aquagirl, Queen of Atlantis and the oceans. Those scum who serve evil will squirm like the spineless jellyfish they are before the power of this


 Ayumi Tokita/Aqua Girl: they say I’m the only Superhero who wears a Swimsuit. This bikini is a symbol of my heritage. Not Just because of sex appeal and improving my self-confidence. And besides, I’ve gotten so used to wearing a swimsuit that it has become a part of me.


Clark Kent/Superman: I’ve got to ask you something, have you ever been to school before?

Ayumi Tokita/Aqua Girl: . . . no, I was home schooled... it is a crowded place and crowds are scary, so I could never do it…

Clark Kent/Superman: Well the school I enroll might be up your alley.

Ayumi Tokita/Aqua Girl: how?

Clark Kent/Superman: … looks like I’ve got a lot to explain. . .


Ayumi Tokita/Aqua Girl: Symbols are very important. Superman has his "S", Batgirl has her bats, Green Lantern has her ring, on and on. I need a symbol, too. So the sea creatures know I'm of the surface, and the surface men know that the sea can turn their weapons against them.


NOTICE: there are some secrets in this poster. ;) (Wink) 

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I don't Own Superman, Aqua Girl or Rosario+Vampire

Mamono World by themasterofantics
Mamono World

A year or so ago, I made a Monster Girl Encyclopedia fan poster Called Mamono Park. It was basically a parody of Jurassic Park. But Instead of dinosaurs, it was a place where Mamono ruled. Now after I saw the latest Movie - Jurassic World, I decided to make a sequel to the previous Poster, calling it, Mamono World.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Children of all ages; Do not think of this place as animal a zoo, this is not a preserve. This is a theme park. When you were young, your parents probably told you stories about monsters. Never would you ever think that a place where monsters thrive would exist, because the stars of this theme park are those said creatures. For years, the American government has kept the secret that these creatures are real. But now it was decided that these creatures should see the world around them so this theme park was born. Another thing to be said is that the monsters of this magnificent place are not scary like any of you always thought they are; all of these creatures happened to be female. This is not for the sake of the men; this is for the sake of children. The reason that they are female is to be more kid friendly and gentle like a mother.  These girls have captured the imagination of the entire planet. Men, woman, Children of all ages; Come along as you relive the fantasies of your childhood. Welcome to the amazement – Mamono World.

The Park is Now Open.

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MGE belongs to Kenko cross. Jurassic World belongs to Universal.


If you guys don’t know what the whole Phase 1 Phase 2 phase 3 thing is, I’ll try to explain.

That’s my version of saying seasons.

You get it? Phase 1 means season 1, phase 2 means season 2, phase 3 means season 3.

the reason i'm doing posting thing in a convoluted way and what you guys are getting confused. is because at the beginning of this idea, I got too exited with the justice harem that I didn't think the beginning through, I just rushed in with the super girls.

that's why I'm trying to redeem myself by working on the beginning while working on the present stuff at the same time.

So every time you think see phase 1 or Phase 3, see it like this: (Phase 1/phase 2) - Beginning  (Phase 3) - present.

you understand now? its nothing personal, i'm just trying to fix what I didn't do. so don't get confused.

If you Guys seen the Aqua Girl Update, you'll notice that the plot isn't there.

well since it was so freaking long, I decided to organize a bit. if you look at my gallery, you'll noticed I rearranged the chapters and posters in separate files. one is for the posters while one is for that poster's story (because its so freaking long). when I'm finished with an update I'll post the Story in the MOS+V P3 Story gallery while give a link to the poster and story. that is all I have to say.
Man of Steel + Vampire: Phase 3 – Beautiful Heroes

Chapter 13: Queen of the Sea + Vampire Part 2

A few days later, Clark, Ayumi and the gang were on a large boat out in the middle of the Atlantic sea. Thanks to Cindy, she had a special submarine that they can use to try and fins the city of Atlantis. This deep sea submarine was able withstand water pressure that would crush a regular submarine. Squid Girl and the Lemon Gang came as well because Squid girl didn’t like the idea of them going alone doing god knows what in ‘her’ sea so she demanded to come as well. Moka didn’t feel that too fond of the idea of being in a metal tank in the middle of pure heavy water, but she would do anything for Clark. The girls were going over the supplies they needed for this trip. “So we got everything; Food, water,” Said Barbra.

“I still don’t get why we have to do this in the first place?!” Kurumu wailed “All I wanted was to stay at the resort and show of my sexy bikini to Clark!”

“We have greater problems now” Diana said patiently

Kori was still cheerful as ever. “oh this is Glorious. I have

Meanwhile; Clark, Ayumi and Cindy were going over what Ayumi’s mother said to her, “what she said to me was, ‘let the Trident guide you,’ so I guess we halve to follow where the thing is glowing.”

“That probably means you should be outside the submarine, leading this expedition.” Clark Suggested.

Eiko had to agree, “I guess that’s a solution, how about you swim with her Squid Girl?”

Squid girl just frowned at this, “why the squid would I do that, it sounds boring. I rasther stay in the Submarine” Squid girl Complained, but Chizuru came up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder which made the squid cringe and tense up.  

“Come on Squid Girl, it will be fun,” then she lightly opened her eyes, “you don’t want to be a spoiled sport.” Squid Girl just stood there, frozen with fear until finally making a decision, “r-right I’m your squid.”

Ayumi got ready for their underwater venture; Ayumi got dressed into her red swimsuit and stood next to squid girl.

When the time came, everyone jumbled into the submarine and the crewmen dropped the sub into the ocean with Ayumi and Squid Girl following. As soon as the sub was completely underwater, the gang didn’t see any wildlife yet. But soon enough, the sea life from ocean turtles, to sardines, sharks, etc. all life in the life in the Atlantic wan happening in front of them. The gang was fascinated and none of them knew where to look.

Ms. Nekonome has her faced glued to the window to see the sight of all of the fish she thought to look delicious, “Meooow, look at them all; fresh tuna,  herring , salmon. Oh, soon you will be mine.” She happily giggled to herself.

Kori was fascinated by the life under earth’s oceans, “I have never realized how beautiful the open ocean was had we never taken this adventure under the water.”

Outside the sub, Ayumi was looking around her to admire the true beauty of her mother’s true home. Squid Girl Was swimming alongside her equally admires the beauty, even though she is in a sea that she is not too familiar with.

Suddenly, Ayumi’s trident began to glow and vibrate as soon as she pointed it down, probably indicating that they should go lower.  After giving the signal, the submarine began to descend even lower. Having the trident guide them was like a game of was like a game of hot and cold. The trident had led hem far down; the water pressure was so strong that it would kill a human buy crushing him or her. Surprisingly though, Ayumi didn’t seem to be affected by the water pressure or the temperature at all, probably because of her Atlantean heritage.

As the submarine went deeper, things started to get darker, indicating that they were entering deeper waters, possibly the mid-water zone. It was too dark for the gang to see anything. Surprisingly life exists here in these dark depth were life shouldn’t exist. Like Squid Girl; in these depths, the strange life forms that live at these depths have the ability to create their own light a unique evolution known as bio-luminescence.

Squid girl activated her bio-luminecence and her body started glowing, so Ayumi and the sub could see her.

Cindy has turned on what she calls mood lighting so whatever gets close to the submarine they can actually see. The gang saw these bizarre sea creatures, Lantern fish, Hatchet fish, Comb jellies, Orange Roughy, Vampire squid, etc.

Eventually they made it far down to the ocean’s bottom where they come across the Atlantic ridge with hydrothermal vents, underwater volcanoes, and pools of boiling molten sulfur.

Judging from this boiling toxic sludge, no life should exist here. But surprisingly, there was life thriving within this death zone of chemical plums.  Varied from Crabs, Viperfish, Flatfish, Tube worms, etc. these creatures seem to feel at home next to these two-hundred degree vents of boiling sulfur.

Ayumi took note that she and Squid Girl had to be careful and stay away from the poisonous smoke that the vents spew out.  She wasn’t sure if she would be affected by it but it would be best to be safe.

Unfortunately however, Squid Girl notices something at the volcanic rocks in the distance to see shrimp climbing onto the rocks “Shrimp!” Squid girl squealed, causing her to go starry eyed and swims over to munch down on the tasty crustaceans.

“Squid Girl, Wait!”Ayumi tried to stop her from entering the poisonous volcanic field because she wasn’t sure if she was able t survives in there, but it was too late when Squid girl gets hit by a cloud of white smoke that wasn’t enough to kill her but enough to knock her out.

Ayumi quickly swam to the unconscious squid’s side as she carried her on her back and tried to swim back to the sub to drop Squid Girl off. But Suddenly, Another explosion went off startling Ayumi and she accidentally drops the Trident down into the darkness below. Ayumi’s vision was a blur when she sees a human shaped shadowy figure swim toward her as she loses consciousness.

Meanwhile, In the Sub, Cindy was losing sight of Ayumi and Squid Girl as the darkness and Black Smoke from the vents seem to block their vision, “I Can’t see them, there is too much smoke.” As the smoke settled, the gang are shocked to see that both Ayumi and Squid Girl were nowhere to be seen.

“Where did they go?” asked Moka.

“Who knows, but when it comes to squid girl; if she sees shrimp, she’ll go running off” Eiko pointed out.

“If she is so bad, why do you have her living with you?” asked Raven

“Don’t ask”

“Well whatever the case is, we better find them as soon as possible because I don’t think that they will be able to survive out there in the toxic water.” Cindy Explained, “And we have to get back to the surface before it gets dark later.”

“No!” everyone turned to Sanae “I am not leaving without my squiddy!”

“Ugh fine,” Eiko grumbled “it’s not like they got far in these plumes, right? I bet you anything shes waiting for us.”

When Ayumi slowly opens her eyes, the first thing she sees is squid girl sitting next to her and she too was waking up as well

“Ayumi, where the squid are we?” asked Squid girl.

The two girls look around to see that they are surrounded in some kind of courtroom that looked to have an underwater technological theme to it. Then they noticed what look to be a group of humanoid people in the large room with them as well.

“The abomination and her friend have woken up.” One of the humanoid beings said. “May the jury decide on your fate?”

“We have, Krom. We the jury of Atlantis this abomination be judged guilty for carrying the sign of the Curse of Kordax. By the will of all water-breathing people, you abomination and your friend here are hereby condemned to life in the Tank. May great Oceanid have mercy on your souls.” the Jury pointed at squid girl and Ayumi, indicating that they were calling Squid Girl the abomination. However, Ayumi Was more shocked to Realized she has finally found Atlantis.

Later Ayumi and Squid Girl were both taken to what was called the Fish Tank prison camp. The prison looked like a massive Dome made of some kind of transparent energy to act as a barrier to prevent escape. All the prisoners who were all men, were all wearing the prison garb. This was made up of his iconic orange tunic, yellow belt and green trunks.

As the two explored the premiter of the camp, they were both in deep thought. Ayumi was worried that she never able to see her father or her new friends again. Even worse she may not be able to see Clark again; while squid girl was worried that she may not be able to taste shrimp ever again.

However she and squid girl turned to see this strange woman who bears a striking resemblance to Squid Girl. She had a white dress similar to squid girl’s except it had long baggy sleeves and the skirt toughed the ground, it looks kind of like a priestess robe; she had these long blue tentacles for hair; and on top of her head which looked like Squid Girl’s. Ayumi notices this and gets squid girls attention, “hey Squid girl, do you think that woman over there looks almost like you, except older.”

“Squid girl takes a look at the woman and had to agree, “You know now that you mention it, she gilly does.”

As the as soon as the Squid Woman turns them to see squid girl, her eyes suddenly get fixated on squid girl looks shocked. Then the woman immediately swims over to the two and happily embraces Squid Girl. “Oh my sweet daughter is that really you? I knew that you would return to Me.” the woman tearfully said as she kept hugging Squid Girl. Squid Girl however, was confused at the situation. She wasn’t sure why this woman she never met before was hugging her.

“Uh, who is this squid and why is she hugging me?”

After hearing Squid girl’s questions, the woman releases poor squid girl and backs away as she tries to explain, “oh I am terribly sorry my poor child. it has been years since I last seen you I thought that I would never see you again.”

“What do you mean, who the kelp are you anysquid?” Squid girl demanded, still unsure of what is going on.

The woman just smiled, “I am your mother Cala, My name is Isume Erika. I was Atlantis’s high priestess.” Ayumi was wide eyed at this; this was Squid Girl’s Mother?  And is Cala, Squid Girl’s true name? She looked back at Squid Girl to see how she would react. From what she heard Squid Girl Would get instantly get excited over meeting what she believes to be her brethren. Like when Ayumi wore a fake Squid Girl Helmet.

Squid Girl However, just staring at Isume in shock, “What the Squid? How can you be my mother? I was raised by my fellow squid brethren and I came to the surface to inkvade mankind for polluting our beloved ocean. How can this be possible?”

That’s when Isume tried to explain, “When you were born, you were taken from me and was left to die out in a reef. But since you said you were adopted and raised by squids you survived. This, my daughter, is your real home. Now you have returned to discover your true heritage, you are an Atlantean.” That last sentence Shocked Ayumi, Squid Girl was an Atlantean too, like her? After all this time we thought something was up, but she never thought that both she and Squid Girl were both Atlanteans.

After thinking in deep thought about this, Squid girl was starting to figure it out. When she was younger the squid family who adopted her looked quite different than she did until they were caught buy fisherman. After looking back at Isumi, Tears started appearing in her eyes, as she cautiously approached the woman.

“…M-Mommy?” Squid girl managed to choke out.

As Isumi smiles and nods at her daughter, Squid Girl’s eyes widen and realization hit her. no more words were spoken. In an instant, Squid Girl embraces her true mother, crying out in fits and sobs.

After the drama was done and squid girl pulled herself together, Isumi finally noticed Ayumi standing there, “Oh, who’s your friend, Cala?”

“Uh, my name is Ayumi Tokita. I Came from the Surface…” Ayumi started Explaining to Isumi how her mother center and her true reason why she is here. After a few minutes of listening, Isumi’s eyes widen and she grabs Ayumi by her wrist.

“come with me. there is someone here I would like you to meet.” with that, Isumi Drags Ayumi to wherever she is taking her as squid girl follows.

After swimming into a building within the camp, the three come to a room, an inside there is what looks to be an old man sitting at a desk with his head in his palms.

“Professor…?” Isume said to the old man.

“What is it?” the old man replied.

“Our true queen has returned.”

The old man lifted his head and turns to see Ayumi. He looked like an old man with a bald spot and a grey beard; he was wearing some kind of jumpsuit with scales on them and a purple lab coat with glowing symbols engraved on it.

After the man got a good look at Ayumi and the trident shaped birth mark on her hand, his eyes went wide and went over to hug the unsuspecting girl like a father would.

“By the gods, I have dreamt of this for a long time, the daughter of Atlanna, our true leader has returned to us.” The old man started tear up. Then he let go of Aymui to get a better look at her, “you’re just as beautiful as your mother.”

“Um, can I ask, who are you and how do you know my mother?” Ayumi asked.

The old man happily bowed before Ayumi. “I am humble to make your acquaintance, your majesty. My name is Nuidis Vulko, I was the chief scientific adviser of Atlantis. I was the advisor to your mother’s brother, King Trevis.”

No more words were needed to be said at that last sentence, Ayumi finally knew that she was truly royalty. But now, she needed more answers.  “I was sent here by my mother, but I also came here for answers; about my true heritage; what was my mother’s true intensions for leaving Atlantis in the first place? What is this curse of Kordax? What does Squid Girl here have to do with this?

Vulko sighed and decided to explain to the young queen, “I think you two should know about the truth, but the best way to start is at the begging. Thousands of years ago, The Kingdom of Atlantis is generally considered to be the earliest known civilization on Earth. We Atlanteans were highly mystical beings. While it flourished, Atlantis was a great civilization; it ruled the world through the power of its twelve major city-states, which were located on all the continents of Earth. However, 9,600 years ago. A giant skull-shaped meteor from outer space crashed into the Earth in the North Sea. The impact was so tremendous that it caused worldwide geological upheaval. The Tectonic plates shifted, yielding massive flooding so intense that it caused the entire continent of Atlantis to sink beneath the waves. Nearly all of our Atlantean culture has been wiped away forever. However, those of the Atlantis’s capital city of Poseidonis managed to survive due to the erection of a giant dome that shielded the entire city. Eventually, we evolved over the centuries and have adapted physical characteristics that make them more suited for life beneath the sea. Some Atlanteans however, found an alternative in the magical priest-mage known as Shalako. Shalako used his magic to protect his followers from the crushing pressure of the ocean depths, and they migrated from Poseidonis and re-established a colony in the ruins of Poseidionis’s sister-city, Tritonis. But the mad Shalako cursed his followers after the felt was a great betrayal and their bodies evolved into the Mer-people and Cephalo-people of modern-day Tritonis.”

Ayumi Looked over at Squid girl when mentioned Cephalo-people. Does he mean Squid Girl’s kind? The girls were silent while listening to the story of Atlantis. They were unsure of what to say. However one question remained their origins.

Vulko continued, “Though we knew only peace, that was until one of the most pivotal events to affect the early Tritonians happened; was when … he appeared. One day, an Atlantean baby was born with blue hair a grotesque body. This caused him to be abandoned as a child. As he grew up alone in the ocean, he became influenced by his banishment and turned him into a cruel monstrosity. Eventually he led an army into battle against Atlantis. However he was defeated and banished. After his banishment, He left with hatred for both the people of Atlantis for whom he had fought.  And his name forever more was - Kordax. The fear he injected into Atlantis caused a super suspicion: Because Kordax was distinguished by his blue hair; so it is said whoever’s child was born with blue hair was considered an abomination; the following would be Princess Atlanna, Isumi and Cala.”

“That is the most squidiculous excuse for a curse I have ever heard.” Squid girl looked a little mad and looking at her blue tentacles. She didn’t like the idea of being an abomination.

“Exactly young one, which is why Atlanna, Isumi and I argued against this belief, claiming the curse of Kordax was a silly superstition. That’s why I tried to keep both of your mothers safe. When Atlanna was old enough, I told her to head to the surface and Seattle there. However, since Atlanteans can only exist outside of water for a limited duration before they begin to asphyxiate, But before your mother left, I gave Atlanna and Isumi both serums that I created, allowing them to survive on land and in the ocean.”

Ayumi Blinked is surprise, “so that is why I could survive on land.”

Squid Girl However was still confused, “but how did I get left ink the wrong ocean from mom?”

Isumi Spoke up, “years later, when you were born my Cala, you were believed by the atlanteans to carry the Curse of Kordax, because of your blue tentacle hair. You announced as a miscarriage Because of the dark history surrounding this superstition, all those who bear the "Curse of Kordax" are usually killed in the crib. In your case however, royal dignitaries took you away from me and abandoned you as an infant on an outcropping of coral called Mercy Reef. It was believed that when the tide was lower and the apex of the reef broke the surface of the ocean, the rays of the sun would kill you. Thanks to the serum that became part of my genes though, you were able to survive in the open air as well as underwater. As for us me and the Professor were put into this”

“Isumi is right, Ever since the Atlanteans have been influenced by the silly Curse; Atlantis has become a totalitarian civilization. And I believe that the banished Kordax Might have returned and is secretly behind this totalitarian. And I Believe only you can bring peace back to this Beloved city, Mera.” Vulko Explained.

“But How?” the Atlantean girl was confused

“You must acquire your true power; you must take the symbol of your Atlantean royal Family, the Trident of Neptune and place it into the pedestal in the temple that is below the center of Poseidonis.” That is when Vulko noticed something. “By the way, were is the trident? Didn’t the trident guide you here? If so, where is it?”

Ayumi nervously looked down at the ground in shame, “when we were in a field of Volcanic plumes in some other part of the Atlantic Ocean, I was startled by one of the exploding vents and I dropped the trident somewhere below in that deep darkness. Afterwards I pasted out and we both woke up here in Atlantis. Now I have no idea where it I now”

“I see, well only the true ruler of Atlantis can wield the trident and its power. So you have no worries of it being stolen or anything. All that matters now is that we escape this prison and take back the kingdom.  The men here have been planning an escape plan for a while and I think no is the time to commence it.” Vulko explained.

“What is the plan?” Ayumi Asked.

“Like Kordax you Mera, have the ability to telepathically communicate with other forms of sea life. You can actually force sea creatures to obey your whims to help us escape.”

“How do I do that?”

I can teach you, and I will even teach the two of you the Atlantean Language. and once yove mastered it, we will then carry out the next step of our escape plan…”

Meanwhile, Clark and the Gang are all still looking for Ayumi and Squid Girl who they got separated from in the volcanic Field.

“We’ve been searching for hours and we haven’t found them, don’t you think that they may have returned to the surface.” Cindy made a theory

“Probably” Moka had to agree.

“NO, I’m not going to leave Squiddy behind.” Sanae protested, “Did she ever leave you behind  before Eiko?.”

“Sanae is right. Besides, Ayumi is out there too, and I’m not going to be the one who is going to explain to a grieving father that we lost his daughter if we go back empty handed.” Clark  explained

“ugh fine” Eiko Grumbled

Meanwhile, an Atlantean Soldeir who has been patrolling the ocean’s bottom after detecting some unknown activity sees the Submarine and hurries back to the capital city to warn the leader about the Submarine.

A few hours have gone by, and Vulko has taught Ayumi and Squid Girl what they needed to learn. Surprisingly, Atlanteans are fast learners. This probably explains why Squid Girl could answer math problems in an instant or quickly learn English.

Afterwards Ayumi, Squid Girl, Vulko and Isume are all outside with the prisoners surrounding them to discuss the escape plan “Gentleman, I have called you here for a reason, today is the day for our plan of escape to commence. Though I am a scientist and not a warrior, we need your help, because now we have her” Vulko explains and pointes at Ayumi “She my friends is our true ruler, she has returned to save us, to help us escape.”

After hearing this, the prisoners all began respectfully kneel before Ayumi, making her blush. She didn’t know anything of royalty, but it didn’t hurt to give it a try as long as it didn’t go too far.

“With Mera’s help with communicating with animals, we can now have our plan commence. now here is our plan: step 1, Rally the prisoners; step 2 Have Mera a whole group of sea life to attack the guards as a distraction; step 3, Secure the keys; step 4, destroy the guard towers; step 5, secure the armory; step 6, find the Trident of Neptune; Step 7, Secure the temple for the Queen; step 8 Raise Hell; Step 9, Save Atlantis. Gentleman, we are all people of peace, without an army. Betrayed. Forgotten. Abandoned. In Atlantis we are ALL brothers! Brave comrades of Atlantis Prison, the time has come to rise against our Corrupted oppressors! Today we show the hearts of true Atlanteans! We have all given our lost our loved ones. Our prayers have been answered. We gave our youth, our hearts, our very souls for her protection ... as brothers, we fight side by side against the forces of Kordax. We advance to achieve our glorious victory ... Not for medals, or glory, but for what is right. We fought for revenge, we returned not to rapturous welcome ... but to suspicion and persecution because of a silly hoax. We were Torn from the arms of our loved ones, we found ourselves here... this place... this, this terrible place. Here we have languished, with no hope for release... No hope for justice. We have watched our comrades succumb to sickness and disease... We have been starved. We have been beaten. But we will not be broken! Today, our true Queen Has returned!! Today, we will send a message to our corrupt and arrogant leaders. Today, my comrades... Kordax... WILL DIE!!! ALL HAIL QUEEN MERA!!!!

“HORAH!!!” they all replied.

The head Atlantean Councilmen, Krom was sitting at a table having his supper. Suddenly a guard coe rushing into the room.

“Sir I have news of the highest urges.” The guard said tiredly.

“what is it?” Krom replied.

“A Small human made Submarine has been detected in the Atlantic ridge. Ever since we captured those two Atlanteans at the same location, it is believed that they and he human explores have a relationship.”

Krom looks at the guard for a minute and begins to realize something, “…They are searching for the abomination and her friend. We must not let them escape. Send out a squad to capture the man made machine and bring it back here.”

“Yes sir.” As the guard turns to leave a second guard barges into the room in a panic.

“Sir, the prisoners have all escaped! They are heading striate for the capital!” the guard explained

“… the Abomination, send all available guards to handle the riot. Do not let any one of them succeed.”

“but sir what about the submarine?” the other guard pointed out

“don’t worry about it, I’ll handle  it myself. Just handle the riot”



Outside the dining room, a woman hidden in a cloak was listening closely to the conversation.

Meanwhile Ayumi and the Prisoners have already carried out most of the plan; Ayumi manages to take control of a group of sharks to attack the guards while she obtaines the keys, then they proceeded in using a harpoon cannon to destroy guard towers, and have secured the prison and armory. Now they are all marching towards the captital. However, The corrupt Guards appear all assemble a wall to try and blockade the escaped prisoners; however the prisoners were able to break the barrier so Ayumi can slide past them.

Meanwhile Clark and the gang were starting to get reckless. They have been searching for hours and there was no sign of either Ayumi or Squid Girl. And they were starting to get tired.

“Man it’s been over a few hours. Don’t you think that their gone for good” Takeuru made a suggestion. However Sanae Angrily looked at him, not liking what he said

“Don’t Ever Say that! I don’t even want to imagine the idea of my squiddy being dead!”

Suddenly, Cindy heard this Beeping sound coming from her radar. “Wait, I think I got something,” Cindy announces getting everybody’s attention, “something just appeared on the radar and seems to be coming right towards us.” She looks over to see a dot on the radar screen and is getting closer and closer.

Sanae Joyfully jumps out her seat, “alright it must be squiddy.”

“Or Ayumi” Eiko added in

“now hold on, It might not be either, don’t get your hopes up.” Clark pointed out

“he’s right, because now more have appeared.” Cindy Agreed with Clark as she saw several more dots appearing on the radar screen coming towards them. Cindy Panned Camera to the right in the direction the objects were coming from. And out of the blue (No pun intended) there was what looks to be a middle aged man riding a great white shark appeared on the camera screen. He was carrying a golden sword and was being followed by a legion of other sharks.

“Now that’s something you don’t see every day.” Yukari pointed out.

Outside the sub, the legion of sharks surrounded the sub waiting for Kroms orders. while the gang was feeling worried about this.

“Don’t worry kid’s I’ve always come prepared for situations like this. Engage Magnetic shield!” Cindy shouted as she pushed a button.

The Sharks all made a mad dash towards the sub to attack it, but as soon as the sharks were in a foot from the sub, they immediately turned the other way and swam away.

“Sharks’ receptors are can’t stand the force of magnets. Comes in handy.” Cindy pointed out.


Soon it was just Krom against the sub. Krom gritted his teeth and gripped his sword tightly. Then like a torpedo, he bolted towards the submarine. He held out his sword ready to puncture the sub.

However, it never happened; Krom was stopped dead in his tracks by something tugging at him from behind. He turns around to look to see what he was caught on; There were these blue tentacles coiled around his legs. The tentacles belonged to Squid girl.

“I don’t ink so, sucker. There is no kraken way I am going to let you lay a tentacle on my friends.” Squid girl announced.


"It’s Squiddy!” Sanae happily cheered with stars in her eyes.

“I can’t believe she’s alright.” Eiko said.

“… Wait where Ayumi is?” Chizuru pointed out

“I don’t know. I don’t see her.”

“We’ll worry about Ayumi later. What matters right is that if the squidian could stand a chance against that other alien.” Cindy


Squid Girl and Krom both stared each other down. It was like an epic moment.

“So, the abomination has come to save her surface dwelling friends, huh?” Krom smirked

Squid Girl angrily let him go, “I am not an abomination, I am Squid Girl; emissary of the sea! I came to the surface to Inkvade mankind!”

“Is that So? Well here’s one thing to know. If you are the invader like you say you are, then you should know that Invaders don’t have friends.  Especially if those ‘friends’ are members of a race that pollute our oceans with their crude resources and wastes and they steal our food supply while killing the fishes habitat in the process with their heavy nets. How can you be friends with these humans?” Krom Explained.

Ika felt a little guilty. Sure humans’ carelessness was the reason why she came to surface to try to invade. But after being on the surface for so long, she has met some nice humans:  Eiko, a human who treated her like a child; Takeru the little boy that treated her like a toy; Sanae, the human that treated her like a cute object; Chizuru, the unstable warrior, which was more terrifying than anything in the sea. These people might drive her crazy, but they do make her feel like family to her.

But to you, and was it normal, I wonder, for a mother to abandon her child to the harsh mercies of the depths? To take a squalling baby and leave it to die on the ocean floor? ”

Squid Girl Was broken out of their own thoughts after listening to this, Realization hit her Quickly. “wait a Kraken minute, you’re not an Atlantis councilman, y-your Kordax.”

Krom Just Smirked at this idea “So you figured it out huh?” then he reached behind his head and dig his fingers into a crease that was hidden underneath his haired then he began to split it apart. With care, he literally peeled his skin and hair off him like it was a rubber mask and dropped it to the seafloor below.

Squid Girl had a look of terror and disgust at the sight in front of her. Kordax’s ugly face was a scaly and green and had blue hair just like hers. Her survival instincts told her that she should swim far away from this creature as fast as possible but…

She remembered her friends in the submarine. In that instant, her fear was replaced with protectiveness.

A smirk appeared on Kordax’s ugly scaly green face again, “you and I have much in common child, we’ve have both been abandoned as children, we both have the same skeptic on the humans, with our combined power, we can save our ocean.”

Squid Girl was taken aback by how crazy this thing was saying.  But then she remembered something that she heard long ago.

‘You say that you don’t know what to do, but that’s not true. The important thing is, do what you feel you should do.’

With this, Squid Girl overrode whatever fear she felt with anger, “not a chance. First of all I was Abandoned a hatchling because of a gilly stupid and squidiculous superstition that you caused. And second, sure humans maybe have done some bad things in the past, but after swimming on the surface, I’ve met some good humans as well. You, you struck fear into the Atlanteans, but I don’t ink that fear had anything to do with your Blue hair “Squid girl bravely explained. “when I first swam to the surface, I believed that the humans were the bad ones, but now I’ve realized that the ocean dwellers aren’t so different. As emissary of the sea, I won’t squidtolerate this.”

Kordax just huffed, “you will regret this.” then he began to charge at Squid Girl with his sword in hand attempting to dice her up.

Back with Ayumi, she is making her way towards the Capital alone, suddenly she is confronted by a squad of guards who attempt to capture her. However they are all attacked. By some figure in a cloak who was riding a large sailfish.

Ayumi looks at the mysterious figure as she comes closer.

“Who are you” Ayumi asked the figure.

“I see you finally found Atlantis, my child.” the figure replied. Ayumi was surprised that the figure sounded familiar to her. Then the figure lifts the hood of her cloak to reveal her face. To Ayumi’s Complete shock, it was her mother Atlanna. She was Still alive?

“M-Mother?.... But… but how?” Ayumi shuddered.

Atlanna smiled at her daughter, “you actually an Atlantean like can die from human sickness my child? when you were born,The birth process was extremely hard on me, sending me into a coma that was so deep that it looked like I was dead. Then you and your father commissioned my body to the sea that I loved just as planned. When I did, I made my way back to Atlantis so I can wait for your arrival. I’m not going anywhere, my Mera.”

Ayumi teared up in joy from seeing her mother still alive. Then Atlanna reached behind her and pulled out something from behind her. Ayumi was Shocked to see that it was the Trident of Neptune that she lost.

“You dropped this, thankfully I was there to see so I can pick it up for you.” Atlanna handed the the trident to Ayumi. Ayumi wasn’t too sure what to be more shock off, the fact that she got her Trident back, or the fact that her mother was still alive?


“let me give you a ride to the temple. You need to discover your true power.”

Atlanna scooted forward so she could give her daughter some room to sit. Then Ayumi Climbed on and off they went.

Meanwhile a war has broken out between the Prisoners and the corrupted guards. Vulko and Isumi made it to the intercome so they can warn the people of Atlantis about what is really going on.

“Attention all People of Atlantis, this is Proffessor Nuidis Vulko. Haven’t heard from me for a while. But I think it's time to tell the truth. Atlantis is not what we thought it was. Ever since Kordax has spread fear over all of us, he has caused a foolish superstition that shouldn’t even matter. But now we have bigger problems, Atlantis been taken over by Kordax this whole time of fear. The soldiers who work for him are all fellow minions of his as well. I don't know how many more, but I know you’re all not safe. They could be standing right next to you. They almost have what they want. Absolute control. He took away my Queen and my true Kingdom and I want it back. And it won't end there. If you believe something that someone else wants you to believe instead of believing in is yourself, Cordex will be able to kill anyone that stands in his way. Unless we stop them. I know I'm asking a lot. But the price of freedom is high. It always has been. And it's a price I'm willing to pay. And if I'm the only one, then so be it. But I'm willing to bet I'm not.

The Atlanteans were all listening to this and flew into a panic

Meanwhile, the battle between Kordax and Squid Girl Continues. Squid Girl ducked away as Kordax lunged directly towards her and swung his sword. As she quickly looked around, Squid Girl went over her options in her head, making sure to dodge Kordax each time. 'This is inksane,’ She thought to herself.

With a glint in his eye, Kordax lunged with his sword raised in the air. Thinking fast, Squid Girl resorted to her second line of defense. She puckered her lips and sprayed her ink directly into Kordax's face. Not wanting to waste a moment, Squid Girl wove her tentacles around the Rouge Atlantean's limbs, attempting to bind him.


Clark and the others were watching Squid Girl Duking it out with the intimidating Fish person. Eiko and the Lemon Shack crew were surprised; they never knew she would ever have it in her to stand up for them.

“The Squidian has given us the chance to escape; now we should take it.” Cindy says.

“But what about Squid Girl?” Eiko asked

“She is doing this for us; I think she would want us to make an escape while she hold him off.”

With that, Cindy begins to take the Submarine back to the surface while Squid Girl Fights Kordax.

Back with Ayumi and Atlanna, the two make it to the capital and make their way into the temple. Along the way, they come across this large Door with this large strange shaped lock on the front. Atlanna stops the sailfish and the two get off.

“This is the place” Atlanna says as they walk up to the large door.

Looking at the lock for a minute, Ayumi looks down at her trident at the design, but to see that it was flickering like crazy. Looking back and forth at the trident and the door, she inserts the trident’s prongs into the door and the logos on the door began to glow. After she pulled the trident out the door began to open.

The second chamber was a tall rotunda, but it seemed somehow to be even larger than the other room. Eight veins of stone ran straight up the walls and met at the centre of the ceiling. In front of them was a large, many tiered pedestal with the 12 Zodiac symbols carved around it as on the stone at the front of the temple.

“this is it Mera, Place the trident into the pedestal, acquire your true power.” Atlanna Said.

Ayumi looked a little uncertain about it. But decided that this is the only way.

After struggling to break free, Kordax angrily used his sword to slice himself free from the tentacles and deliver a strong punch Squid Girl's stomach. She coughed up another spray of ink instead of blood and sunk to the bottom floor. He swam over and picked her up by her neck. "I will admit; for a weakling, you put up a better fight than most prey, but as long as I exist," he leaned close to Squid Girl's face. "The oceans will always be in fear." Then he lifts his sword to strike at her.

Ayumi put her hands around the hilt of the Trident and placed the Trident into the Pedestal facing up. Suddenly, Ayumi saw was a rush of blue light all around her body. The shockwave of energy blasts through the entire city.

During the war, Vulko feels the shockwave and turns to see a beam of light shoot out of the center building of Poseidonis, “She did it!”


The shockwave was so strong it stopped Kordax in place from killing squid girl.

Squid Girl grinned,"You just swam out of time, sucker!” Squid girl punched him in the gut with her tentacles. Once he left her go after being punched, Squid Girl twisted her bracelet, bracing her legs and retracting her remaining tentacles. With a strong thrust, Squid Girl Quickly jets up to the surface to meet up with the others.

Meanwhile, Clark and the gang have finally made back to the surface and got back to the boat.

Suddenly Squid Girl immediately popped out of the ocean and lands into the boat on her tentacles.

“Squiddy” Sanae immediately ran over at Squid Girl and happily and tightly braced her. “Im so happy you are alive, I guess you taught that big meanie a lesson.”

Squid Girl However was struggling to get free from the girl’s grasp, “Get your tentacles off me!” Eventually uses her twitchy fins to slap Sanae off of her.

Clark Walked over to squid girl, “Squid girl, where is Ayumi? Wasn’t she with you?” Squid Girl looks over at the Kryptonian.

“She’s possibly back at Atlantis swimming towards its capital.”

Eiko heard this and walked over to her “wait, you two found Atlantis?”

Squid girl scratched the back of her head, “Well it’s a long story?”

Just then, Nagisa begins to notice something, “Hey, is it just me or has it got really windy.” The gang begins to notice the same thing as well, because the wind is starting to blow hard. Suddenly, things started to get darker as well. The gang looked up and saw that massive storm clouds started to appear out of nowhere.

“w-what’s happening” Yukari cried.

“I don’t know.” Clark answers.

Lightning started to flash with the thunder following as it started to poor rain down. Moka had to take shelter inside the boat so she wouldn’t get hurt by the rain. The waves started to get more violent as the boat seem to be caught in some sort of current. After watching the waves and the strange crurrent, realization started to hit the gang.

“Maelstrom!” Cindy yelled

“Oh god, not again!” Nagisa complained, after remembering the whirlpool one she was in.

The Gang watched as Lightning struck the center of the whirlpool as they were being sucked towards it. “Oh no, what are we going to do Clark?... Clark?” Moka looked back to see where Clark was but he was not there.

Suddenly a Scaley green arm grabbed Squid Girl by the neck and she started choking, “Gah!”. Everyobody turned to see that it was Kordax from before, expect this time his whole green scaly body was revealed, he almost looked like the creature from the black lagoon. He was choking squid girl while holding his sword against her neck.

“You are a little pest. After I’m finished with you,” he turns his head to the gang, “your friends will be next.”

Suddenly, Superman comes flying out of the blue and slams Kordex into a tall, Making the Atlantean drop Squid Girl and his sword, and causing the boat to rock. Kordax looks up at the Kryptonian with an glare of anger in his eyes.

“I don’t think so, Gill-Man.” Superman Said with his arms crossed.

Angrily, Kordax picked up his sword ready to attack the Kryptonian, but suddenly, a large spinning tornado of water popped out of the middle of the whirlpool. Everyone stopped to see the spinning hydro vortex.

“no… it can’t be.” Kordax Shuddered.

The vortex then collapsed leaving a large bubble of water floating in the air. Inside the hydro bubble there was a being, but it was hard for the Lemon shack crew to make out who it is.

Then the Hyro bubble began to descend towards the boat. One the being fully decended the bubble collaped all over the deck and the being landed on her feet.

The gang looked at this female figure: She had sapphire blue hair; Her arms and legs were covered in glowing blue tattoos; She was clad in a skimpy metallic Blue string bikini with silver strings and the Atlantis symbol on the front of the bikini bottom and her Trident birthmark on the front. She was Carrying the trident of Neptune in her hand and was glowing. The girl opened her eyes revealing two, beautiful sapphire orbs and she smiled. The gang had sudden realization after looking at the Aqua Girl.

“I-Is… is that Ayumi?” Eiko questioned with awe-struck.

“I think it is.” Superman had to agree.

“I geso, she really is the True ruler of the sea.” Squid girl Pointed out.

The LS crew looked at Squid Girl wondering what she was talking about, then they nervously looked at each other All this time for the Lemon shack crew, They always thought of Ayumi as a shy girl who had trouble interacting with people while wearing a swimsuit and a stupid squid girl helmet, never in their lives would they ever believe that she is a Queen of the Oceans who can control all Water.


Ayumi turns to Kordax and takes a stance, gripping her trident tightly in her hands, “You, Kordax; as Queen of Atlantis, I command you to leave the Atlantic Ocean and to never return!” Ayumi Ordered.

Her order overrode whatever fear Kordax felt and replaced it with anger, “Leave? This outrage, I won’t let you ruin what I have waited for centuries!” then he charges at Ayumi with his sword and tried to swing at her but Ayumi quickly blocked it with her trident.


Superman took this upon himself as a change to get everyone to safety. He jumped into the ocean and got under the boat and began to lift the entirer boat out and moved if far away from the Maelstrom before they got sucked up.


Back on deck, Sword and trident both clanged against each other as Kordax Continually tried to swing his sword at her while Ayumi continued to block his attacks thanks to her training with Chizuru.

The Lemon shack crew was dumbstruck at Ayumi’s abilities while some cheered her on.

“Get him Ayumi!” Eiko shouted.

“Beat the squid out of that sucker!” Squid Girl included.

Eventually, Ayumi Succeeded in disarming and subduing him by jamming her trident into his wrist and tearing his armed hand off while he shouted in agony. Blood Sprayed out of his arm and landed onto the deck. Then Ayumi span her blood covered trident around and pointed it at Kordax as the prongs began to glow blue. Then she released a powerful beam of water at Kordax, sending him through the wall, into the boats kitchen. The force of the water blast was so strong, it could tear a normal human’s skin and muscles off completely.

Kordax Tried to get up, clutching his blood covered chest as Ayumi came walking into the kitchen pointing the Trident Close to his neck.

“I… should have killed your mother…when they had the chance…” Kordax Said while coughing up copious amounts of blood. “As long as that Atlantis believes in that stupid curse,  they will cease to believe in you.

Ayumi frowned and aimed the sharp prongs closer to his neck, making him gulp, “not on my watch. Because I believe shouldn’t matter if you have blue hair or have a grotesque body but it should if you are good or evil. A certain Kryptonian taught me that. As for you,” Ayumi pulled the trident away, “you are to never return.” Then with on thrust, The Atlantean Girl punctured the trident into the green scaled monster’s heart then backs away for the lighting to strike the pole electrocuting Kordax, Killing him. Afterwards, Ayumi pulls the trident out of Kordax’s Corpse and took the body and threw it into the ocean.

As Kodax’s carcass sunk to the bottom, sharks came swimming following  the scent of the blood to feast on the grotesque Atlantean’s Corpse, tearing it to shreds.

Back on the boat, Superman flies back onto the boat next to Ayumi.

“Hey.” Clark said

“hi” Ayumi replied blushing

“so this is what you truly look like, huh?” Clark looks at her again.

Ayumi looks down at herself blushing again, “yeah I guess.”

“It’s not bad, fits perfectly with your theatrical element quite well, Aquagirl.” Clark pointed out.


After a few seconds of standing in the rain Clark asks her something  “uh, ayumi? Could you…?”

“oh okay” Ayumi strikes her Trident into the deck and the rain instantly stops. Then the Whirlpool began to disappear along with the storm clouds. The rest of gang came running towards the Atlantean and the Kryptonian.

“Ayumi! Your okay” Takeru cheered

“yeah Ayumi, you really taught that guy a thing or two” Eiko Smiled

“yes, I was most amazing Friend Ayumi, the way you managed to take control of the weather and water, was most Glorious.”

After hearing the constant compliments, Ayumi just happily smiled, “Thank you my friends, as of now I am no longer the helpless girl you thought I was; I swore an oath to uphold everything Atlantis stands for! I owe it to the people to vanquish the usurpers and restore my rule. I am Aquagirl, Queen of Atlantis and the oceans. Those scum who serve evil will squirm like the spineless jellyfish they are before the power of this.” Ayumi trusted her trident into the air.

Meanwhile a girl about squid girls age that is wearing a red dress and red hat is watching the scene unfold and smiling to herself, probably believing that squid girl finally learned wear she comes from and that Atlantis is free from superstition. “I guess you found your true purpose, Squid Girl.”

A few days later, Things have changed;  in Atlantis Vulko, Atlanna and isumi succeeded  in overthrowing the totalitarian regime and made everyone forget about that silly curse. And Atlanna is covering for her daughter while she is away.

back in Japan, Cindy was able to share this discovery with her superiours but vowed never to bother atlantis for her ‘you know who’s’ sake.

The Newspaper Club and the Lemon shack Crew were at the town bust stop. The LS gang said their goodbyes to the Newspaper Club.

“It’s been a fun time having you here with us.” Chizuru said.

“Agreed friend Chizuru, it has indeed also been most fun being with you as well” Kori agreed.

Ayumi was standing next to the newspaper club, and looked like she was about to say something, “I have an announcement to make. After having a talk with my dad yesterday, he said I should go with Clark and friends to work on my social skills. And to be honest, I want to see this school he told me about.” Ayumi Looked at Clark and blushed.

Seeing this, Kurumu just groaned, “oh, great more competition. –ow.” Moka elbowed the succubus in the ribs to shut her up. Apparently Ayumi has grown a liking to Clark which doesn’t make the girls happy.

“Well in that case, we will miss you Ayumi.” Eiko said.

“I hope you right back” Takeru said

“And if you ever feel the need to come home, feel free.” Chizuru told her.

Squid Girl came over and lifted two of her tentacles for both Ayumi and Clark to shake, “it look like you squids have a right future together.” Clark  and Ayumi smiled and reached for her tentacles to shake them. “and if I ever need you or any squid , I’ll just throw Eiko into the ocean and wait for you to arrive.” Clark and Ayumi just stopped when she said that while a vein popped out of Eiko’s head. That is write, there is no doubt about it, I am the mightiest thing the universe has ever faced, Ahahahahahahahahaha”

“didn’t I tell you to stop being so Kraken Cocky? Eiko slapped the back of Squid girls head.

Raven, who was already on the bus, opend the window, “can we go now?”

“Yes raven I think we should.” Clark had to agree.

Then the Newspaper Club jumbled into the bus and soon enough they were off while the Lemon shack Crew waved them goodbye…

Later that evening, Cindy has gotten the three stooges out of jail after they have answerd for what they did. And now they are back at their lab.

“so how was the journey with ‘you know who’ Cindy?” the slim stooge asked.

“it was fantastic, I’ll give you that” Cindy answerd.

“did you get a DNA sample? A hair strand perhaps? The chubby stooge curiously asked.


“No?” all three of them said.

“I got, what I wanted to know, but I still want to know more about his culture.  As for the Squidian file, I’ve concluded it as a closed subject. Now I got to figure out what else is next.” Cindy Explained.

“Well maybe I’ve got something that will answer that.” The four heard a feminine voice from the shadows. They turned to see a figure emerging from the darkness. She has this fluorescent pink hair like that pink hared girl from before; she was wearing a formal dress, and had these green pupil-slit eyes. (We know his person as Akasha Bloodriver) “I’ve got to say Ms. Campbell, your discovery of Atlantis Has surprised a lot of Scientists. But what I told you that I have came into possession of something that belonged to your, Idol’s people.

Cindy’s eyes widen from hearing this, “what do you mean?”

Oh, it’s nothing. But in the meantime I’ve got something else for you to look into.” Akasha pulls something out of her pocket, some strange chip looking thing (Metallo’s chip) and hands it to Cindy.

“what is this?” asked Cindy

“this might hold the key for time travel. We could possibly learn the discovery of our existence.”
Akasha answered as Cindy’s eyes lit up.

Meanwhile In the Realm of the Succubi, A greatest discovery was found: the Tomb of the first Succubus Lilith has been found.  And in front of the tomb their lay a symbol shaped like a star and a hole carved in it.
Queen of the Sea + Vampire Story Part 2

The second Part of the Story for the installment Queen Of the Sea + Vampire.
First Part: Link
read the first part before reading this.

You can see the poster here: Link
In this part: the gang descend into the Atlantic ocean to find the lost city of Atlantis. However, Ayumi and Squid Girl get separated from the crew and get captured and taken to the Atlantis prison.
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Superman is owned by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, and DC Comics, and Warner Bros. the 2013 Man of Steel Movie is owned by Director Zack Snyder. Rosario+Vampire is owned by Akihisa Ikeda, Gonzo, and Funimation. Squid Girl, known in Japan as Shinryaku! Ika Musume belongs too Masahiro Anbe. Aquagirl is owned by Robert Bernstein and Ramona Fradon.

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the past few years I has been bad but I never thought it would get this bad. the water her is becoming almost worth more than gold here. anyone who has gone to a restaurant, you might notice they don't give you glass of cold water like they used to anymore, you have to ask for it. also we've had to sacrifice our lawns. and I've been hopping for a super storm. but every time we do get rain, it only lasts for a day before it dissipates.

and that doesn't end there. for the past few weeks we've been getting this strong winds that make makes the drought even worse. it makes bike rides so annoying. id hate to see what it is like at the beach.

speaking of beaches, that  leads me to another thing that pisses me off. since we've been having this drought, you think tat people would  try and start desalinifying the ocean water to make fresh water that might solve our drought problem. but then, there is the oil spill in Santa Barbra that makes things even worse for us.

how much worse is this going to get for us? well that what I wanted to say because I wanted to get it off my chest. tell me what you think.


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Thank you so much!
themasterofantics Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015
your welcome. :)
PEACETHROUGHPOWER Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015
Heya, have you completed all three parts of MGQ yet?  I wanted to ask since its been a while since I sent you the links and i'm wondering if you ever saw who the true foe was after part 2 is all. :P
themasterofantics Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015
since I've got new software I hadn't got a chance to play it.
PEACETHROUGHPOWER Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015
Ah, I see.  Need the links again or do you still have the three parts? :)
themasterofantics Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015
I has them.
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sakuraboy91 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015
Happy birthday, my friend! :D
themasterofantics Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015
Thank You :)
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Happy birthday
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