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Man of Steel + Vampire - Action Comics #1 by themasterofantics
Man of Steel + Vampire - Action Comics #1

This is another fan ‘advertisement’ poster for my fan made crossover series Man of steel + Vampire (for those of you who don’t know, it is a crossover between the 2013 man of steel movie and the anime Rosario+Vampire). ;) (Wink) 

For this poster, I tried to recreate the cover of Action Comics #1, but featuring characters from Rosario+Vampire. So do not bash.  Yukari is running away, Mizore is watching Superman in disbelief (but with a poker face), and Moka is like that guy on the front cover.


    ·         Did any of you notice Yukari’s little shield and ‘s’ on her panties or the little Kou bat lying on the ground.

I was planning on this one for a while, but I held off on posting it.

if you want to see a cute chibi poster that is this fan series, go here Link

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I don’t own Superman or Rosario+Vampire.

Sea Slime by themasterofantics
Sea Slime

This is a birthday present for:iconpeacethroughpower:. Since the Sea slime is his favorite and I forgot to make a poster for this one, I think now is the time. So behold. . .

Sea Slime




Simple, docile


Men's semen, saliva, Sweat, Etc.

A variety of slime adapted to life in the sea. Although it is classified as a semi-liquid type like other slimes, its form is fixed and cannot be changed freely. Perhaps this is so its body won't be washed away. It is able to use its skirt-like bell for swimming, but it prefers to drift about underwater, letting the current carry it.  Normally they drift in the sea and let the tidal current carry them, but once they spot a man, they go against the current and slowly float towards him as if drawn to him.

While they do wash ashore on rare occasions, a sea slime is more likely to be encountered when she becomes tangled in a human fisherman’s nets. Either way, once a human man passes near by, she'll spread her legs and bell wide to tempt him into having sex. She seldom needs to chase her target; fishermen on a long sea journey tend to be starved for female affection and are unlikely to resist her charms. While having sex, she gets strongly swept away by pleasure as if swept away by the ocean while swimming. If a man just violates her body and has his way with her, she'll receive that pleasure with her entire body, and she'll also react by twisting her body and shaking her hips as if to match it by returning the pleasure to the man.

Even during sex, sea slimes may appear to be docile, however, once a man gives into temptation, she will not allow him to stop prematurely. Should he try to pull away, countless tentacles will emerge from beneath her bell to inject him with paralytic poison. She will then start rocking her hips back and forth violently to produce pleasure in place of her immobilized lover, and will not release him until she is satisfied or he faints from exhaustion.

Like her land-based cousins, a sea slime’s main food is human semen. Any energy she doesn’t need is stored within her bell. When it accumulates to a certain level, division occurs, and the bell part will become a sea slime larva. A sea slime larva does not have a bell, and her lower body is completely exposed. This makes it perfectly convenient for her to mount the man whose semen she was created from and receive his penis inside. She will then do her best to squeeze out his semen with her tiny body.

Go to the MGE Wiki page for more info: Link

Final note: if you were Spongebob, you would shit your square pants right about now.

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I don’t own Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

Man of Steel + Vampire: Robin by themasterofantics
Man of Steel + Vampire: Robin

A wallpaper of my Man of Steel + Vampire version of the Snarky Girl Wonder, Robin.

She and Batgirl appears in the installment: Dynamic Duo + Vampire

When she was a child, Carrie Kelly was a young circus acrobat. the youngest of a family act called The Flying Kels of The Haley Circus. Dick joined the act at a very young age, having been trained in acrobatics from birth. While on tour in Gotham City she met Barbra Gordon II and the two became close friends. One day Carrie and her parents were preparing to take the leap of their lives, literally when her parents are shot by a criminal named Joe Chill causing them to fall to their deaths. Afterward Carrie was taken in by Barbra’s father James Gordon who was one of the few non corrupted cops in Gotham City. But he would never be able to replace Carrie’s father. When Carrie became a teenager, she and Barbra left Gotham to venture the world seeking the means to fight injustice. Eventually, the girls meets a mysterious figure named Rah's Al Guhl and joins his gang called the League of Shadows. There he trains the two girl’s friend to fight injustice. When the girls return, Carrie finds that Gotham City has become overrun with crime and corruption. After Barbra assumes her new identity – the Batgirl, Carrie decides to join her on her nights of crime fighting. Dawnining a suit that kind of resembles her old acrobat leotared and a name she was called as a child, Carrie assumes an identify for herself, as batgirl’s sidekick, the girl wonder – Robin.

Robin has a Snarky can-do attitude. She’s got spunk and speaks her mind.

Like Batgirl, Robin has no Superpowers but has a high understanding in combat and possesses the same technology. One of her most noticeable weapons is her bow staff that has a built in unfold able bullet shield.


    ·         In this seires Robin is a girl

    ·         I tries to create a robin similar to the Ame Comi version


“Oooh… that Superman is like cute”

“Drop the gun you pig, and like proceed to like pull up your pants”

“Holy Hunk, he is Superman and he is like a cutie”

“This suit is cute, bullet proof and makes me faster and agile, the downside is that when I accidentally slide down a rooftop on my rear, I get a big wedgie. But I don’t mind, because it helps show off a little bit of my juicy cheeks to a certain red caped hunk *Wink*”

    -          Robin/Carrie Kelly.

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I don’t own Batgirl or Robin.

Man of Steel + Vampire: Batgirl by themasterofantics
Man of Steel + Vampire: Batgirl

A wallpaper of my Man of Steel + Vampire version of Gotham’s Dark Knight, the Batgirl. (And it is Batgirl not Batwoman. Don’t let the costume fool you).

She along with Robin appears in the installment: Dynamic Duo + Vampire.

When Barbra Gordon II was a little girl, she played with her best friend Carrie Kelly until she fell into an abandoned well where she is attacked buy a swarm of bats, scaring her half to death. As a teenager, Barbra and Carrie travel the world seeking the means to fight injustice. Eventually, she and tiff meets a mysterious figure named Rah's Al Guhl and joins his gang called the League of Shadows. There he trains Barbra and her childhood friend to fight injustice. When she and Carrie return, Barbra finds that Gotham City has become overrun with crime and corruption. Luckily Barbra’s father Jim Gordon was one of the few uncorrupted cops in the city. After discovering a cave under Wayne Manor, Barbra assumes a new identity as a secret detective and guardian of the people of Gotham City against the criminals that plague them, to strike fear into the hearts of the criminals and the corrupt... the Batgirl.

Often a little too cocky and a little too insistant to get her way than what's healthy, Barbara is your typical red head. Although she's agreeable to anyone that's agreeable to her. She can be quite the sweetheart, as long as one doesn't piss her off.

Although she does not possess any superpowers :( (Sad) , Batgirl has been trained to fight 1200 criminals at a time. She also possesses technology provided by Wayne enterprises. She has these batarangs that act as throwing knives; a gas powered magnetic grapple gun; a leotard that is proved to be flame retardant, knife proof and bullet proof; and etc. she can even drive this massive tank, the Tumbler (the Batmobile). (you guys pretty much get the idea)


    ·          In this series, Batgirl’s outfit looks like batwoman’s outfit with black and red. Don’t let it fool you, it’s still batgirl. I chose this because I thought the red would be more darker.

    ·          in this series, Barbra has a fear of bats.

    ·          You can see that I tried to make the poster look like one of the Dark Knight Rises Posters.


“There's more to life than fighting and training and -- y'know -- the whole bat thing...”

“You can't try telling me it's healthy to live in a cave -- only coming out at night, dressed like a bat, to beat people up...”

“Wearing this bat on my chest might scare off smaller thugs... but you're literally asking, no, begging for attention from more dangerous criminals. I’m a mark for anyone who wants to make theirs… but sometimes I get a feeling that they are staring at the bat on my chests, but by boobs… perverts.”

“Dad thinks I'm too fragile. My Sensei thinks I'm too "girly". But just like the principles of Jujitsu--I use their expectations against them. That will be their weakness. Not mine. Let them all underestimate me. Let them think they have the upper hand on the little girl. Let them relax while teh adrenaline leaks out of their systems. Let them believe they're closing their grips on a shrinking violet. And when their guard is down and their pride is rising...let me kick their butts up around their ears.

“what? Do you think I keep everything in my utility belt? They’re wrong. I have by batarangs, my grapple gun, my bat condoms, etc.;P

“I am so glad that this armored leotard doesn’t have nipples because that would be just silly. My ‘bat tits’ are already sexy as they are with a big red bat on them.”

“I may look cute, but I am also deadly”

    -          Batgirl/Barbra Gordon II


Favorite and/or Comment

I don’t own Batgirl.

I have Made An huge improvement to the Dynamic Duo Installment.
sorry if it took so long because the plot is so freaking long.
what I also I did was I changed Robins name from Tiffany Drake to Carrie Kelly.

Dynamic Duo + Vampire [REVISION] by themasterofantics
  • Reading: Fanfics
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  • Drinking: Iced Tea
I have a few thing to say

First off: I would like to tell you that I have the new supergirl poster finished. but I am waiting to post it after I give the other poster an update. but the update is taking longer than I expected, but I'll get it finished if its the last thing I do. so don't think I've gotten lazy.

second: I am planning on taking down the original MOS+V posters but not the revisions, because I don't want anyone to be confused between the two.

third: another chapter of Man of Steel +Vampire (phase 1) is on the way so stay tuned.

and that is all I have to say.


United States

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